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My escalation league experience

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Had my first league game tonight.


List can't change too dramatically from week to week so I made decisions based on how/what I can grow.


Week 1 was 500 points.


Space Wolves assemble!!




++ Patrol Detachment (Imperium - Space Wolves) [32 PL, 499pts] ++





+ HQ [6 PL, 85pts] +

               Wolf Guard Battle Leader: Jump Packs,  Frost sword -> Krackenbone Sword, Storm shield 


+ Fast Attack [2 PL, 30pts] +





+ Troops [8 PL, 111pts] +

               Grey Hunters : 4x Chainsword

. Grey Hunter Pack Leader : Chainsword

. 3x Grey Hunter w/Bolt Pistol

Grey Hunter with Special Weapon: Bolt Pistol, Plasma gun

Wolf Guard Pack Leader: Combi-plasma, Storm shield 




+ Heavy Support [16 PL, 273pts] +

               Long Fangs 

. Long Fang : Lascannon 

. Long Fang : Lascannon

. Long Fang : Boltgun

. Long Fang : Boltgun

. Long Fang Pack Leader: Boltgun and Bolt Pistol, Chainsword

. Wolf Guard Pack Leader: Bolt pistol, Storm shield (*missed photo day)

               Long Fangs 

. Long Fang: Plasma cannon 

. Long Fang: Plasma cannon 

. Long Fang: Plasma cannon 

. Long Fang: Boltgun

. Long Fang Pack Leader: Boltgun and Bolt Pistol, Chainsword



As one of 2 newbies in the league I was assigned to play the TO.  Special rule is when facing the TO your loss counts as a draw so no harm no foul.





Opponent Nurgle

had a huge unit of plague bearers

chaos spawn

some random psyker hiding in the middle of the horde 

Dawn of war deployment (I think...12" rectangle box deployment.  I need to improve here)


I rolled a 1 to start my WH40k career and lose deployment.


My army is very flexible with the cyber wolves letting me react.  I basically start with WGBL going into reserve then place the wolves.  Depending on what is down I locate a good spot for my LFs or decide to send them on the hunt.  I decided to only place the GH on the hunt and use the plasma fangs to lure him forward.  I was going to pop up in his rear and make him commit in 1 direction.  






I made a major mistake here expecting him to come at me.  I deployed faaaar away to give me more time to fire.  Instead he shuffled forward onto the objectives (was able to cover 2 of them) and never moved again.  I SHOULD have simply put my guys in the building b/c the chaos spawn was unable to reach me to do anything there.  From there I should have just fired into the mob every turn with everything I had.


So my original battle plan was shot and I dropped here instead




Decided I would fight over this objective and deal with the spawn.  WGBL was between lascannon fangs and GH to give aura.


I don't know chaos units well so I was asking lots of questions.  Basically he told me his list is a troll build and unstoppable with only 500 points.


My list was not designed for a massive horde let alone one with special rules not to get moved off the objectives.  The game went as you would expect.  


The plague mob has a passive -1 to hit and he used a spell to make it a further -2.  I needed 5s just to hit them.  Turn 1 I managed to kill 4 of his guys between the plasma cannons and bolters.  He rolled a 1 on morale and brought back 6 more.


Brutal unit to bring in a 500 point game.


I couldn't even kill the damn chaos spawn.  Turn 1 before it even moved it generated an additional 6 wounds.  That was the pattern all game long.


I made it a personal mission to kill the spawn and ignore the plague guys.  Turn after turn of my long fangs pouring it had no effect.  Game ended turn 5 and it had 4 wounds remaining.


Now...learning experience.  I should have just sat all my units in the buildings and poured fire into the plague guys.  Eventually I would knock them down.  I could have completely ignored the spawn since it can't climb buildings after me.


Also...now that I am home I looked up the rules on these sneaky chaos units.  I was totally cheated hahaha.  He was automatically rolling to generate wounds on his spawn every turn.  1 he got D6 6 he got D3 (thats not the rule I was able to find).


Also his plague bearers lose their passive aura if they drop below 17 models.  I asked if there were any restrictions on that benefit he said no they just have it.


It wasn't a total loss.  I was trying to earn points despite the total failure.  I stole a few points from his spawn using my GHs and objective secured before he ate them.  I then was able to get my WGBL across the table for linebreaker before game ended.


I need to learn scoring mechanics but he said I got 4 out of max 10 even with the loss.


So the lesson I take away most of all is (1) know your enemy and (2) if you don't know your enemy ask to see the rules...


All that being said I had a real fun time tonight.  I have wanted to play 40k and join a group since I was a kid in HS but time and $ never matched up.  I was able to bring along a friend as well.  The 2 of us will be matched up against one another next week and we are looking forward to it. 


In the meantime I need to keep assembling if I am going to keep pace with this weekly point increase.  

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A digital space wolf returning to the pack and emerging from the warp on the TT to try the hobby side

Karack Blackstone

Karack Blackstone


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  • Faction: Vlka Fenryka

I am glad to read you had fun in your game!


Yes, the single most important part of the hobby is always, show me, or, to a friend of mine, chow me.


Always be ready to accept challenges and challenge any odd sounding rule; most often, no one willingly cheats, last I checked. The issue is that, when pressed for time, most often, no one wants to potentially waste time looking up rules, when they arguably should whenever any question comes up.


Edit: forgot a word.

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  • Faction: Death Guard
I play both space wolves and Death Guard. Feel free to ask questions about them here
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  • Faction: Space Wolves

Week 2


750 points against Blood Angels (my good friend who is also new.  I dragged him along with me)


My points primarily went to adding Bjorn and upgrading a thunder hammer on my WGBL (he lost his storm shield though)


These 2 moves would prove critical in the match to come.




