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Blackthorn/Swordhand Character Thread

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Name: Brother Codicier Achillion

Chapter: Angels Encarmine

Rank: Codicier of the Order of the Crimson Dawn

Deathwatch Specialism: Librarian (Battle-Psyker)

Psychic Aptitudes: Telepathy Discipline & Sanguinary Discipline

Brother Codicier Achillion is known for his lust for battle, more often than not forgoing sleep when not on a mission to train further in the sparring cages. He treats every Astartes and affiliate of the Deathwatch with the respect that their rank deserves, unless they show hesitation or reservation with frontal assaults. To him, the final breath of his enemy and the light leaving their eyes is almost euphoric, and any being who does not share this bloodlust is weak in his eyes. Achillion speaks with confidence when required, but his disfiguration often causes his words to sound like a gargling snarl. He holds the appearance of his equipment in high regard. Due to his facial scars, he prefers to take a backseat in friendly negotiation - sometimes using his psychic talents to influence conversations or probe deep into the mind of those he finds suspicious, but he is more than happy to take the forefront when it comes to intimidation tactics, excelling at instilling fear in those susceptible to such pathetic concepts.
Achillion is an efficient Space Marine. The natural suspicion that accompanies members of the Librarius is compounded in his case due to the unabated ferocity with which he fights, with some reports observing Achillion eschewing standard combat forms for duelling displays that sacrifice defensiveness in favour of extracting greater volumes of viscera from his foes. Members of Kill-Teams that served alongside Achillion have spoken of rumours where the Codicier would not be seen for days following particularly bloody battles, adding that violent shakes would wrack his form as he made his way into temporary isolation to meditate, or to the sparring cages to destroy servitors for days without rest.

Brother Codicier Achillion is roughly average height for an Astartes. He sports short blonde hair and his eyes are a light grey-blue. Some may have said that he was a beautiful man, if not for the pink burn scar on the lower left side of his face, curling up and over his eye. The ridged skin pulls taut the lower side of his face and brow, creating a perpetual grimace.
The movements of Achillion are sharp and fast, and his body appears to vibrate with unspent kinetic energy, as if he could snap into lethal action at any moment. His armour is that of polished Mark VII Aquila, maintained to perfection and fitted with a psychic hood. The accents of blue that portray him as a member of the Librarium outline the symbol of the Angels Encarmine upon his left shoulder. A tabard of yellow, embellished with black bands and spikes hangs proudly from his armour.
In battle, Achillion is renowned for charging headlong into the fray, with crackling psychic energy pouring from one hand and his Baalite Steel Force Axe in the other.

Notable History:
+ 797.M41 - Awoke from the Golden Sarcophagus as a Chapter Neophyte.
+ 810.M41 - Gained the attention of the Librarium during service as Frontline Support in the 2nd Vacuna Uprising.
+ 817.M41 - Ascended from Neophyte into full Astartes.
+ 820.M41 - Initiated into the Chapter Librarium.
+ 821.M41 - Fought against Aeldari Corsairs as part of Task Force Kaerus.
+ 891.M41 - [REDACTED]
+ 892.M41 - Swore the Apocryphon Oath to the Deathwatch.
+ 899.M41 - Member of Kill-Team Khomus "Penumbra", a force integral to the destruction of Hive Fleet Behemoth Splinter designation "Scythe of the Void".
+ 907.M41 - Assisted Kill-Team [REDACTED] in the assassination of Drukhari Archon Thysk.
+ 911.M41 - Garrisoned at Watch Station Azurea.

