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Narrative Play Scenario: Retrieve the Fallen Brother

Narrative Play Scenario Deathwatch Dark Angels Fallen

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Hi gang,


Long time, no post! I have a game arranged with a fellow Frater at our local club on the last Friday night before Christmas, pitting my Deathwatch against his Dark Angels. I've written a narrative play scenario for the game and I thought I'd share it with you. Consider it an early Xmas present!  


Don't focus too hard on the wording of the special rules, victory conditions, etc; it's meant to be a bit of fun. Also squint a bit if you are offended by semi-awful fluff. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for taking the time to read it.


Retrieve the Fallen Brother


Brother Talus of the Dark Angels had been seconded to the Death Watch, but his true loyalties had always been to the 1st Legion. A Veteran of long standing, Talus had been a member of the Inner Circle for many years and was well aware of the Dark Angel's secrets and shame.
On receiving the call to join the Death Watch, Talus joined and served with Kill Team Hekati for a number of missions. One of his fellow Kill Team members was a secretive Black Shield named Jaro; the Black Shield tradition meant that the Death Watch Veteran did not acknowledge a parent Chapter, the Death Watch being his Brotherhood now. As Talus observed, and spent time with Jaro he felt the Black Shield was certainly a former Dark Angel, and perhaps, worse, potentially a Fallen.
Talus communicated his suspicions to the Inner Circle and they plotted a means to capture Jaro so he could be questioned. Their opportunity came during a mission undertaken by Kill Team Hekati in the deserts of the Hive planet Keonides IV.  
Imperial Surveyors had uncovered an ancient Xeno structure housing an artifact of great power. The Surveyors inadvertently activated it and in doing so unleashed an energy pulse which destroyed them! The artifact continues to transmit a pulse on a regular basis; each more powerful than the last. If the artifact is not disabled in time it will annihilate the nearby Hive City, killing millions. 
Fearing that attempting to destroy the artifact from orbit would set off one of the destructive pulses, Kill Team Hekati were dispatched to the site to disable the device on the ground. The Kill Team managed to remove most of the devices safeguards, but were seriously injured in the attempt. All the Space Marines were killed bar Jaro (who was seriously injured) and Talus. Taking the opportunity Talus signalled his Dark Angel brothers to come retrieve Jaro and himself.
The drop in bio-signs from Kill Team Hekati was received by the Death Watch Command, who in turn sent reinforcements to Keonides IV to save their comrades and finish the job they started. 
The race is on; who will reach the alien artifact and the fallen brother first?
The Armies
Each player selects a Battle-forged army to an agreed Power Level.
One player represents the forces of the Dark Angels; all his units must have the Dark Angels keyword.
The other player represents the Deathwatch; all his units must have the Deathwatch keyword.
Neither player may utilize Fortifications in their armies.
The Battlefield
The battle takes place in a desert environment; the alien artifact has destroyed most structures in the vicinity with it's energy pulses, so there should be ruins rather than intact buildings on the battle field.  A large ruin in the middle of the board houses the artifact which should be represented by a significant piece of terrain or objective (placed directly in the centre of the board). 
In addition a second objective is placed in the centre representing Brother Jaro.
The scenario uses the Search and Destroy (Table Quarters) deployment map (p216 of the Rule Book) on a 6' by 4' table. The players roll off - who ever rolls highest chooses a table quarter as his deployment zone, whilst his opponent uses the opposite quarter. Each player then places a marker 18" along the long table edge and 12" along the short table edge, from the table corner of his deployment zone; this represents his Extraction Point (see Victory Conditions).
Fallen Brother Map


The players then start alternate deploying their units, one at a time, starting with the player who did not choose their deployment zone. A players models must be set up within their own deployment zone. Continue setting up until both sides have set up their army.
First Turn
The players roll off - who ever rolls highest may choose whether to go first or second. The player who finished deployment first adds one to his roll. If the winner decides to go first his opponent can roll a die and on a 6 seize the initiative, taking the first turn instead!
Battle Length
The game lasts for 7 battle rounds. If both Place the Charges, and Retrieve the Fallen Brother have both been achieved before the end of the 7th battle round, then the game finishes automatically at the end of the player turn that the second of the two Victory Conditions has been achieved.
Special Rules
Disruption field: The vestiges of the last energy pulse remain in the air near the artifact, disrupting comms and technology; no unit may deploy or scout move within 9" of the centre of the board (e.g. scout infiltration, deep strike, etc.)
Energy Leak (1CP): This unique Stratagem is available to both players in this scenario. The Alien Artefact is beginning to build up it's energy in advance of it's next devastating pulse, and some of this energy may discharge before the pulse is released. A player may use the Energy Leak Stratagem during his Shooting Phase. Choose one enemy unit within (battle round number x 12") of the centre of the board. That unit is struck by an energy surge causing D6 automatic hits (Str = battle round number, AP-).
Victory Conditions
At the end of the game, the player who has scored the most Victory Points is the winner. If both players have scored the same number of Victory Points then the game is a draw.
Place the Charges: Both factions wish to disable the alien device to save the nearby Hive City. If a unit ends it's movement phase in base to base contact with the device, it may begin placing Demo Charges; however this is a complicated activity, and the unit must not be distracted. If unit remains in base to base contact with the artifact for a whole battle round (i.e. remains in base to base until the end of it's next movement phase), then it has placed the Demo Charges, scoring 2 VP.
Retrieve the Fallen Brother: Both Factions wish to save Brother Jaro, although for very different reasons!  Brother Jaro is seriously injured and can only be moved with great care. Treat the Objective representing Brother Jaro as a Relic (see the rule book p223). If Brother Jaro can be moved to within 6" of an Extraction Point he will be teleported to safety (or captivity depending on your point of view), scoring the extracting player 3 VP. If Brother Jaro is on the table at the end of game, and controlled by a player, then the controlling player scores 2VP.
Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker: As per the rule book


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Looks cool to me.


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