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Best Anti-Tank for Blood Angels?

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On the killshot - lascannon vs autocannon discussion.

The correct answer is that a mix is best.

I’ve been running a killshot squad for a while now, and it’s is 100% true that with killshot the autocannon is absolutely devestation. However, there are a couple of considerations that make having a couple lascannons really important.

Basically autocannon is really unreliable as your sole anti armour in a couple of scenarios -

1. You lose ability to killshot. Without the +1 to wound you become extremely unreliable against t7 or greater. Which is most of your targets.
2. Anything t8 or 2+. Against these targets, again you are extremely unreliable.

In summary. With killshot, against medium vehicles, the autocannon is the ideal choice. However, you need some lascannons against the big targets, or if for whatever reason you can’t killshot,

For reference I have found the following setup to be an ideal mix.

Pred 1 - 4 Lascannons
Pred 2 - autocannon / 2 lascannons
Pred 3 - autocannon / 2 lascannons

As an additional insight - I think there are very few scenarios where taking a hunter killer missile is a bad idea for 6 pts. With killshot, it’s an absolute must. I realised in my last game they benefit from the killshot buffs, making them pretty insane. Meaning they wound up to t8 on a 2+ doing d6+1 dmg. It makes your alpha strike insanely strong.




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So I‘ll be playing my arch enemy Eldar again this Sunday who is out for revenge and Im expecting either a Knight or 3 Fire Prisms for their equivalent of Killshot.
So I’m thinking about proxying 3-4 Predators for the stratagem, but then I fear it becomes a “who goes first wins” game? Plus what with him playing Alaitoc of course my chances of blowing up a Prism first go further down. Has anyone of you played against that combo yet or offer any advice? There will be Dark Reapers involved for sure, 10 if not 20 and probably a Hemlock.

I think there'll be a lot more variables that will answer that question really:
- for one, what else in your list(s), both yours and his, as what other tools and threats you have will make a huge difference. Scouts, for example, will help you secure good landing zones - drop a couple early, right up in their grill (which will prevent Rangers, who deploy later) from zoning your deep strikers out, and it may also make them deploy/use their redeploy stratagem (Phantasm) differently and possibly give you an error to capitalise on; are you bringing a dangerous Descent of Angels unit (and of course beware of their intercept stratagem, if they have a Farseer near their Dark Reapers!!)?
- what kind of terrain do you guys have/use? Do you have enough LOS blocking pieces? They are super important, even more so when fighting things like Dark Reapers and Fire Prisms, which would love to have a nice shooting gallery.
- do you have other sources of AT in your list? If not, then those Predators are going to be priority targets - depending on how many drops you both have, you may want to keep them back to try and force their hand with Phantasm; alternatively, you may want to deploy them early, so that they set up stuff to best take advantage of their firepower, then counter strike with other things (Forlorn Fury DC maybe?)

A lot of things that can affect the game, though Alaitoc Eldar with Reapers and Prisms is not going to be happy fun times however it plays out!
Thank you Kallas for your great response! You bring up some good points that I’ll have to consider carefully.

The idea with the scouts is really good, for some reason I usually keep them back until fairly late.

I’ll bring a 15 man unit of DC to make sure they’ll get home even after overwatch and the intercept stratagem. Depending on the deployment and terrain I’ll also consider to deploy them normally and forlorn fury them but I’m just super weary of that stratagem. Seems very risky if I dont got first, even if I can deploy them in cover/total cover.

I think our terrain setup is decent, we usually have some fairly big ruins or buildings, so I cant really complain there. The Reapers will be set up in such a ruin for sure, with the Farseer in their lap.

My list is basically set apart from the AT - Double Battalion Captain Smush, Lemartes, SPriest, 15 DC (2 THs), Bolter or Plasma Inceptors, 3x Scouts, 2x Intercessors, 1x Tacs. Plus an AM Miner.

For AT that’s 1 ML in the Tac Squad, the TH captain and the 2 THs in the DC unit. Plasma Inceptors could qualify in a pinch.

Options are squeezing in the Preds, a Xiphon, a Venator, the venerable Chaplain dread or some Devastators. The Xiphon and the Venator will be toast though if I dont go first. Also thinking about adding Sanguinor or a Scorpius.

From the Eldar I expect the 10-20 Reapers, Rangers, Prisms, Fire Dragons in a transport, a Hemlock, Farseer, Wraith Guard with flamers.

And yes, I expect to have my hands full Will let you guys know how it goes for sure!

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