Equipment: Encarmine Force Greataxe (single-edged with a serration on the lower curve of the blade, engraved with the word 'LIBRA' on one side and 'BAAL' on the other), Baal Pattern Bolter, Mark II Angelus-Ves Pattern Bolt Pistol, Mark VII Aquila Power Armour, Psychic Hood

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Gideon Thire - Tactical Marine of the Silver Skulls


Role: Tactical Marine/Weapon Specialist

Character Sheet: IN PROGRESS



Backstory: Gideon Thire is one amongst the proud Silver Skulls Chapter, a Tactical Marine within the Third Battle Company, and well versed with tactics and strategies, and proving to be a valuable asset to his Squad, whatever the situation. While a neophyte, he was originally the butt of a joke, due to his open-mindedness and willingness to learn, until an engagement with Orks shifted his fellow Neophytes opinions of him. When a mekboy triggered a experimental EMP, the squad's vox links were broken, and his scout squad was left stranded. They stumbled across a valley filled to the brim with explosives, clearly a trap intended for the approaching Imperial Armored Convoy. But after being stumbled upon by a patrol of Boyz, their squad was trapped. With orks closing in, Gideon volunteered to run back and warn the Imperial Armored Convoy. Gideon managed to alert the Armored Convoy of the explosive presence, and as the main force diverted to avoid the trap, Gideon and a Storm Eagle of Astartes flew back to his Squads position, successfully extracting the squad before the Boyz overran them.



Later, In the time of his service as an Tactical Marine, a prophecy foretold Gideon's Squad to venture out into the stars, amongst the retinue of a Rogue Trader. For several years, Gideon accompanied a Rogue Trader, and was amazed with sights of new discovered planets, fought against both Xenos and Heretics, and the experience remains with him. But, Soon after his return, a Prognosticator had summoned Gideon and his Company Captain, telling him of a sign. 


An emperor’s tarot card, beckoned to Gideon, but refused to show it’s true intent. Merging, shifting and changing, the Prognosticator believed that Gideon's fate could not be discerned by the Prognosticators and that Gideon himself must discover where his fate lies. As the card shifted and changed, Gideon noticed the fog slowly shift and change into the symbol of the deathwatch, before disappearing.


Seeking out his future, he immediately petitioned for service with the Watch, determined to discover his fate, whatever it may be.


Personality: Gideon is a noble and fearless brother, much like his brethren, but he is something of an oddity in regards to his brothers. Open-minded, Gabriel rather prefers spending his time expanding his knowledge, rather than endless drills of combat. Nonetheless, Gideon is still a skilled combatant, having claimed the skull of a Drukhari Hekatrix while in service as an Assault Marine. Thanks to his time with the Rogue Trader's retinue, he is more understanding of Human Culture than his brothers, and so has often been called upon by his Company Captain to serve as a dignitary for the Third Battle Company. When in converse with other Astartes, Gideon always puts thought to his words, rarely acting brashly or out of sort, but knows when to have a sense of humor, especially with Astartes from more boastful and lively Chapters, such as the Space Wolves.


Appearance: Much like all Astartes, Gideon is something of a giant to a mortal man, standing tall over Humans and being an intimidating presence on the battlefield, by height solely alone. His face is home to a wry smile, and holds some warmth, amidst the otherwise imposing and intimidating appearance.  Gideon has a tanned skin, but amongst that, honor markings are tattooed on his forehead, a symbol of battle. Clean-Shaven and his hair slicked back, Gideon takes some care on his appearance. However, this is primarily for time spent in the company of Humans and Diplomats. Other than that, he keeps his helmet on, and never discards his helmet in combat, except for times of the chapter's honor.


 In regards to his Armour, he dons MK 4, and despite the age of the proud and noble suit, his armour's machine-spirit moves smoothly, adding to Gideon's already impressive speed. In regards of decoration, on his waist, some Silver Skulls are attached to the waist, although when in the presence of Human Diplomats, Gideon sometimes removes them.  On his right Pauldron, his first name is inscribed.