Sorry for the blur...I clearly need a new phone/camera


My 750 list


Patrol Detachment (Imperium - Space Wolves)
  • HQ
    • Bjorn the Fell-handed

      Selections: Assault cannon, Heavy flamer, Saga of the Warrior Born, Warlord

    • Wolf Guard Battle Leader

      Selections: Chainsword, Jump Packs, Thunder hammer

  • Troops
    • Grey Hunters

      Selections: 4x Chainsword

      • Grey Hunter Pack Leader

        Selections: Power fist

      • 3x Grey Hunter w/Bolt Pistol
      • Grey Hunter with Special Weapon

        Selections: Bolt Pistol, Plasma gun

      • Wolf Guard Pack Leader

        Selections: Combi-plasma, Storm shield

  • Fast Attack
    • Cyberwolves

      Selections: Cyberwolf

    • Cyberwolves

      Selections: Cyberwolf

  • Heavy Support
    • Long Fangs
      • Long Fang

        Selections: Lascannon

      • Long Fang

        Selections: Lascannon

      • Long Fang

        Selections: Boltgun

      • Long Fang

        Selections: Boltgun

      • Long Fang Pack Leader

        Selections: Boltgun and Bolt Pistol, Chainsword

      • Wolf Guard Pack Leader

        Selections: Bolt pistol, Storm shield

    • Long Fangs
      • Long Fang

        Selections: Plasma cannon

      • Long Fang

        Selections: Plasma cannon

      • Long Fang

        Selections: Plasma cannon

      • Long Fang

        Selections: Boltgun

      • Long Fang Pack Leader

        Selections: Boltgun and Bolt Pistol, Chainsword


League rule...every week you can remove 1 entire unit and recycle points

Wargear changes to existing units are acceptable


I added Bjorn and made minor wargear changes

WGBL ditched his krakensword and storm shield for a thunder hammer 

GHPL got a powerfist upgrade just in case



My friend had the following


++ Patrol Detachment (Imperium - Blood Angels) [54 PL, 747pts] ++
+ Troops
Scout Squad 
. Scout : Boltgun
. Scout : Boltgun
. Scout : Boltgun
. Scout : Boltgun
. Scout Sergeant : Bolt pistol, Boltgun
+ HQ  +
Captain in Terminator Armour : Power sword , Storm bolter 
Librarian Dreadnought : 2. Unleash Rage, 5. Gift of Foresight, 6. Wings of Sanguinus, Furioso fist , Storm bolter , The Veritas Vitae, Warlord
+ Elites +
Terminator Squad 
. Terminator : Power fist , Storm bolter
. Terminator : Power fist , Storm bolter 
. Terminator : Power fist , Storm bolter 
. Terminator : Power fist , Storm bolter 
. Terminator : Power fist , Storm bolter 
. Terminator Sergeant : Power sword , Storm bolter 
+ Fast Attack  +
Inceptor Squad : 2x Inceptor , Inceptor Sergeant
. Two plasma exterminators : 2x Plasma exterminator 
Mission: No idea what it is called.  5 objectives.  1 in the middle is worth 2.  If you take and hold opponent side you get a bonus point every round.
Deployment in opposite corners
He won the roll to determine which corner to use.
Both of us are noobs and we made our mistakes
Mine-I should have put my LF deep in the corner and used range and buffer space.  Instead my LF-lascannon were plopped on the objective in cover but pretty far up.  I tried to buffer them with GH but everything was too close for my tastes.
His-He could have placed his scouts on any objective and realized it once the game started and he started advancing.  His terminators took control of the middle spot easily
I placed LF-plasma and WGBL in reserves
He placed his terminator captain and plasma inceptor in reserves
I won the roll off to go first and chose 2nd (MISTAKE).  I have been reading batreps about using 2nd move to go after objectives and play the mission but I keep forgetting at such LOW point values killing is priority.  This decision almost cost me the game.
Turn 1 his scouts start advancing for a corner objective
The main formation (dread/terminators/captain) advance forward into the good objective
The plasma inceptors arrive near another objective
He unloads on my poor GH squad in front.  Storm bolter fire from the terminators kills 4 of the pack leaving the plasma and WG with combi-plasma alive.
The plasma inceptors join the fun and land 4 wounds.  The WGPL raises his shield to tank and fails miserably.  He rolls a 1 and another 1 after I use a CP.  The entire GH pack is wiped out. First blood/strike whatever point for my opponent.
*Funny note...that particular WGPL has rolled 4 1's in his short career so far using the storm shield.
I advance the wolves as a screen for Bjorn as he angles towards scouts and terminators in the middle
I decide I need to remove the plasma inceptors as a priority target and all my reserves arrive in that corner

Shooting is absolutely miserable


I start with LF-lascannon on the plasma inceptors.  A single lascannon blows through a model.  I learn they have T5 (not 4) and my bolter fire hits but is not wounding.

I then pour it on with the LF-plasma and they only cause 3 wounds total (I did NOT overcharge).

The unit survives with a single wound

Bjorn is too far away and fires at the scouts dropping 2.



End Turn 1

Primary 1:3

Opponent earned 1st blood/strike but I failed to finish off the plasma inceptor


Me 1 objective held by my LF-lascannon

Opponent has corner objective from inceptors and middle objective





The dread moves towards my WGBL and LF-plasma.  He smites 1 of the LF pack.

The lone plasma inceptor maxed his shots and unloaded 6 plasma into the LF-plasma squad wiping them off the map...I'm in a bit of trouble now

The terminators fire at the LF-lascannon but they have a 2+ save from cover and only suffer 1 loss


I respond by maneuvering my exposed WGBL for a charge on the dread.  I have a TH and can potentially drop it if I roll well.  I ask what weapons it has for overwatch.  My friend informs me it has a SB and heavy flamer.  I am not rushing a heavy flamer with only 4 wounds on my WGBL.  I position myself at 8.00001.  My friend and I agree it is stupid a flamer can't be used in overwatch if the charge starts outside of range.


Bjorn and the wolves continue to maneuver left and towards middle objective.  1 cyberwolf rolls a 6 for advance and gets in range of the objective on the far left. 


Bjorn fires his assault cannon at the lone inceptor and drops him (the last wound roll was failed and got him).

LF-lascannon fire at terminators but all saves are made.



I survive the SB overwatch and roll a 1 and a 2 for the charge.  Super fail.  I was going to use a CP here if the roll was close but decline.   This could be game changing now.


*Note later in the game my friend realizes he does NOT have a flamer...would have seriously changed this turn



End Turn 2

Primary 2:3

total (3:6)

I have my original objective under LF and the cyberwolf grabs one

He has the middle objective and the librarian dread has closed with the corner one





The librarian dread moves to extreme range for a smite on my WGBL so he can close the gap with the LF-lascannons

The scouts move into rapid fire to clear the single wolf screening Bjorn from the terminators


Smite lands 3 wounds on the WGBL....ouch

He then uses wings and soars towards the LF pack ending about 5 inches away


Scouts fail to kill the wolf

Captain rapid fires and does the job


6 terminators in rapid fire range fire 24 shots at Bjorn

He gets 19 hits thanks in part to captain rerolls


Here is where Bjorn shines.  The old man has T8 unlike most other dreads.  My friend can't believe he needs 6's to hurt him


1 wound gets through in the end


The librarian dread then declares his charge on my LF

He rolls double 1's

He uses his CP and rolls another 1.  


This may be enough to get me back in the game!!





The time has come to pounce.  I have setup my maneuvering as best I can and Bjorn is in position to rip the terminators apart and remove the PFs before they can strike


Bjorn makes a beeline for the terminators

The WGBL is still shaking off the psychic beating he took and can only advance 1" in his attempt to rejoin the fight

The cyberwolf closes with the scouts and prepares to charge


The LFs fire into the dread bearing down on them

A single lascannon pierces the armor but only does 2 damage


Bjorn fires at the scouts but only manages to kill 1.  The wolf will have to put in some work and secure that objective.


The cyberwolf clears the overwatch and shreds both scouts.  AP-1 on the wolf is such a nice bonus.  Objective secured.  Good puppy


Bjorn rampages into the terminators and lands everything as expected with rerolls for everything

The terminators roll 2 6's and 3 bodies are removed after I roll damage


My friend chooses to focus on daisy chaining the objective instead of piling in.  He only gets 1 PF in range to strike me and it misses.



End Turn 3

Primary 2:2

total (5:8)


I have my LF and wolf objectives

My friend holds the middle



I have no more pictures because we got the 30 min warning the store had to close so we hurried things along


Turn 4 he falls back from combat with Bjorn and sits on the objective.  I tell him wise choice b/c warrior born bjorn would have let me strike first anyways

His dread casually strolls up to my LF and prepares to wipe them


Smite leaves only 2 LF left.  I choose the WGPL with storm shield and a single LC to survive.


The dread charges in and lands 5 blows.


My WGPL saves every single one with his storm shield.


My turn I have the LFs fall back just enough to take the objective (2 models to 1 model)

Bjorn walks up to the terminators to finish the job and is joined by the WGBL from the other side.


The 2 HQs converge on the middle and smash every single enemy to a pulp.


My army now faces a single librarian dreadnought



End Turn 4

Primary 4:0

total (9:8)


I have the middle.  My wolf and LFs hold the others


Turn 5 the librarian dread marches towards the middle but can't make us the closest unit.  He smites my LF pack out of existence.

He then uses wings to close the gap.


He fires at the WGBL trying to drop the final wound.  I am in cover but roll a 1 against the SB wound.  I burn my final CP to stay alive.


The dread charges the WGBL.

Bjorn heroically intervenes.


His dread pounds my WGBL to a bloody pulp.  I couldn't afford a storm shield this match...

Bjorn exacts revenge and finishes the match.  3 wounds get through I roll triple 6 for damage


Even with an explosion Bjorn is still left standing with his faithful wolf securing another objective.


Victory for the wolves and my first ever table victory.


I'm still learning how scoring works but apparently max score was 11 and I only get 10 (I failed to get first strike/blood whatever).

