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apoc, syratagems and cp?

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Captain Smashy Pants

Captain Smashy Pants


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Hi all just wondering if there is anyway of generatimg command points to spend on stratagems in apoc, as it appears cp are only a thing if your army is battleforged/made up of detachments and apoc is open play? It jisy seems weird that you wouldnt be able to use stratagems in apoc as they cam be fluffy and fun, and considering the large game sizes when playimg apoc wouldmt be too broken. The questipn apllies to all forms of open play as well as apoc I suppose too.

I do find it hilarious that some people were saying the size of newer marine stuff looks great next to regular humans like Cadians, and then GW upsized the humans so they are the same height as marines again :lol: :lol: :lol:




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Hmm, missed this. I guess you just house-rule it to use Detachments? Seeing as pretty much anything goes in Open Play it shouldn't be a problem - just discuss it with your group/organiser(s) :)


For my next Apocalypse game we are using Detachments and I gather that means we are using CPs and all the rest that come with it...


Or wait until Chapter Approved 2018 and hope for some Apoc strategems *sigh*


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Sturm Moonwolf

Sturm Moonwolf


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Yeah, we've just been using detachments as normal, and of course any odd thing (custom brew or what have you) just falls under an auxiliary detachment as our house rule.

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Possessed Marine

Possessed Marine


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We pretty much all got used to putting everything into detachments from playing normally. So yeah, my apocalypse army was battleforged.

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We had a big one a few weeks back and yeah, everything was run off detachments. Its what we are used to and made things easier. I will say, apoc games in 8th are so much easier to play and run than in past editions, not sure if its the supposedly more streamlined game but we made it to turn 4 actually and effectively one side was about done by that point anyway with no means of gaining control of objectives.

Yes, I am here all the time because this is the last 40k forum I can access from work. You would think they wanted me to do work or something.... EDIT: Now work has banned it too ...

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