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Castor Boros, Unhelmed. Timestamp: 898.M41

Brother Castor Boros
Chapter of Origin: Angels Revenant
Role upon Induction: Tactical Space Marine
Deathwatch Specialism: Devastator
Character Sheet: LINK

Castor Boros was inducted into the Angels Revenant Chapter in the wake of the Storm Tide, an era of tumultuous Warp Squalls within the Orpheus Sector that have not abated to this day. The unceasing assault by the Neverborn and their lackeys on the protectorate of the Angels puts considerable strains on their members, yet the Space Marines prevail. Dutiful service in the Scout- and Devastator Reserve soon placed Boros in the Angels Revenant 8th Company, where he was injured fighting off a Warp-borne incursion onboard the company’s strike cruiser. While he would survive, Boros did experience a spiritual crisis, fearing the taint of the Empyrean upon his soul. It was a brother of the Reclusiam who mended his shaken resolve, reigniting a fire that saw him enter the ranks of the chapter’s 6th company as a Tactical Space Marine.

855.M41 - Drafted by the Angels Revenant Chapter on Patara, Segmentum Tempestus. Initiation as Neophyte. Age: 13 years, Terran Standard.
860.M41 - First deployment as part of 10th Company (Scouts). Reconnaissance operations.
869.M41 - Advance to 6th Squad, 9th Company (Devastator Reserve). Age: 27 Years, Terran Standard.
872.M41 - Riot suppression actions in Sub-Sector Deluvia.
883.M41 - Advance to 1st Squad, 8th Company (Assault Reserve). Age: 41 Years, Terran Standard.
889.M41 - Shock assault deployments against the Eldar Corsairs of the Hesod Nebula. Cited for personal valour.
893.M41 - Gellar Field failure aboard the Burning Halo. WIA; return to active duty three weeks later.
900.M41 - Advance to 10th Squad, 6th Company (Tactical Reserve). Age: 58 Years, Terran Standard.
916.M41 - Secondment to the Deathwatch; transfer to Watch-Station Azurea. Age: 74 Years, Terran Standard.

Boros’ demeanour carries much of the nobility synonymous with the line of the Ultramarines, appearing as the God-Emperor’s hallowed knight to boot. A strong sense of honour, rigid loyalty to the Golden Throne and the merciless efficiency inherent to his kind made the Revenant a well-respected, if overeager member of his parent chapter early on in his career. The only aspect of his character able to match his religious fervour - and, in fact, outshine it on occasion - is his foul temper. Though it has proven itself a sharp blade in the heat of combat, he is known to have extended his ire to his allies over slights both real and imagined, doubly so where his faith is concerned. It is a wretched, hot-blooded thing; an imperfection that has made the Space Marine rueful at times. Boros hopes to expunge his character flaw through exposure to the myriad cultures and personalities within the Deathwatch, balance his humours and one day don the skull helm and crozius of a Chaplain.

Castor Boros' Panoply of War. Timestamp: 915.M41

Of average size and build for an Astartes, Boros measures approximately 2.09 metres in height and some 320 kilograms in weight. A dusky, ageless face frames his eyes; two pools of dark, almost blackish brown that lend his gaze a property variably described as inscrutable or captivating. His slab-like features are marred by an ugly, sutured scar to the right, earned long ago yet never healing properly. Following the events aboard the Burning Halo, Boros donned a tattoo of the Imperial Aquila, symbolising his utter devotion to the Imperial Creed and its undying master.

As battle is joined, his soured mien disappears behind the grill of a snarling Mantilla-pattern respirator. The helm is considered old even when compared to the rest of his Mark IV warplate, thought to predate the founding of the Angels Revenant themselves. That such equipment is found in the hands of one as young as Boros is certainly indicative of something, be it an arrogant show of the Chapter’s wealth or a sign of trust in its juniors.
The suit is near-complete, its numerous systems and subsystems fully operational. Indeed, the only missing components are the right vambrace and gauntlet, removed to accommodate the wearer rather than any technological failure. In their stead gleams a bionic replacement, intricate servomotors in constant motion as the silvered fist mails and relaxes like a limb gone numb.