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A digital space wolf returning to the pack and emerging from the warp on the TT to try the hobby side




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Week 3 escalation game at 1000 points


I deleted my WGBL to free up some points to add 2 venerable dreads and brought the following


1000 Escalation (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [56 PL, 1000pts]
Patrol Detachment (Imperium - Space Wolves)
Bjorn the Fell-handed
Selections: Assault cannon, Heavy flamer, Saga of the Warrior Born, Trueclaw, Warlord
Grey Hunters (Plasma gun + WGPL with CP/SS)
2xVenerable Dreadnought w/ Fenrisian Great Axe and Blizzard Shield
Fast Attack
Heavy Support
 Long Fangs (3xLC + WGPL w/ SB and SS)
 Long Fangs (3xPC)
4xHive Tyrants with wings and gear (devourer something about mindworms...dude was throwing buckets of dice but only S4 no AP)
3xRipper swarms



I have a picture of the list but it came out blurry as hell





Upon seeing his list I thought well crap...game over I can't assault flying units.  I asked the TO to clarify that rule and was told I am wrong.  That only applies to "flyers" like vehicles where a specific mode says that rule.  Treat them as normal.  Woo hoo.  I mean I still had to deal with 5 psyker units that could smite me into oblivion but I had a shot.


We set up a fairly balance map and he won the roll to choose map sides.



Dawn of war deployment

Mission: 5 objectives (middle and each corner)

Special rule...if you capture the objective on your opponents side you can "burn" it down for D3 points and destroy it







Nothing special to report here.  He put 3 of his HT in reserve.  The neurothrope was on the opposite side of the board from his warlord HT.


I setup most of my forces in the corner to force an engagement with my dreads.  I left a single cyberwolf on the far side with the objective.  The GH pack went on the hunt in reserve


LF-LC were in the cover of the woods with good coverage  sitting on the objective


I won first turn and he failed to seize




I advanced the venerables and popped smoke


Bjorn shot at the ripers and killed 4


Plasma shot a few rippers but didn't wipe out the squad.  I tell him nuts now I can't shoot your HT.


He says why not?  It has 12 wounds he isn't protected (son of a B!!!)


LF-LC put 2 wounds on his warlord


I did NOT deploy the GHs







He drops in around me hoping to clear the dreads and wipe Bjorn off the map.  


He perils on his first smite attempt but eventually smites 4 wounds off my venerable dread.  However, thanks to the chapter approved changes he fails smite on the cyberwolf (needed an 8 and rolled 7).


He unloads buckets of dice at the wounded dread and blows it off the table.  I rolled horribly and blew a CP here.  The kill earns him First Blood/strike (something I still haven't done in my 3 game career)


He is able to put 3 more wounds on my other dread and 1 on Bjorn himself.  He does NOT assault.


Score: 2:2

We each hold our backfield objectives






Bjorn is in the open with no shield.  He says YOLO and moves to the nearest HT.

I send the other venerable dread to the only guy he has a hope of charging.  


I bring the GH in to assist with this cluster F.  Originally I was considering placing them at the diagonal corner and taking his objective but I need that plasma just in case.


I need to have ranged fire drop one of these HTs

My LF-PC overcharge and land 5 potential wounds on a HT.  The HT makes 4/5 saves

My LF-LC face a similar result and only put 2 more wounds on a HT. 

No ranged support helping this round and I need to come up with plan B.  The GHs are assigned to clear the rippers off the objectives and play for the primary mission.  They only kill 2...


Maybe my assault phase will go better




Bjorn charges in first and puts 9 wounds on his target.  That is enough to finish him off thanks to the ranged fire this round.  He consolidates to try and block LOS and lure the HTs closer


The venerable dread gets 13 potential wounds using up my last CP but the HT makes enough saves to have 1 wound remaining


The GHs make their 10" charge into the ripper swarm but only kill 2.  There is a single ripper left.  However they did enough to surround the objective and should secure it if they don't die.






2 HTs fly off after Bjorn

The severely wounded one can't get far enough and decides to go after my GH in the corner


The neurothrope and rippers close on my lone dog.


He smites the dog off the objective

He smites a single GH

He fails to smite Bjorn


He then fails to injure Bjorn with buckets of dice (T8 is a big deal)

He tells me he wants to fire his HT in the corner at the GHs.  This was my first true sportsmanship test.  He had failed to have his ripper swarm fall back in the movement phase.  Technically he couldn't fire at me.  I let him move the ripper and fire at me expecting to lose all my GHs

Karma smiles at me.  He fails to kill any GHs who are in cover against buckets of dice.  They make every 2+ roll


In the assault phase he charges his HT in to my GHs


The GHs make every 3+ save


I laugh and tell him the history of this GH unit and how they have rolled nothing but 1's prior to this. 


The GHs hear me mocking them and manage to wound the HT (using S4 chainswords against a T7 monster).  He fails his save and dies to the GHs.


Score 2(4): 2(4)

I hold my objective and have taken his corner objective.

He has done the same taking my lone cyberwolf objective






Bjorn rounds the corner at the middle objective and prepares to greet another HT

My venerable dread advances towards the fun


The GH rapid fire the last remaining ripper off the board

The LF-LC put 4 wounds on his warlod HT


Assault time!




Bjorn wades in to melee and drops 15 wounds on the HT killing it






He surveys the field and knows he has put in some work.




My opponent concedes the match





Victory for the wolves!

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A digital space wolf returning to the pack and emerging from the warp on the TT to try the hobby side

Dantay VI

Dantay VI


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Wow, looks like you did great.


The only glaring rules thing I saw was in game 2. Terminators cannot rapid fire 24 shots.

Storm bolters are assault weapons and do not benefit from rapid fire rule. This is for bolt guns only, because they are not assault weapons. Unless that ruling has changed in 8th compared to 7th, that is.

ETL 1v2





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The only glaring rules thing I saw was in game 2. Terminators cannot rapid fire 24 shots.
Storm bolters are assault weapons and do not benefit from rapid fire rule. This is for bolt guns only, because they are not assault weapons. Unless that ruling has changed in 8th compared to 7th, that is.

It has indeed changed in 8th! Storm Bolters are Rapid Fire 2 meaning they can fire 4 shots each at close range.

Sanguinius stood up, stretching his wings to their full extent. He flexed his hands. "I need no blade".
It was as though Sanguinius gleamed with pale light, his face white, eyes becoming blood-red, surrounded by the golden crown of flowing hair. Guilliman had witnessed glimpses of of his brother's wrath before, but had never seen the true Blood Angel unleashed. Sanguinius surged forward on alabaster wings, half a meter from the floor, whiteness streaming from him like flames.




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Wow, looks like you did great.

The only glaring rules thing I saw was in game 2. Terminators cannot rapid fire 24 shots.
Storm bolters are assault weapons and do not benefit from rapid fire rule. This is for bolt guns only, because they are not assault weapons. Unless that ruling has changed in 8th compared to 7th, that is.

In 8th storm Bolters are rapid fire.

Dantay VI

Dantay VI


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  • Faction: Space Wolves

Are they... I need to get more up to date with the rules... Heresy still runs 7th so hard to keep up :D

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ETL 1v2





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Are they... I need to get more up to date with the rules... Heresy still runs 7th so hard to keep up biggrin.png


8th is fun you are missing out.  It was all the great reviews and addressing what I hated (super cheese and deathstars) that finally convinced me to start the hobby and play in a FLGS


I only have a few gripes currently

-flamers don't ignore cover anymore

-techmarines don't get a free servo arm attack...it is a weapon they may choose to make 1 attack with

A digital space wolf returning to the pack and emerging from the warp on the TT to try the hobby side




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For sure, 8th edition has its share of bugs and what worked and made sense in 7th doesn't always do so now. However in general I would say I am enjoying 40K more than I have for a while so I think on balance it is good.

Sanguinius stood up, stretching his wings to their full extent. He flexed his hands. "I need no blade".
It was as though Sanguinius gleamed with pale light, his face white, eyes becoming blood-red, surrounded by the golden crown of flowing hair. Guilliman had witnessed glimpses of of his brother's wrath before, but had never seen the true Blood Angel unleashed. Sanguinius surged forward on alabaster wings, half a meter from the floor, whiteness streaming from him like flames.

Hear da Lamentation

Hear da Lamentation


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Great batreps TiguriusX looks like you are learning very quickly
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Dantay VI

Dantay VI


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  • Location:Montrose, Scotland & Sometimes in the North Sea
  • Faction: Space Wolves


Are they... I need to get more up to date with the rules... Heresy still runs 7th so hard to keep up biggrin.png


8th is fun you are missing out.  It was all the great reviews and addressing what I hated (super cheese and deathstars) that finally convinced me to start the hobby and play in a FLGS


I only have a few gripes currently

-flamers don't ignore cover anymore

-techmarines don't get a free servo arm attack...it is a weapon they may choose to make 1 attack with



For sure, 8th edition has its share of bugs and what worked and made sense in 7th doesn't always do so now. However in general I would say I am enjoying 40K more than I have for a while so I think on balance it is good.


