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Blackthorn Episode I: A World Aflame

Deathwatch Roleplaying Game RPG Play by Post Commissar Molotov Blackthorn Kill-Team Blackthorn Fantasy Flight Games FFG

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Commissar Molotov

Commissar Molotov


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GM: The map as I have it - my limited graphics skills won't let me change the red skull to the right shade of red, alas! 


Still, hopefully this should help you visualise somewhat. 

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QUOTE (voi shet magir @ May 31 2011, 05:38 AM) 
That is an unexpectedly strong assertion from a dead person.

Xin Ceithan

Xin Ceithan


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Beware the Zodangian bearing gifts. The Martian proverb echoed through his mind. Sabaan could not quite recall it's origin, but he suspected his Mechanicum Mentor. Irrelevant. He pushed the thought away. Strife and competition came naturally to a native of Medusa. Easily, even. The idea between this contest escaped him, though. With their arms and armour toned down, the exercise could hardly assess their capabilities in a real combat environment. The Servitors had not been much of a challenge, but they at least posed a potential threat. Unless...[...DO NOT TRUST...]...
It also seemed ill-advised at this point. They had just begun to develop some rudimentary kind of coordination. Fanning the fire of competition at this point might lead to unfavorable complications later.

"A children's game. Blunted weapons."
The words came between respirator clicks. Even toned. Low. Yet, Combined with the molecular bonding patch placed above his left eye sense, they still managed to convey the image of a sceptically raised eyebrow.
"By your command, Watch-Sergeant".
As he turned, Sabaan held Solastion's gaze for moment. He gave an almost unnoticeable shrug, then retrieved his steps towards his Demi-squad. It took him several seconds to access the training protocols. They had obviously not been used for a long time. If ever.
His Armour resisted being tuned down. It screeched it's frustrating at being forced to a non lethal force. Sabaan finally could get it to accept the settings once he had rerouted, established and tested a short-cut to return it to full power on a moment's notice. He understood it's frustration and uneasiness. Facing a room full of other Astartes in a low powered armour. With powered down weapons. His unease grew while he unloaded his Boltgun and linked it to the training feed. He tested The rate of returning full power to his servo arm twice before he set it, too, to a training setting. At this point, his Armour and weapons were profoundly disturbed. He began a continuous binaries incantation to keep them from reawaken get as they struggled in the unnatural containment of the training rite.
Still moving, he ibrought up his boltpistol. He cleared the chamber and went through the ritual of rearming. Blessing it between his continued binary chanting, he loaded a bolt shell into the chamber. He then replaced the magazine with another full clip of live ammunition, then maglocked it to a quick draw position on his hip. He would not ne caught in this without a real weapon at the ready. He felt a sense of approval rising from inside him. Remember Istvaan.
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