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2000 pts; Alot of Fast Attack and no SOT's.

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I usually end up taking at least 5, but often 10 Scarab Occult Terminators when making lists, and they quickly eat up a lot of points.
So now I'm gonna try a list without SOT's. List is not meant for overly competitive games. I don't intend to win tournaments with it.

And yes, I know that you pick powers before every battle so there's really no need to write them down, but these are the powers I'm most likely to go with. smile.png




Daemon Prince - 180 pts
Wings, 2x Malefic Talons, Helm of the Third Eye.
Warlord Trait: Otherworldly Prescience or High Magister (haven't decided).
Powers: Gaze of Fate, Glamour of Tzeentch.


Ahriman on Disc - 166 pts
Powers: Prescience, Warptime, Infernal Gaze.




10x Rubric Marines - 220 pts
Soulreaper Cannon.
Power: Tzeentch's Firestorm.


Chaos Rhino - 72 pts


10x Rubric Marines - 220 pts
Soulreaper Cannon.
Power: Temporal Manipulation.


Chaos Rhino - 72 pts



30x Tzaangors - 220 pts
Brayhorn, Tzaangor Blades. (Webway Infiltration.)




Tzaangor Shaman - 90 pts
Power: Weaver of Fates.


Fast Attack


9x Enlightened - 153 pts
Divining Spears.

9x Skyfires - 144 pts

Fatecaster Greatbows.


5x Chaos Spawn - 165 pts


Heavy Support


1x Mutalith Vortex Beast - 150 pts


1x Chaos Predator - 150 pts
Predator Autocannon, 2x Heavy Bolters.

2002 pts (it's fine in my circle to be afew points above)

6 Command Points (-1 for Webway Infiltration)

8 Manifests / turn.
11 drops, 80 model's including 5 vehicles/monsters and 21 model's who fly.


Edit: typo.

Edited by Minsc, 08 February 2018 - 06:41 AM.




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I am a sucker for disc of tzeentch units, the enlightened units will work very well, on that note I think this list will perform decently. 

Rubrics are solid, and spawn in our lists are ridiculous, the blob of tzaangors will be worth its weight in gold turn one. 


The shaman is a no-brainer in a list like yours, and Ahriman and the Prince will of course be great.

The only issue I can see coming up is super-volume heavy fire will give you problems, Kastellan Ad-Mech Dakka bots for example would be a huge PITA for this army given the T4/5++ save abundance.  I would imagine the TZaangor webway infiltration will take priority of them for the first turn, give you a turn to move up the elnightened and sling-shot them into viable melee targets.  

The Greatbows are super point effective, and id imagine the divining spears will rock when properly supported, heck even with minimal support on the charge they seem quite good.  Once you get the ball rolling prescience the bows, and buff the spears with weaver and glamour (super important to get Glamour on this unit given their *relative* fragility.  I currently only own 6 enlightened, but I love them!  they are points effective and a great unit all around with the bows, I would love to know how the spears fair! 


Overall; Diggin it. 




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I've been thinking of leaving my SOT home as well. I dont have a better replacement for them though. I have been thinking about picking up a Sicaran with those sweet cannons, might help me against my flyer problem. Most of my marine opponents run that flying brick.


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