So if storm bolters are rapid fire, does that mean, if you shoot with them you can no longer assault?

ETL 1v2





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The shoot and assault limitations are gone

Only advancing prevents a charge

Many things have seep strike too and there is no more scatter. Alpha striking is a thing and screen units meant to die are needed too

The mortality rate in 8th is off the charts
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A digital space wolf returning to the pack and emerging from the warp on the TT to try the hobby side




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Week 4.  First half finale.  Points jump from 1000 to 1500
I deleted my grey hunters and used all the points to add Njal, WG bikers and polish off my LFs
0 troop selections for those paying close attention
Next week we reset records and can choose a new faction to play and make completely new army lists.
My 1500 point list
+++ 1000 Escalation (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [82 PL, 1499pts] +++
++ Outrider Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Space Wolves) ++
+ HQ +
Wolf Guard Battle Leader: Chainsword, Frost sword, Jump Packs, Krackenbone Sword
+ Fast Attack +
5xCyberwolves: Cyberwolf
++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Space Wolves) ++
+ HQ +
Bjorn the Fell-handed: Heavy flamer, Saga of the Warrior Born, Twin lascannon, Warlord
Njal Stormcaller in Runic Terminator Armour: 1. Storm Caller, 2. Tempest's Wrath, 3. Jaws of the World Wolf
+ Elites +
2xVenerable Dreadnought
. Fenrisian Great Axe and Blizzard Shield: Blizzard shield, Fenrisian great axe
Wolf Guard on Bikes
4x. Wolf Guard on Bike: Combi-flamer, Storm shield
. Wolf Guard on Bike Pack Leader: Chainsword, Combi-flamer, Power axe
+ Heavy Support +
Long Fangs
4x. Long Fang: Lascannon
. Wolf Guard Pack Leader: Bolt pistol, Storm shield
Long Fangs
4x. Long Fang: Plasma cannon
. Wolf Guard Pack Leader: Bolt pistol, Storm shield
6 CP is more than enough for an index army with no stratagem combos
My opponent was running Imperial Soup
Knight Crusader
-Avenging cannon
-Heavy flamer
-Heavy stubber
-Rapid firing battle cannon thing
Dark Angel battalion
3 wardens
3xpraetor jet bikes
This week we played an Eternal War mission
I rolled a 1 for retrieval mission
We fight over 4 objectives and scoring is done at the end.  My first time with a non-battle round mission
We ended up with Spearhead deployment
The range will be an issue as his Knight can out range even my LF-LC
The LF-PC can't be left in the rear to shoot either
Deployment was crucial for me and went very well.  Objectives skewed towards my side of the table so I planned to sit back and make him come to me.  We have plenty of terrain so I was going to use that and avoid his knight.
My first few drops were in reserves
I then put single cyberwolves down near objectives hiding behind walls etc
He was forced to put his knight down before I dropped anything significant so I knew where he was and how to counter deploy.
I basically ended up planning a refused flank.  1 grey wolf was placed behind a wall in the bottom right (I literally forgot about him and couldn't find him during cleanup at the end heh)
Everyone else went opposite the knight to keep large LOS blocking terrain between us and him. 
I did spend 1 CP to put my plasma fangs on the hunt to outflank
Turn 1 he fails to seize.  Game on!
Shield dreads advance (rolled a 1 and a 2 haha) and pop smoke (this was a mistake in hindsight...could have saved it for later)
Everyone else hugs the wall and moves forward.  
I know some tricks with Bjorn so I step him out for a shot knowing he is protected by character rules.  I have plenty of intervening units out of LOS.  Bjorn will be safe for a while.
My WGBL drops down to give aura to LFs
Njal and LF-PC stay in reserve
Shooting is pathetic
Bjorn kills 1 custodes warden...thats it for my shooting
His turn the knight has LOS to the tip of a wolf tail.  He unloads on it and I tell him I will be reporting him to PETA.
He does however earn first blood (I have never earned it so far in this escalation league)
T2 I shuffle the WGBL to make sure his reroll aura benefits BOTH bjorn and LF-LC
The troops continue hugging the terrain and advancing
I bring on the LF-PC in the corner and manage to put them all in cover
Shooting is meh
LC only kill 1 Custodes bike
Bjorn puts a single wound on a warden despite using a CP to reroll damage
LF-PC manage 2 wounds on Azrael but he has survived my trick and I don't pull off a warlord ambush
T2-Bottom he sends his Custodes bikes racing after my LF-PC
He shuffles his knight forward and to the left trying to get an angle on Bjorn (and perfect for me b/c he is not advancing on the objectives)
Azrael climbs up in the tower and the scouts move to prevent me from targeting him
Aversion is cast on Bjorn
24 hurricane bolters result in 0 wounds on the LF (2+ rolls in cover prevented the 4 that made it through the toughness)
Azrael shoots his Plasma into the LF killing the LF Pack leader
The Custodes charge into my LF squad.  The storm shield WG tries his best but dies leaving 3 wounds to go
The remaining LF-PC roll 6-6-6 and miraculously survive a custodes charge
I am happy b/c that leaves the Custodes in lascannon range out in the open
Turn 3 the dreads take up position on either side of the gate.  Earlier we had agreed regardless of the actual size of the hole we would let the dreads charge out through it.
The bikers act like swiftclaws instead of wolfguard and turboboost towards the custodes.  Only 1 gets in range to use his combi flamer
Njal finally teleports in between the bikes and dreads
My first psyker phase ever goes flat.  I manage to cast Jaws then roll a 3 for potential damage.
My raven familiar does however put a single wound on a Custodes Warden
LF-LC fail to put any damage on the Custodes-Bikes.  My bike flamer fails to do anything either (can't shoot because I used turbo)
T3 bottom he shuffles the knight back to the right and lines up my bikers.  Uh oh
Gatling only kills 1 bike
Battlecannon kills 3 more
Custodes bikers land 22 HB hits and finish off the LFs
The Custodes charge into the last remaining biker and kill him off
My biker guard have had a horrible debut in my army.  They did however draw a ton of attention.
Turn 4 I have the objectives well under my control and decide to take some risks to remove the closest threats to the objectives.
The dreads prepare to roll out
Shooting phase
LF-LC kills the 2 custodes biker
Bjorn puts 5 wounds on the knight
Dreads come bursting out the gate and kill the 2 remaining Custodes Wardens
Ezekiel makes 5/5 invulnerable saves
Ezekiel also manages to overwatch 2 wounds onto a dread 
Turn 5 bottom he smites 3 wounds off the shield dread
The shotgun scouts manage to put a wound on the shield dread as well
The Knight unloads on the dread leaving it with 1 single wound
The scouts charge in and actually manage to slip a combat blade past the shield
1 shield dread has fallen
Turn 5 top
I decide to take advantage of the gap the scouts have left and head straight into the Knight with my shield dread
LF-LC drop Ezekiel down to a single wound 
Bjorn finishes Ezekiel off with his LC
My dread makes his charge and runs the overwatch to enter a glorious combat that will be part of the sagas
The dread drops 14 wounds on the knight and burns up my last CP in the process
The knight has 5 wounds remaining and has been knocked into his lowest bracket.  He now has BS-5
The dread takes 1 wound in return
Turn 5-Bottom
His knight backs off to fire at me but does nothing due to his reduced profile
I roll a 3 and the game continues to turn 6
My LF-LC can't see anything and advance to try and line up a shot
Bjorn begins to advance without fear knowing the end is in reach
I shuffle the cyber wolves to make sure they are all on objectives
Njal casts jaws.  I roll another 3 for damage
He does however smite the scouts for 2 mortal wounds (my first ever!!!)
Shooting phase goes poorly
Bjorn fails to wound the Knight
Time to charge in again!
This time the shield dread is an embarrassment.  He fails to wound on 4/5 hits.  The knight makes his armor save on that one.
Maybe there will be no saga afterall
My opponent takes a long moment to consider then concedes the game before Njal has his combat phase.
Victory for the wolves!!!
I am now 3-0-1 
The league resets next week for the 2nd half.  I feel I have successfully traversed "tutorial mode" and am ready for the next challenge.
After cleaning up all my models I was confused....1 of my wolves was missing
Thats right...I hid them all during deployment.  Hid him so well I forgot where he was...time to go home pup
My thoughts...
When I first saw the knight I thought oh crap...but I was able to keep it at bay.  Play the mission not the models.  
LOS blocking terrain is crucial and I basically played keep away all game relying on my LC to keep him scared.  He had nothing that could approach my LC without being intercepted so it made for an odd standoff.
His lack of any deepstrike threat made my movement much easier during the match.
I was too aggressive with the bikers but I enjoyed the dread v knight combat
Bjorn had a boring match as well.  He just popped off lascannon shots all game.  His true claw had been getting a ton of action previously.  I bet he was disappointed.
The cyberwolves worked exactly as I hoped they would this game.  Another army might have more tools to deal with them but this match was ideal for them.
I won't be able to stop troops with objective secured using the cyberwolf approach but I should be hunting them down before they have a chance to swoop in. 
I predict fast units like eldar could be problematic in the future

