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Warhammer 4.....k AdMech vs Guard relic fight

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Evening, gents! Frostglaive here bringing to you an army list that will either be brutal..... or get me wiped out turn 1. Maybe 2.


Anyways... So a while back, I finally got my 3rd Imperial Knight. Being the excitable and strange individual that I am, I called up my buddy who plays Guard. I told him, "I have three Knights. You have three super-heavy tanks. Neither of us ever used all three in a fight. Let's cause some mayhem....." or something like that. We decided to do a 4,000pts game. Relic mission, Vanguard deployment. No First Blood in play. One point per titanic kill, three points for the relic.


Now, normally I would build my list days in advance, post it to you guys ahead of time and ask for your input. Well..... my game is tomorrow morning, I just finished my list, and I'll probably be asleep in the next two hours or so..... But I'm gonna share anyways! Because why not.


Like I said, 4,000pts. Two Battalions, a Spearhead, and a Super-Heavy Detachment. All but the Knights running Stygies VIII dogma. 13 CP.


Battalion 1:

- Dominus w/ eradication ray, Raiment of the Technomartyr relic, Prime Hermeticon warlord trait

- Enginseer

- 2x 10-man Vanguard w/ 3 Plasma calivers and data-tethers

- 5-man Rangers w/ 2 arc rifles

- 20-man Fulgurites


Battalion 2:

- Dominus (stock)

- Enginseer

- 5-man Destroyers w/ Heavy Grav

- 2x 5-man Rangers w/ 1 Arquebus and Omnispex



- Enginseer

- 2x 3-man Kastelans w/ triple phosphor

- 3x Dunecrawlers w/ neutron lasers



- Crusader w/ battlecannon and stormspear

- Errant w/ gauntlet and meltagun

- Gallant w/ ironstorm


Now, here's what I'm thinking. Gallant and Errant on front lines. Rush in, do as much damage as possible before they inevitably die. Crusader sits back as far as possible, lays down the dakka. Dunecrawlers stay in back too, focus fire on enemy super-heavies (there will be a Shadowsword, Stormlord, and Baneblade or Hellhammer). Fire at the Shadowsword first, then the Baneblade/Hellhammer, then Stormlord. Dakkabots just shred things with volley of fire. Rangers w/ snipers hold back, pop characters, and deal with the inevitable scions in my back lines. Non-warlord Dominus and all three enginseers hold back, repair vehicles, and dominus offers reroll 1's.


Here's where it gets to be either really fun or really bad for me. Because I'll really need to win first turn for this to work. Otherwise I'm in for a world of hurt.


Spend 5 CP. Clandestine Infiltrate in my Fulgurites, both squads of Vanguard, my warlord Dominus, and my Destroyers. Fulgurites as close as possible to the enemy, go after an easy infantry squad and get the 3+ invul before just going to town on my friend's back lines. Both Vanguard squads lay down outside of 12" to keep their -1 to hit them, but still close enough to lay down plenty of fire. Dominus either rolls with Fulgurites to offer rerolls in Fight w/ Prime Hermeticon, or sticks w/ Vanguard to allow reroll 1's in shooting. Destroyers land on top of relic immediately, that way can they start moving away with it while still being able to lay down fire w/ Grav cannons.


Best case, I get Turn 1. Rush in the Knights, charge the Fulgurites, lay down plenty of firepower with Vanguard, Destroyers, Kastelans and Dunecrawlers. I'll have the relic automatically, hopefully have killed or crippled at least one super-heavy (preferably the Shadowsword), and have enough pressure applied to where he can't recover. Worst case, he gets Turn 1. I get curb-stomped.


I'll let you guys know how the game goes. Wish me luck!

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Tomorrow morning has been and gone, should we assume this means you didn't get turn 1? msn-wink.gif

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