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Decapitation Strike 3k

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Looking for a bit of free back on a Raven Guard build. I’m not 100% sold on the troops choices and the inclusion of dark furries. So there is definitely wriggle room for adjustments.


Strike Captain Maun.
Legion Champion Tartaros terminator armour and ravens talons.


2 deathstorm drop pods. Upgraded to have krak missiles and drop pod assault.
5 Tartaros terminators Sargent with greanades and ravens talons 2 chainfists, 2 single ravens talons, 3 Volkite and a plasma blaster.
Darkwing with extra armour to bring them in.
10 Mor Deythan 3 missile launchers 2 combi flamers, 5 combi Volkite, artificer and Melta Bombs.


2 units of 10 tacticals with vox vexilla and power fist artificer armour
1 20 man tactical squad same upgrades as above and combat weapons upgrade.
5 plasma support artificer armour Melta Bomb and combat weapons in a drop pod.

Fast Attack
2 javelin speeders multi melta and twin Lascannons.
1 javelin as above.
5 Dark Furries with a Melta Bomb

Heavy support
Fire raptor with auto cannons and cerimite.

This should bring me to an even 3k.

The general plan is to start the Strike captain in the Mor Deythan on the table with his 18 inch bubble to guide in 1 pod with krak. Drop the other as close to as many targets as possible. The unit itself when triggering the twin linked rending should really hammer any squad it doest like the look of. Volkite that rends and can possibly rend again on the deflagrate rolls with 2 flamers and 3 small blasts isn’t something that much wants to try and tank.

All tac squads will infiltrate and the vox will be used to bring in plasma close to the most valuable target possible.

Terminators quite simply get stuck in to what they can with the re roll to come on in good time. They should make a solid impact.

Fire raptor and javelins will act as fire support with the dark furries acting as another deep striking combat support element.

I know the legion can be a little more on the technical side to play so any insight would be useful.





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Hey dude.. just a couple if things from a quick glance:

Furry squad - Too small. they are so fragile, I'd just ditch 5

Mor deythan - having mixed ranged weapons is not ideal. For me, I'd go all plas or all flammer with a couple of melta guns mixed in. And a rhino or they will just sit.

Stick Maun in the 20 man for protection

Termies wanna be on the board quicker, ditch a the deathstorm pods (as they are too expensive) and give termies an anvilus and 1 tac squad a pod for 3.

Plasma pod won't drop in and nuke a unit. The units you want to do that too will be in a Spartan or similar metal box you need to open first.

Your only anti- Spartan is 3 Lascannons, not ideal

Legion champ is a waste of points.

Just a dump of my initial thoughts!

Edited by Fangbanger, 13 February 2018 - 07:42 AM.

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