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Week 5 is a league restart


1500 points pick your faction and make your list from scratch.  


I kept my 1500 Space Wolves force from the prior week but deleted 1 CW and upgraded the WGPL Biker to a PF


Space Wolves army



Night Lords army











ITC Champion's mission #5

Dawn of war deployment

I choose the following secondary missions

-Old School


-Behind enemy lines


This is ALL completely new to me.   I've read ITC but never played a competitive game.  Lots of things floating around my head in this match as a result


I deploy first.  He basically has his first 7 drops in reserves

He is going to be able to alpha strike the hell out of me so I setup defensively

The LF-PC are on the hunt and cost me 1 CP (6 remaining)





I spread the wolves out...drop the dreads to protect Bjorn a bit and decide the bikers will make the push for middle

In hindsight I didn't need the wolves on the far left to do that.  Should have kept them with the main formation.  The far left one could have been more useful elsewhere.




He puts cultists all over the buildings and has TDA a Lord 2xSorcerors and 2xRaptors in reserve



I win the roll to go first.  He fails to seize.






Turn 1 I begin moving forward planning for him to drop in front of me.

It isn't until I finish moving that I realize I left a HUGE void in my rear (right next to Bjorn) by moving up.  Rookie mistake.  I deployed to protect my DZ and forgot to fill in the gaps.  This forces me to drop my LF-PC to fill the hole


In future games I need to forget trying to string out my wolves and keep them in tighter formation for this exact purpose.  The 2 wolves on the far left of my lines aren't doing a damn thing more important than this job would have been.




I am forced to drop my WGBL on the 2nd floor b/c I didn't plot out my 9" bubble using VERTICAL distances.  If I don't drop him here my opponent can land whatever he wants on the roof



Bikers only kill 1 cultist

LF-LC kill 3 culstists

Bjorn kills 2 more

LF-PC do nothing at all

I only manage to kill 6/10 in the unit

He spends 2CP to pass his morale (6 remaining)


My lack of first blood continues

I get 1 point for holding an objective






He advances his cultists to contest the point my wolf has on the right flank near Bjorn





He uses a stratagem to restore his cultists that I shot and move them to my back lines (2CP 4 remaining)





He brings in his large mob of terminators and lord + sorceror


I didn't leave him any gaps in the rear so he comes from the middle of the map near my bikers


He casts prescience on his TDA but fails the roll

He manages to cast Warptime

The terminators get even closer to the middle objective 


Cultists on far right flank that didn't move shoot my wolf.  I pass all 3 saves

Cultists in the middle kill 1 biker (failed 2 saves)

Cultists who outflanked rapid fire my rear wolf.  I make the 1 save I need

The TDA rapid fire my bikes and the dice go cold.  14 plasma wounds and I only saved 5.  I have 1 biker left with a single wound.

The TDA charge in and finish the bike off and the wolf near him



He scores a kill and holds objective

BR scoring he has more kills and more objectives and starts to pull ahead






Time to set up my counter charge.  The closest dreads moves in while his twin heads towards the cultists

Bjorn tries to stay in the middle of many troops b/c there are 2 raptors waiting to drop still

LF-PC shuffle forward while the PL and WGPL fan out to keep a deep strike buffer





Njal drops in using the building height to get in the thick of the action.

My WGBL charges forward and is ready for a charge after the Dread eats overwatch


Njal smites 1 W off a terminator

I cast jaws but have to burn a CP (5 remaining)

The roll is only a 6...single W to the terminators killing one


I declare I am firing with my LF-PC

He uses a stratagem to gives all units that target his unit (TDA) -1BS

The LF-PC inflict a single wound (need 5s due to moving and the stratagem)

Bjorn kills 1 more TD with his twin LC



The shield dread charges in first and takes a bucket of rapid fire dice from the terminators.

2 wounds make it pass his invuln save.

However...I make both 6+ venerable saves


I roll a 5-1 missing the charge by 1.  I spend a CP to fix it (4 remaining)


The WGBL charges in right after him

Njal rolls a 9 but we agreed he needed 10 due to the vertical height of the building.  He won't be joining in.

My other dread charges into the cultists 




I carefully plan who will activate first in charge phase b/c he can interrupt

I decide to use the WGBL first

WGBL only manages 2 wounds on the terminators using kraken sword

Shield dread kills 4 more.  He couldn't kill a 5th despite me spending another CP (3 remaining) for the damage roll of 1)


My other shield dread kills 4 cultists


The WGBL dies horribly in the return attack of terminators.  I forgot he does NOT have his usual storm shield.  The lightning claws tear him to shreds.  Stupid stupid move on my part.  I was expecting him to do much much more but ended up throwing him away to get a single terminator.  Bad trade.


Morale kills 2 more TDA leaving 1 alive.  He pulls the guys near the dread ending combat and leaving the dread exposed


I still have not killed a single enemy unit but I do get a point for holding an objective






T2 Bottom


His raptors with melta guns drop in and aim at my dread




His 2nd sorceror (with death hex) drops in about 20" from the fight in the middle


Warp time goes off and he moves a unit of raptors point blank with the dread

I deny prescience


4 melta hits land on my dread.

I roll all the invulns

The invulns also stop the plasma rapid fire from the terminators


Cultists kill a wolf and manage to squeeze a wound through my shield dread


His lord jumps up next to Njal and charges him.  Njal fails 2 4++ and is left with a single wound

I spend CP to interrupt with the shield dread (1 CP remaining). 

Dread kills 3 of the raptors

He spends a CP for veterans of the long war (3 CP remaining)

1 wound gets through but I make another 6+ venerable save 


My other dread kills 3 more cultists in his fight



The single wolf he killed gives him more kills

He also holds more objectives

His lead continues to grow




T3 Top

I move bjorn onto the objective and get LOS for the LC

Njal runs away from combat.  My shield dread is locked in combat with a single TDA and 2 raptors but I have a plan.  If I can free up the dread he can charge the HQs standing nearby


In my psychic phase I cast jaws and get a single wound on the TDA (rolled 6 for the mortal wounds)

It is enough to kill him

I then fail smite but burn my last CP to get it off

I roll 2 wounds and finish off the raptor squad






In my shooting phase he uses the midnight cloud stratagem again to save his raptors

My shooting is minimal and I only kill his 2 chainsword guys.  All meltas remain.



