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1000 point list

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Hey guys Im having my first 8th edition game on Saturday...finally.  its an escalation league and week 1 is 1,000 points.  I am using the most up to date point values available for the entries.


Battalion Detachment


Sorcerer w/ jumpack, force stave(sword) Warpflame pistol


-Tzaangors x20 with instrument of Chaos

-Rubrics x5 force sword(stave) warpflame pistol

  4 rubrics with w/ warpflamers

-10 Rubrics forcestave(sword) inferno pistol and a soulreaper the rest will have inferno bolters

Rhino w/ combibolter


Helbrute with Twin Lascannon and missile launcher.


My opponent is Blood Angels I have no idea what list he is bringing, but luckily he is rusty like me


The plan is to keep Ahriman and the small squad of Rubrics in the rhino and run the Tzaangors up the board with the sorcerer in the jump pack and warp time them up