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Where is our Jink?

- - - - - Bikes Jink Saves

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Anyone else find it odd that the Dark angels are the only bike units out of a codex to still have the jink save?  (Including eldar bikes I belive.) . It is strange to me that none of the other SM bikers get this, not even White Scars who are supposed to be equals to the Raven Wing on bikes.  Oh well, would be nice to have, but I rarely advance my bikes except for the unit that I target with "Born in the Saddle".

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Brother Lunkhead


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It's more the case that GW are trying to make the Chapter Tactics (and their equivalents) to be as general as possible, rather than covering specific weapons/units, and pigeonholing certain Tactics into making things "the biker Chapter", or "the melta/flamer Chapter", etc. The Dark Angels get the rule because they were the origins of the rule, and because Raven Guard are a separate formation/unit, rather than being a generic unit modified through Chapter Tactics.

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"And then Horus landed on the Moon, which looked like the moon. Funny that, isn't it?"

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