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Possible Salamanders Convert Inquriy

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Looking good man! ^_^ I thought about doing a successor but I would rather just go with Salamanders so when Vulkan releases I will have plenty of practice painting the scheme up and I will be able to do him justice. Green is also my favorite color so it works out for the best that Salamanders are Green. I'm going to be using the guide below to paint my dudes up.



The Argent Fists - Space Marines: Successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists

The Moirai - Chaos Knights: Sisters of Fate

Oblivion Hunters - Chaos Space Marines (Renegade White Scars)

Order of the Steel Rose - Sisters of Battle

4th Company - Dark Angels

The Roaring Lions - Ultima Founding Successor that I can use with any ruleset

Iron Hands List Ideas

Short Stories: Brother Ashur, Awakening, Kell's Last Battle

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