Wargear and Equipment
Heavy Bolter (Astartes Backpack Ammo Supply)
Bolt Pistol
Chainsword (Exceptional Craftsmanship, Dipole Mag-Lock)
Combat Knife
3x Frag Grenades
3x Krak Grenades
Purchase History
Hidden Content

XP spent: 9.400 (as of 07/03/2021)

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Name: Brother Titus

Chapter: Stormbringers

Brother Titus has fought for the Stormbringers Chapter for almost one hundred and fifty years, with nearly a third of that time within the 1st Company. Early in this period Titus applied for and completed the arduous program of training to join the elite ‘Hunter’ corps and has since served out three tours of duty in this vital role, acting as a scout for the 6th, 9th and 3rd Strike Companies respectively. As such he is a master of infiltration, reconnaissance and guerrilla warfare; as well as other less savoury skills such as interrogation, torture and assassination.

It is typical for Hunters to rotate in and out of their duties as guides, normally fighting among the 1st Company’s Sternguard units when not assigned. This allows them to maintain their ability to work as part of a battlefield unit. Brother Titus happened to be serving among the Sternguard when the Chapter was given the opportunity to provide a volunteer for the Deathwatch and he immediately put his name forward.

Brother Titus

Titus could be summed up in two words. Precision brutality. He is cold, calculating and always utterly efficient. However, his frequently horrific actions are not motivated out of any sense of personal cruelty or viciousness. Like any of the brethren of his Chapter, Titus is simply focussed totally on the bigger picture and therefore will do whatever is necessary to ensure that his team’s mission objectives are achieved. While this makes him an ideal soldier for a less altruistic Inquisitor, it could also cause a certain amount of friction with Marines from more 'noble' or 'humanitarian' Chapters.

Titus is also very ambitious. He volunteered for both Hunter and Deathwatch training for the same reason; to better prepare him for a leadership role within the Stormbringers. This is not for seeking personal power or glory, but rather that Titus genuinely feels himself to be suited for the task. He therefore seeks to use every opportunity to increase in his abilities, learning whatever he can from his fellow Astartes. Titus also knows that the many contacts gained by serving with the Inquisition can only be a help to one appointed to the rank of Strike Captain.

Physical Description:
Like all of the Stormbringers, Titus is very pale skinned, with cold eyes and close cropped hair that is an almost white blonde. He is tall (even for Astartes) yet cadaverously thin, with gaunt, grim features. Titus rarely shows any emotion, even in the heat of battle, and tends to speak in clipped, quiet tones. Titus' armour is a mix of MKVI and VII coloured in the black and silver of the Deathwatch, with his right shoulder pad quartered in black and blue and marked with the white lightning bolt of the Stormbringers. While Titus is extremely proud of his place in both his Chapter and within the ranks of the Ordo, he feels no compunction over using mud, soot or tar to blacken the brighter elements of his battle plate so that they will not give away his position to the enemy. In his armour, Titus seems to radiate an aura of menace and wrongness. While his brother Astartes are unaffected by this unexplained phenomenon, unaugmented humans have been known to feel uncomfortable, anxious or even fearful in his presence.

Preferred Wargear:
Huntsman-pattern Bolter (personally modified to mount a silencer, scope and stock, so can become functionally like Stalker); bolt pistol with silencer; Astartes combat/hunting knife.
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+ Brother-Chaplain Helgrim +
Chapter of Origin: Doom Eagles
Role Upon Induction: Assault Marine Sergeant
Deathwatch Specialism: Deathwatch Assault Marine/Deathwatch Chaplain
Character Sheet: Link

In death, duty does not end; death is only the beginning…
Brother Helgrim, ca. 817.M41

Helgrim's more than two centuries of service are written in the tapestry of scar tissue that constitutes what remains of his once noble visage. Where once he might have been considered handsome for an Astartes, most mortals would see only a walking horror of a man, terribly mutilated by endless decades of war; his once vaguely patrician features have given way to something to inspire fear. The left side of his face is a lattice-work of burned and melted tissue healed and scarred over. Two service studs adorn his right brow, and the baleful red glow of an augmetic eye glares out from his left eye socket, ever watchful. The right side of his face has fared little better, with numerous smaller scars and shrapnel pockmarking. His remaining eye is amber and sunken under a heavy brow. He keeps what remains of his scalp regularly shaved. Of course it is rare that he removes his helmet in the presence of others, preferring to keep his disfigurement hidden by the skeletal death mask of his office. A chaplain's panoply of war and tokens of office inspire dread aplenty, in this case a battered suit of Corvus pattern armor meticulously worked with scripture of Damnation and reliquary inlays. His voice is a grating growl from years of shouting orders and bellowing warcries in the thick of battle.

