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How are your Custodes doing?

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Triple Calidius.... that’s the great equalizer. They look awesome on paper. I’m just behind the times.

I usually play on decent terrain and can’t seem to get rid of enough drones. I just played against Tau but not with my Custodes. I have an ITC event around the corner.... I am not a fan of the mission types but it seems Custodes are suited for a basic denial game style there. Where as too many of my other armies hemmorage Kill points.

Right now I’m almost finished a magnetsized Telemon and I have another I can assemble. But with 1 I can still fit in Allarus and even a melta deep strike Contemptor. ( I still think it’s a bit underrated).
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The main weakness of the Grav Tank is its 3+ armor save, still it’s a great tank for sure.

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Played 2 games last night both vs Knights but 2 very different armies and experiences.

Game 1 was against house raven Castellan and 2 helverins, and krast Gallant and 2 warglaives.

He went first and destroyed 1 of my telemon with the castellan and a little help from the warglaives and helverins. I hit back hard with my remaining 2 telemon taking 15 wounds from the castellan and blocking his combat section with a squad of guardsmen. His turn 2 was uneventful and I got the castellan down to 1 wound, destroyed a warglaive, the Gallant and was in combat with the last warglaive with my terminators and Trajann. His turn 3 was again uneventful and I killed the warglaive in his combat phase, he called it there.

The second game was vs 2 knight Acheron's, a lancer and a castigator running as house raven. He went first and damn, I deployed as far away as I could but with 2D6+2 advance from landstrider and raven allowing them to shoot all their weapons after advancing it was frankly ridiculous, he killed all 3 of my guard squads turn 1, and got the lancer in to finish the last one off. He tanked almost all of my fire in my turn and I failed to kill the lancer although it was badly wounded. His turn 2 and one of the Acheron gets into one of my telemon and my vexilla just about killing the vexilla so no teleport homer for my terms, I did then kill the lancer but it exploded finishing off Trajann and the telemon that was in combat with it. That was pretty much the nail in the coffin, terms did come in and made the charge killing the Acheron that was tying up my telemon but with no way to stop the other 2 knights getting in to them it was forgone by this point. Crazy rules interaction with the 2d6 advance on the cerastus knights especially with landstrider but I doubt its gonna be a popular list. If I'd gone first I think I would have won, I'd have got 2 rounds of shooting off at least as would have spread the screen out as well, Deployment didn't help as I was all bunched up in the corner of front line assault. Was good learning experience for sure.

So a minor addition to the second game, it transpires that his army was 1925pts, vs my 1750 and some rules were applied incorrectly on his side, no wonder it was tough going, purely a misunderstanding on the points front though as we picked up the game following other games we had just played that ended quickly.

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Won a local ETC format tournament this weekend with my custode bikes plus BA smash captain list.

Didn't realize how differently ETC plays, was my first time playing ETC format.


I play in heavily ETC influenced meta and sometimes it's frustrating doing research on armies online because people don't specify in which setting they play when talking stuff. In the process I've come to undertand ITC pretty well although I've never played it. Advice on other format isn't completely irrelevant on other though, so it's all good.

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