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Index Astartes: Broken Haloes


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Broken Halo

Broken Halo


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"I can't tell who they were for their armours were painted the colours of blood and ash and marked by a dozen different insignia of a dozen different chapters. They wielded the weapons of the Astartes but also those of the Fallen, their unholy symbols merely scratched out or painted over... I don't know who they were, for they seemed to be everyone and no one..."

- unknown eyewitness


"I saw the two first; their crimson armour making them stand out from their brethren whose colours were ashen and only partially marked by red. One wielding a pair of swords while the other carried a single blade so massive it shattered the earth when it struck. But it was when I looked to the skies that I saw the third... and understood why the enemy had suddenly started to falter"

- unnamed soldier



------------------- / / -------------------





"Our home is where we are. Our place of origin is not relevant, only where we choose to go together"

- Legion (Mass Effect)


At the heart of a Chapter is its gene-seed, the same genetic material implanted into all of its soldiers, giving them strength and unity. It is what makes them the Astartes, the soldiers of the Emperor. Each Chapter's gene-seed a treasure which value cannot be measured in Earthly possessions, vigorously protected and given only to those capable of proving their value.
The gene-scene is a Chapter's legacy. So what then, if a Chapter has no gene-seed of its own? For as contrary as it might sound, that is indeed the case for those who rally under the banner of the Broken Halo. They call themselves a Chapter, but cannot truly claim to be one, for they neither share a single common gene-seed, nor the support of the Imperium which they have sworn to serve.
Instead, those who carry its symbol originally hail from different Chapters. They are soldiers who were lost, believed dead or left behind when all else failed, ready and prepared to die in the name of honour and the Empire! Only, they didn't die.
Instead they were found and given a second chance to fight for that which they had spilled so much blood. A chance to cast aside believes that had tied them down and stopped them from achieving that ultimate victory. And while there should be no misconceptions, that there have been plenty who have refused that offer, believing it to be blasphemous and corrupted, there are those who've seen it for what it is: a second chance.
And those are the soldiers who paint themselves in the colours of ash and blood to take up arms under the banner of the disgraced and damned; they are the Broken Haloes.




"Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls and ask the ghosts if honor matters"

- Javik (Mass Effect)



The Broken Haloes hold no home world as their own, they have no territory nor permanent base of operations. They cannot afford it, for the Inquisition would no doubt purge them as traitors for their choice of tactics and approach to combat. After all, they should never have existed in the first place, so the last thing they'd want is to offer up such an easily located target. As such, their only home is that of their floating fortress, the Ultima Mundi Quo Steterit; the Last Stand, a massive ancient relic of a fortified space craft, forever travelling among the stars.
Furthermore, this existence, out on the fringes of the Imperium, severely limits their supply of weapons, resources, vehicles and everything else that a functioning army of any kind need in order to keep operational. So what is one to do then, when you need these supplies? When armour has been damaged and needs repairing? When ammo is running low? When medical supplies run dry and people risk dying? 
You do the only things you can; you scavenge and you steal. 
As such the Chapter has adapted a mentality of "the means justifying the end", as one cannot be choosers when the pickings are meager. Because of this, it is not unusual to find their armour patched with pieces scavenged from other fallen marines or even those who serve the forces of Chaos. The enemy's weapon taken up and used against them. The marines bothering little but to scratch out the enemy's markings and painting over them as if to add insult to injury.
Because in the end, he who stands once the dust settles, is the victorious one. For honour has never done anything but get good men killed.






"It's easy to forget what a sin is in the middle of a battlefield."
- Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid
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"I am not afraid of an army of lions lead by a sheep; I am afraid by an army of sheep lead by a lion"

- Alexander the Great



Their origin is one shrouded in mystery, the details surrounding their existence diffuse at best, unbelievable at worst. For while the Broken Haloes' soldiers can all be traced back to a known Chapter, there are three whose gene-seed is a mystery unto itself and whose origins remain unanswered. And yet, those are the three who stand at the front of the army, guiding them, inspiring them, leading them.
Three, draped in the crimson colour of blood; the commander, and the two lieutenants.
It has been rumoured that they belong to a breed of their own and perhaps there is some measure of truth to it. For while again, the circumstances aren't properly documented, it is said that the three were found on a distant, desolate planet in an undocumented facility which had been sealed and seemingly left to be forgotten. There, three functional and still operational stasis pods were discovered, along with full sets of armours, weapons and gear, although all with an insignia that could not be found in any known database.
Attempts at extracting the data from the facility's system resulted in corrupted bits and pieces, at least so it is claimed, and has since, allegedly, been lost. As such, the origin of the three remains known only to them, assuming that is, that they themselves remember.
In the end, whether or not they do know the truth, whether or not anyone know the truth, matters little. For they have found their rightful place on the battlefield, where it appears they will fight until Death one day see fit to bring them into his embrace.





"We live in the now. We fight for tomorrow. I intend to watch the sun rise yet again. Will you be there to watch it with me?"
- Commander K. Cross
Spearheading  the Broken Haloes is the mysterious Commander K. Cross. The Commander easily recognizable upon the battlefield in winged crimson armour, raining down fury and brimstone upon those who stand in the wake of the Broken Haloes most fearsome veteran squad.
Brandishing the Spear of the Morning Star, Commander Cross is said to bring a halo of light to the battlefield when descending upon it. Although truth to be told that might just be the plasma guns firing. The end results never fail however, as the Commander is known to lay waste to anyone or -thing, that stands in the way of the Broken Haloes.
"Break their spines, stand your ground! Know your fear and conquer it!"
- Lieutenant Korgan Eiyr
A towering soldier who appears as calm as the eye of the storm and as unwavering and steady as a mountain, it is said the ground tremble when Lieutenant Eiyr sets foot upon it.
Wielding a massive two-hander known as the Crusader's thirst, the Lieutenant has been known to strike fear into the heart of the enemy by never backing down, not even when faced with near insurmountable odds. The Lieutenant's presence a pillar on the battlefield for others to look to in times of need.
"History is written by the victor, so let's go write some history!"
- Lieutenant Ayreel Steele
Wielding the dual swords of Blood Requiem and the Howling Reaper, Lieutenant Steele can be found leading the charge, up and front with the infantry.
Considered the somewhat more reckless of the three, the Lieutenant is a fiery soul whose seemingly fearless and Devil-May-Care attitude appears capable of rallying people even in the darkest hour. For when Death stares you in the face, what better way to greet it than with a smile and a laugh?

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Discord: Pink#3288

Broken Halo

Broken Halo


  • 12 posts
  • Location:Norway
  • Faction: Broken Haloes

WIP stuff ought to appear here once in a while, sort of like random futuristic heretic pokemons which needs to be captured and purged!


Edit: feel free to comment. As it stands it's all going to be a bit superficial as I am digging up stuff that's some 15+ years old and rewriting the parts I wanna keep and expand on, and purging the rest. So constructive criticism is more than welcome. This is going to be a long work in progress kind of thing!

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