The shield dread charges into the nearby sorceror and makes his roll

My wolf gets killed by a melta overwatch trying to reach the raptors


In combat the dread rips the sorceror to shreds and I get a headhunter point






The raptors come after Njal while his Lord drops down to challenge the dread


He casts death hex with a 10 but I deny with an 11

He pops diabolical strength on his lord


Cultists manage to shoot 1 W off the dread

3 meltas his.  He rolls two 1's for wound roll and I save the 3rd


The lord launches a TON of attacks (was like 8 or so)

Dread saves all but 1....takes 3 wounds

The raptors shred Njal and he dies

In return the dread drops 5 wounds on the lord leaving him with 1



My dread is the last wolf standing in the massacre over this middle objective marker






Bjorn and the shield dread earn me behind enemy lines by crossing into the enemy DZ

Bjorn flames 4 cultists and shoots another with his LC

The LF-PC wipe out the rest of the unit

The LF-LC pick off 2 cultists from the middle area


My dread kills his lord and 1 raptor in melee

He casts death hex and my dread is screwed
A melta finally drops the dread
Bjorn and my remaining shield dread continue to clear the backfield but I can't kill things fast enough
We call it here



Space wolves lose

25 points to 15 points


The dread combat in the middle of the table was worthy of a saga but I don't have the right tools to chase and secure objectives or secondary missions.


Need to let this loss sink in and think about what I could have done differently.


Charging my WGBL early was a major mistake.  

The hole in my backfield requiring my LF-PC top drop in the rear was another major mistake.  I could have used them in his DZ where I was originally planning to drop them.


I like the change in approach ITC requires.  So many more things to juggle.  I also need to be more aggressive with Bjorn.  Firing 2LC all game is not worth his points.  I have been trying to protect him too much.  

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A digital space wolf returning to the pack and emerging from the warp on the TT to try the hobby side

The Saint Ragnar

The Saint Ragnar


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What secondaries did your opponent choose? I think I can see Kingslayer written but cannot really make the rest out.

For Russ and the AllFather!


Armies Played:


Space Wolves - ~3,000 Points




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Behind enemy lines
Old skool
Kingslayer (bjorn)

A digital space wolf returning to the pack and emerging from the warp on the TT to try the hobby side




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I forgot to mention who my opponent was. The TO same as my week 1 loss.

His list building shows his experience with the scoring formats and playing them out has felt completely different from when i bash heads with the other new guys

A digital space wolf returning to the pack and emerging from the warp on the TT to try the hobby side




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My first game at 2000 points.  I built it for ITC...ended up not playing an ITC mission 



My list




My opponent was nids.  He is going to send me his list later via FB and I will update this post.


His list




Pre-game we were told we had a specific opponent (previous weeks we just grabbed whoever walked in after us

My opponent was a no show and at 6:35pm  (after 35 min of twiddling my thumbs) I was paired up with someone who just walked in.

This ended up being awesome.  My opponent was newer like me and very friendly.  I enjoyed this match even though we were short on time


No ITC this week.  We played OPEN WAR

Mission: The comet (Turn 3 random objective placement)

Twist: Restoratives (D3 wounds restored each turn)

Deployment: Dawn of war (I have experience with this now!)





I won the roll for sides and deployed first.

My unit has 7 reserve drops

2xLF with plasma guns were placed on the hunt for 2CP (5 remaining)

3xassassins were placed in reserves

WG-Jump were placed in reserves

WGBL was placed in reserves


He also had 7 reserve drops so I put the first "real' units down on the board


I started with my scouts and made a screening force 9" away from my deployment zone.  I left a hole on the right b/c I had good cover and filled the gap with my dread formation

I also hid my bikers this game.  They have died a horrible death early the last 2 games and I wanted to see how effective they are if alive (spoiler alert...they rocked)


Ended up with a refused flank type setup again.  I have 6 lascannons on the board so I don't mind the firepower game.


He won the roll off and I declined to seize.  My army is built to counter punch.  Lets do this!




Bugs start popping up ALL over the board.  The one that surprises me is this freaking Mawloc who gets to deploy within 1" of me.  He has a mortal wound trick and uses it to clear even more gaps for other deep strikers.  Sneaky sneaky!

He pops 1 CW (earns first blood here) and puts 3 mortal wounds on the librarian.  The shield dread makes his venerable roll to ignore his mortal wound and he rolled a 1 completely whiffing on Bjorn.  He didn't open enough space to do anything serious to me and has to deploy out due to my scout screening force.


His entire reserve force comes in.  Bugs are everywhere!  Genestealers catch my attention as do the raveners on my extreme right flank.


The psychic phase begins and things start dying

A D6 smite kills 3 scouts

Balethorn-Flyrant horrors my LF-LC but perils and takes 2W

He then fails to smite

Flyrant smites a CW and kills it

Psychic scream finishes off the last 2 scouts 

Shredder-Flyrant casts paroxysm on my bikes

He then fails smite 

*The smite beta rules are helping me out here


Shooting phase his termagants shoot and kill 2 scouts.  I pull to deny LOS for his other units and the unit is now safely hidden behind the LOS blocking terrain

Venom cannon hits a shield dread but he saves it with a 3++

Biovores open fire and land 2 MW on my LF-LC.  I did not expect mortal wound artillery and make a mental note to erase those MFers immediately.



Assault phase

Raveners make a 10" charge into my CW on the far right flank

Genestealers make an 11" charge into a shield dread

Trygon fails his charge

Shredder-Flyrant makes a 9" charge to the other shield dread

Balethorn-Flyrant fails a charge on the scouts (he rolled 3 and then 4 when all he needed was 6")

Bjorn heroically intervenes and steps up to the plate against the Shredder-Flyrant


I inform him that Bjorn has the warlord trait letting him fight in the charge phase so he can pick his fight carefully

Shredder-Flyrant gets 1 bonesword through to the shield dread.  Venerable save drops it to 2 wounds

I spend 2 CP and use the stratagem to counter attack.  The shield dread swings first against the genestealers and thins their numbers by 4 after I use a reroll

2CP remaining

His genestealers retaliate but only sneak 2 wounds through on the dread

Bjorn then drops 6 wounds on the Shredder-Flyrant

Raveners eat my lone CW

The last shield dread swings back on the Shredder-Flyrant and deals 9 wounds to kill it


I take some hits but I survive his alpha intact.  Time for the counter punch!




Turn 1-Bottom

(Ignore the WGBL he didn't drop down there I forgot to put him away after I picked my reserve guys)


I swing my bikers around and plan to rapid fire the raveners to death.  If I fail I can charge.  Otherwise I can go after the genestealers

My LF-Plasma flankers find an ideal spot to light up the biovores

My Jump WG can't quite squeeze in near Bjorn and decide to drop mid board near the Trygon

The Librarian with 1 W remaining backs out of tyranid explosion range just in case


The WGBL and 3 assassins remain in reserve for now


I smite with a 7 but he denies

I get might of heroes off and put it on my left shield dread.  This proves to be crucial for his defense as it bumps him to T8


My bikers unload 40 rapid fire bolters into the raveners and cause exactly 9 wounds.  Just the perfect amount to blow them off the board

My LF-Plasma overcharge and rely on their natural reroll of 1's

They blow away both biovores

I find this application of LFs amazing and cheap (the squad has 0 heavy weapons....the PL has plasma and the WGPL has combi-plasma for 4 rapid fire shots rerolling 1s)

The LF-LC fire at the Trygon and only take 2 wounds off 




In the assault phase Bjorn kills 4 genestealers

Shield dread on the left takes a step towards the Mawloc and drops 18 wounds on him

My other shield dread kills 3 genestealers and the unit remains

Bjorn takes 1 wound in return from the genestealers




My turn is over but I feel I am making headway chopping down a few bugs each round


My leftmost shield dread consolidates towards the genestealers and puts his body between Bjorn and the approaching horde






The horde advances


The psychic phase is brutal for me


Smites 5 W off the LF-LC and kills them

Horror goes on my left shield dread

Smites for D6 on left shield dread but rolls a 1 (even after CP reroll)

Smites 2 more wounds off but the venerable 6+ stops 1

Fails a smite

Psychic screams 2 more wounds off the dread leaving him with 2 

Final smite fails on the jump WG


His electric pulse from the Trygon kills 2 jump WG

Termagaunts roll buckets of dice and only get a single wound through the shield dread (T8 helping him).  His venerable 6+ stops it and he still has 2W left




Trygon charges the WG-Jump who overcharge but hit nothing in overwatch

Flyrant multicharges Bjorn and the weakened dread

I have to burn a CP on an invulnerable roll but the Shield dread survives the first charge attack

Bjorn interrupts due to his warlord trait and drops 6 wounds on the flyrant who hasn't attacked yet (was hoping to kill him outright)

The flyrant splits his attacks between Bjorn and weak dread

He only gets 3 wounds through on Bjorn

The Trygon eats all the jump WG

The shield dread flexes his might of heroes and drops 12 wounds on the flyrant to kill it

Dread #2 kills 2 more genestealers


This is like chopping wood.  Just keep at it!

