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Jink VS. Machine Spirit ?

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Unknown Legionnaire

Unknown Legionnaire


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I'm pretty sure this has been addressed in some long-gone 7th ed. 40k FAQ, but we couldn't come up with an answer to this.


Which rule takes precedence, Jink or Machine Spirit ?


I.E. could a jinking vehicle still fire one weapon at full BS and snap shot the remainder of them ?


Or, to be more precise, could a Pallas Grav Attack jink and still fire its Arachnus, which is a Blast type weapon, with its Machine Spirit ?


Some insight would be very nice !



EDIT: messed up the weapon type there, but the question remains: Does Machine Spirit supersede Jink ?

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I think it is generally believed so. It makes Custodes even more offensive than they were, given all their grav-tanks can Jink and still shoot a weapon at BS5.

It always used to. Hopefully FW will answer it in their FAQ. Until then, easiest thing to do is use the 7th Edition FAQ as a guide.

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I think the answer was yes and that is how I played it at the last Throne of Skulls with no objections.

Reclusiarch Darius

Reclusiarch Darius


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Machine Spirit overrides Jink, as it specifically says the chosen weapon fires at normal Ballistic Skill. It's why Custodian skimmers are such a pain to deal with, especially if they buy extra armour.


To be fair Legion and Mechanicum can do this as well on certain units. It's just very noticeable with Custodian vehicles because they have the combo everywhere.

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