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Combat Cards- New Card Game from GW

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Combat Cards!...X-Treme Warriors...Neo Force Go...Z!


So it looks to be a basic trading card game, but with photos of (admittedly very nicely painted) miniatures instead of art.


I can't speak for the actual gameplay as it isn't out yet, but the lack of art is disappointing. That said, that promo video is hilarious and makes me want a Combat Cards (X-Treme Warriors Neo Force Go Z) anime.



"Painting with this stuff is like trying to copy the Mona Lisa using Napalm." -DuskRaider on Typhus Corrosion.

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Captain Smashy Pants

Captain Smashy Pants


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That vid made me lol. I had the original combat cards game back in the late 90's, and although I cant remember exactly how it played I remember it being quite fast paced and fun to play. Its the sort of game youd pack with your armies, codexes, dice and stuff to have something to play with your opponent while you wait for a table to become available to play 40k proper at the store. Ill definitelly be buyin a couple of copies of this.

I do find it hilarious that some people were saying the size of newer marine stuff looks great next to regular humans like Cadians, and then GW upsized the humans so they are the same height as marines again :lol: :lol: :lol:




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From speaking to staff at my local GW, it sounds like it is essentially Top Trumps 40k. I’ll still grab a pack if that’s the case but not as a priority

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