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Jump Pack adjustment

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You can't charge over units or terrain with jump packs because the rules do not say that you can. That is the only pertinent fact in this argument.

You have been given permission to do so. 


Fly = "If the datasheet for a model says it can Fly, it can move across models and terrain as if they were not there." 


Charge = " Each model in the charging unit can move up to this number of inches"

Pile in =   "You may move each model.."

Case closed. 

There is absolutely no debate here.  The WHC team was hoodwinked into answering that the way the OP wanted.  It was a non-question to begin with.

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No that's not RAW. That's not how the rules work or you would've to ignore EVERY movement related rule during the charge including moving through units (hint: you don't!).

edited for tone.

I've spoken to you about this in private before sfP. Please check your tone when you post - as you come off very aggressively and acerbic in your responses and it doesnt promote a cool,relaxed and positive space for people to freely contribute.

Yes yes, I just snapped there a little bit. My bad.

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If my posts appear rude to you, I apologize. It's not meant to be rude in any way, it's just the way folks are in my country. It's really more about being direct than being rude. I know how it's perceived in the english speaking community and I already try to tone it down but I barely notice when it's too much since it's normal for me.

So yeah, I'm really not rude it's basically just cultural differences that act against me here. Again, I apologize.


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