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Magnus vs Mortarion

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I was challenged to a battle royal, 2,000 points against Magnus the Red and Daemons of Tzeentch. He wanted to face Mortarion and we will be using the beta rules.

My list so far:
Warlord Mortarion
Chaos Lord w/Plasma p. & Balesword
Malignant Plaguecaster w/Pandemic Staff
Malignant Plaguecaster

Plague Marines x7 w/Plasma gun x3 & Plague Sword
Plague Marines x7 w/Melta gun x2, Plasma gun, & Plague Sword
Cultists x20 w/Autogun & Heavy stubber x2

Foul Blightspawn
Plague Surgeon
Blightlord Terminators x5 w/Combi-bolter & Bubotic axes, Blight launcher, Flail of corruption

Myphtic Blight-haulers x3

I think a Tallyman would be better then the Surgeon, I just haven't picked up the model yet.

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