I use the twist on my weakened dread to give him 2 more wounds back




I remember the pain of the last psychic phase and shove all my surviving chaff closer to the smite batteries


A wolf advances towards them

The scouts advance towards them

I send in the assassins and WGBL from reserves to threaten the Zoanthropes in the rear and hope the Cullexis messes up their smite rolls



The LF-Plasma move towards the Trygon to overcharge him down




The bikers move into extreme rapid fire range of the Termagaunts


My psychic phase nothing happens


The bikers continue their rapid fire mayhem and erase 13 termagaunts

The LF-Plasma put 3 more wounds on the Trygon leaving it with 3

Eversor is the only assassin to get a shot through and puts 1 W on a Zoanthrope


In the fight phase Bjorn wipes out the last 3 genestealers

My LF-Plasma decide to suicide charge the Trygon and manage to strip 1 more wound (has 2 left)

I hope they survive and tie him up so the other LF-Plasma has a round to fire

My callidus assassin is the ONLY reserve unit to make it into combat.  She puts 1 more wound on a Zoanthrope


The dread puts 5 wounds on his Tyrant and my turn ends







At this point my opponent concedes.  We discuss how we think it would play out and he says he has simply lost too many of his expensive units to continue on.


Due to our late start the store will be closing in 20 min anyways


We only completed 2 turns and it was full of butchering.  


At one point my opponent from the week prior finished his game and came to observe and share his sympathies with my opponent.


My shield dreads are making a name for themselves in the league


Victory for the Space Wolves!




His list has been added


I'm getting a better feel for how best to use my units

I definitely prefer when Bjorn is up front and getting his True claw dirty.  The games where I tried to keep him safe and he just fired a lascannon felt like a waste

The warlord trait of striking 1st finally paid off.  I am able to use Bjorn as the "threat" and then burn 2 CP to get another unit to strike early.  This is handy when the shield dreads are always around.


I got another example of tarpitting a shield dread.  The genestealers took up a lot of combat rounds.


My WG Plasma didn't do what I had hoped.  They can't really overcharge when I drop them alone.  I was hoping to use them as a reinforcement type unit near Bjorn but I just didn't have any space.  I am considering replacing their plasma with flamers.  They can be highly mobile chaff chasers.

I really enjoyed the LF with plasma guns.  They are nice to come out of reserve overcharging


I also realize I need to use the benefits of vanilla space marines until our codex comes out.  The screening force of scouts giving a buffer has a HUGE in game impact.  The vanilla librarian also let me use might of heroes which was amazing.  I think I won't be missing Njal all that much.

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I was Tigurius X 's opponent and thought I add my own quick notes about the battle. They already have an excellent write up on the blow by blow so I won't repeat it. This was my second drop against Space Wolves after facing a Pure SW list last week. The losses in trying to outshoot space marines (not something nids are known for) convinced me to rebuild the list towards what I hope will be my eventual 'official' 2k list. Deep Strike has worked wonders in getting things into melee (and not concentrating fire on my synapse models) and Invul saves are quickly becoming my bread and butter (I suspect this is what is leading to all the flyrant spam lists - there's a lot of high AP weapons out there and flyrants/neurothropes don't care)


From my previous 1500 list I dropped the broodlord (5++ wasn't cutting it on something that big) and added a third flyrant (with Boneswords/Rending Claws). To meet the new points I decided to try the Trygon/Genestealer combination to see if I could get around them getting shot off the board so quickly.  I also did some work with pliers and a ebay pruchase to change my Balethorn flyrant to another double scythe and instead field a hive tyrant with a venom cannons and no wings. 


As you can see from the list, I'm generally building a variant of the classic Carnifex spam list, but with Carnifexes swapped for Hive Tyrants. This works out for me since the 40-60pt cost increase is worth the invul save and extra psychic powers. I'm probably overloaded on psychic powers right now - my neurothropes often have nothing to cast other than smite since I'm burning through all the others by the time I get through my psychic phase. 


I met my opponents drops by putting a giant blob of termagaunts/venomthropes/zoanthropes backed by Neurothropes and the ranged hive tyrant. Unfortunately my opponent wasn't so foolish as to put anything facing them and they got to the battle late - In the future I need to probably dedicate to dropping everything on one flank instead of trying to cover the board. The termagaunts have a bad habit of only getting there after all the chaff is gone. 


I dropped my units anywhere and everywhere, which was probably a mistake, but had the advantage of forcing the dreadnoughts to operate those first two turns unsupported. He had to kill the Raveners and other dropped stuff before folding back to help them out. The problem with this strategy became clear - Space Wolf dreadnoughts don't suck in close combat. Nids struggle with T8 and Invul saves and being only T6 themselves are vulnerable to those giant axes. His Dreadnaughts were killing a flyrant a turn with a third dreadnaught chewing through genestealers. This was a bad points trade and doubling down on killing them didn't help me. 


I learned a lot in this match - I'm still dedicated to including a lot of deepstrike, but probably going to cap the number of flyrants to 3. It's hard to fit more than that in any part of the board and they clearly need to work together to get things done. The biovores probably should just have the rippers deployed around them - this is twice deepstrikers have taken them out before they could earn their points back. I'm still up in the air about genestealers. It's a ton of attacks with AP-1, but the low STR means they are really only good at assaulting infantry. Still I had a lot of fun and it's nice to be able to see a list come together like this over the league.

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Escalation continued up to 2250  


I didn't really want to go over 2k since the leagues etc. I am interested in cap at 2k anyways.  I shoehorned upgrades in all my existing units to get up to 2250 

My opponent didn't get the league memo that we were playing at 2250 so I was more than happy to simply use my list from the previous week and play at 2k instead


So...my army is the exact same as last week




My opponent was playing Eldar.  I don't have all the details so this is the best I could whip up recreating it.





Another week of Book Missions


Roll off gave us the following


The Relic

Dawn of war deployment

We agreed on secondary objectives to make it more fun as well

First blood


Slay the warlord

We then modified the relic to be 2 points for holding it and 1 point for nearest (replacing the major/minor victory)


I am also warned that my opponent must leave early so the game will only be approx. 2 hours









Deployment notes

I put my first 7 in reserve using 2 CP for the LF-PC squads (5 CP left)


-Jump WG with combi plasma

-2x LF-PC

-3 assassins


My opponent only has 2 reserves 

-He puts his fire dragons in reserve

-He puts war walkers in reserve

He then has to put 5 more units before I deploy a single model.

He is careful and puts many things in cover.  

*This is proving to be extremely valuable for me.  My main force is the slow moving dread formation.  Putting them in an ideal location is vital for me


-I once again made an effort to hide my bikes and keep them from being wiped out turn 1

-I used the scouts to immediately go after the relic and form a buffer in front of my dreads



My initial plan was to put pressure on the relic and fight in and around that narrow corridor to block LOS if possible

I have units with jump so I was confident I could snag the relic at the end of the game if he didn't take it from me




He wins the roll off and chooses to go first.  I don't attempt to seize.  I'm starting to focus on my list as a counter punch list.  


I prefer going second for the following reasons:

-My dreads prefer if you come and alpha strike me.  They don't have to run as far

-I don't need to worry about maintaining my bubble zone and running out first (the huge mistake I made against the chaos force a few weeks back)

-Lets me focus on the missions/objective since I move last

He chooses his jetbike HQ as warlord and gives it a trait for an extra wound and a 6+ FNP
I pick Bjorn and give him the tenacity trait for a 6+ FNP
Game on!!
Turn 1-Top
Even though my opponent hid his forces in deployment it doesn't slow him down.
He comes flying onto the board and demonstrates the speed/mobility of the Eldar (my first match against them)
The hemlock in particular gets in my face immediately
The dark reapers hop out of the wave serpent
He uses his trait and advances things.  He will still get to fire some items without penalties and charge using the trait.  I forgot the details already
I do take note that his HQ is vulnerable (tucked in among the 3 war walkers in the last image).  If I come in at that corner he will be the closest model for firing
His fire dragons remain in reserve because the scouts are doing their job and forming a buffer 
Psychic phase
Guide on the warwalkers
Protect fails on the reapers
Jinx on a shield dread (failed the deny roll)
Thus begins my education with jinx and my hatred of it (not as bad as death hex but still)
Also..that hemlock is insane...a flying psyker unit?  Was not expecting that
Shooting phase
Dire avengers kill 3 scouts that are in the open field
Wraithlord flames 3 scouts on the bridge near the relic
His bikes split fire and kill 1 more scout on the bridge leaving a single model alive (2/3 armor saves kept 1 alive)
The bikes put a single wound on a cyber wolf (2/3 armor saves)
The bikes put 1 wound on the jinxed shield dread (rolled a 2...jinx wouldn't matter)
His wave serpent splits fire and kills 1 scout in the open (1 model left alive here as well now)
The wave serpent then puts 4 star cannons into my Dread.  1 makes it through the toughness but I roll a 4 to save
My opponent and I talk about his star cannons at this point.  He has been shredding marines with them up to now.  However, S6 is nothing to my T7 dreads and becomes a recurring theme later on.
The hemlock shoots at the LF-LC and kills 2
The dark reapers split fire at both dreads (LOS prevented some from firing at the jinxed dread)
1 shots makes it through and puts 3 wounds on the jinxed dread
Warwalkers split fire and the shots at the LF-LC are saved with a 6+
The warwalkers shots at the jinxed dread result in a single starcannon and bright lance wounding.  The jinxed dread rolls 5s to save them
Morale phase
The single mode scouts both roll their morale exactly (8 for the sgt and 7 for the other guy)
LF-LC roll a 1 and the morale aura from the hemlock doesn't matter
I have weathered the storm and nobody died
Turn 1-Bottom
I have a flyer problem.  It is the first time playing against one and I have theory but not practical experience dropping them.
I have 3 lascannons from the LF and Bjorn has 2.  I figure I can do SOME damage to it
I also decide to commit reserves  just in case
My bikes move into rapid fire on the hemlock and setup a clear path for movement next turn while avoiding LOS from his units.  The job I have assigned them is infantry clearing to stop people who might grab the relic.
I drop the LFs in and hope plasma shots contribute to the hemlock
My WGBL drops to give the LF-LC and 1 unit of LF-PC his aura
I move my wounded jinx dread (4 wounds left) to cover on the left and pop smoke
I advance the fully healthy dread and hug the wall for cover
Bjorn stands still so he can shoot the hemlock on 3's
I then rearrange my wolves to shield Bjorn from being the closest target
My last surviving scout on the bridge picks up the relic
Psychic phase
I put might of heroes on my forward dread
I attempt smite but the hemlock denies me
Shooting phase
The bikers rapid fire 40 dice.  When the dust clears I put a single wound on the hemlock (11 left)
My LF-PC in the corner overcharge and fire at it but do nothing.  Actually they do something...the wolf guard rolls double 1s for one of his rapid fire plasma and kills himself (my first ever)
My other LF-PC in the middle do NOT overcharge and manage to put a single wound on the hemlock (10 left)
My LF-LC take their turn and manage a single wound (including a CP reroll to change the damage) (9 wounds left on Hemlock)
Bjorn only manages to wound with 1 of his LC but the hemlock saves it
This is NOT going as I had hoped.  The hemlock has special armor save that stopped 2 lascannon wounds this turn (2D6).  It also FNPed a wound or two from the bikers and their bucket of shots.  More resilient than I expected
To wrap up my turn the scouts fire at the dire avenger killing 1 model
Turn 2-Top
My opponent capitalizes on a mistake I made.  I have no practical experience with flyers so I did NOT plan for his next move (something I need to do in the future)
He puts the flyer close to Bjorn and I see all he has to do is kill 2 wolves in his shooting phase to free up the Hemlock to fire directly at Bjorn.  Uh oh
He wants my dreads dead and moves the bulk of his forces to focus on them.
The fire dragons remain in reserve because the single scout is enough to push them back.
This leaves the relic wide open for me.  
Psychic phase
Jinx fails on the forward dread (5 and 1 I think)
My opponent says he will be casting jinx with his next unit and I tell him I don't think he can do that.  After some digging i show him the match play rule about attempting a spell only once.  He is dejected but it is suggested he just use a CP to reroll the original fail.  I tell him that is totally fine go ahead
CP works and jinx is cast on my forward dread
Smite is a peril failure and he takes 2 MW
Guide fails and the stones don't work either
Shooting phase
Dire avengers try and kill the scout in the open but he makes all his armor saves
Something kills a cyberwolf giving him first blood (my notes don't indicate what fired)
The wave serpent kills the scout in the open
The dark reapers split fire and kill the scout holding the relic
The reapers also put a wound through on the dread (rolled a 3 but failed with jinx)
I spend a CP to reroll and get the 4 preventing 3 damage
His bikers split fire and kill the injured wolf who was hiding
The bikers also killed 2 LF-LC (I needed 2+ and rolled 2 1's out of 5 dice)
He discharges the serpent shield but rolls a 1.  He uses a CP to put a single wound on the forward dread
The warwalkers split fire and kill the last wolf screening Bjorn from the hemlock
The warwalkers punch a bright lance through on the jinxed forward dread.  He rolls 6 for damage.  I roll 4 6's  for the venerable trait and only take 2 (5 wounds left)
The hemlock has a clear target on Bjorn
The hemlock rolls low for shots (gets 2D3 shots) and only gets 2 at Bjorn.  It has S12 but he rolls double 1 and nothing gets through.  He wants to use CP but he already used it on the serpent shield.
Assault phase
The wraithblades charge in and put 6 damage on the venerable dread.  I make 2 6+ venerable saves and have 1 W remaining
My return strike does only 2 damage (he has his own 4++)
Turn 2-Bottom
I have about 10 minutes before my opponent has to leave.  Quick discussion and we agree the game will end after I finish my turn
This changes my plans greatly.  Time to focus on the relic and then secondary points
Move #1 is my WGBL advancing to pick up the relic.  He soars over the buildings and the wraithlord using his jump pack and picks up the relic.  Objective secured!
I now need to prevent his linebreaker points and kill the hemlock
I also send a kamikaze attack after his warlord in the corner just for fun
Psychic phase
I smite 2 wounds off his hemlock.  He FNPs 1 back 
My LF-LC puts 2 damage on the hemlock (6 left)
Bjorn puts 2 more wounds on (4 left)
My librarian fires his wrath of the primarch and does 2 more (2 left)
I have nothing left to fire at his hemlock...it will live
We also play out the kamikaze strike against the warlord
He intercepts the Jump WG and his warwalkers unload on me killing 2 (storm shields prevent quite a few)
I send the callidus as well and she gets a 7" deployment
The eversor I send after his dark reapers 
The cullexis goes in a safe corner to score my own linebreaker
When the dust settles his warlord has 2 wounds left and also survives
We call the game and tally up the score
My opponent
First blood
Line breaker
Relic secured
Space Wolves win 3-2
I was getting kicked around pretty hard and if it wasn't for the time limit and the relic mission I probably was headed for a loss
In a "real" game my turn 2 would have been critical to getting me back in the fight and I would have played very differently
The WGBL would have chased down his hemlock and risked the overwatch autohits (2D3 auto hits but a 3++ storm shield)
My eversor would go where I placed him and rip the reapers apart (I rolled his 3D6 and he got a 13 for his charge)
My bikers would have gone after his units on my left flank (bikers and infantry)
My jump WG and remaining assassins would come on my left flank as well to catch his exposed Asuraman HQ (he had no screen behind it)
It would have been an uphill climb after that (wraithlord and warwalkers plus his wraith guard still locked in combat)
But it would have been fun!
2nd week in a row I had to call it on turn 2...bleh that is not fun.  
I see the appeal of chess clocks that ITC is implementing

A digital space wolf returning to the pack and emerging from the warp on the TT to try the hobby side

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