Helgrim knows one thing in this life is certain: he is already dead, a sacrifice to the undying Emperor on Holy Terra. As one of the avenging dead, hardships and injuries are to be borne stoically and resolutely, and the foes of the Imperium are to be punished with righteous fury for their myriad sins against humanity. Helgrim feels a deep reverence for the Emperor and his Primarch, and has pledged his life to the prosecution of the holy duty of the Deathwatch. When alone in his cell or in the Watch Station Reclusiam, Helgrim often meditates on the subject of death, and weaves his musings and beliefs on death and duty into his sermons. He has constructed a number of shrines around the Reclusiam to the battle-brothers who have fallen in service of the 'Watch during his tenure as chaplain, each containing a small placard bearing the warrior's name and a small token or possession which he carried in life, a crude rendition of the Doom Eagles' practices.

Like most of the rest of his chapter, Helgrim favors assault tactics and is an expert in the use of a jump pack for aerial onslaughts against the foes of Mankind. He is frequently at the forefront of battle, riding on wings of flame while bellowing warcries and litanies of hatred to inspire his sworn-brothers and stoke the flames of their fury. In his full panoply of war, he is a truly terrifying sight to behold, meting out justice with his crozius and bolt pistol, and roaring orders from behind his leering skull helm.

Brother-Chaplain Helgrim, ca. 918.M41

Service Record:
707.M41: Selected by the Doom Eagles to become a chapter neophyte.
712.M41: Assigned to Xth company, 7th Squad (Scout).
722.M41: Promoted from neophyte to full battle-brother, attached to VIIth company, 10th Squad (Tactical).
784.M41: Assigned to IIIrd company, 2nd Assault Squad, where he served with distinction during Achilus Crusade.
792.M41: Promoted to Assault Sergeant during retaking of shrine world of Golan. Wounded while charging traitor position, suffering loss of left eye. Awarded Iron Skull for valor and leadership.
817.M41: [+REDACTED+]
858.M41: Swore the Apocryphon Oath; seconded to the Deathwatch.
859.M41: Assigned to Kill-Team Scourge. Participated in cleansing of the hive world of Kallax VII from gene-stealer infestation.
879.M41: As part of Kill-Team Scourge, Helgrim supported Deathwatch terminators in successful search and destroy mission aboard space hulk Crucible of Sin.
888.M41: Kill-Team Scourge dissolved following disastrous defeat during failed defence of Malgus IV from WAAAGH!!! Zazzmek. As the sole survivor of the Kill-Team, Brother Helgrim pledged his life to the Deathwatch as penance for his and his brothers' failure, and spent many weeks fasting and in solitary prayer thereafter.
892.M41: Attached to Kill-Team [+REDACTED+]. Ended the reign of terror by Aeldari pirates in the Dalthus sector after many solar months of stalking the xenos across the breadth of the sector.
893.M41: Inducted into Deathwatch Reclusiam by High Chaplain Zakiel; promoted to Brother-Chaplain.
904.M41: Brother-Chaplain Helgrim participated in second purging of space hulk Crucible of Sin, recently returned from parts unknown. High Chaplain Zakiel was lost in action, presumed KIA, leaving Helgrim to tend to the Watch-Station's Reclusiam as his successor.

Wargear and Equipment:
Crozius Arcanum
Bolt pistol
Chainsword "Ripsaw"
Combat knife
Jump pack
Skull helm
Iron Skull Honor
Mark VI power armor
Deathwatch tabard
Bionic eye (left, common craftsmanship).


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Brother Argus

Chapter: Blood Ravens

Role: Tactical Marine

Role before induction: Sergeant, Tactical Squad, 4th Company


Appearance: Brother Argus sports a closely cropped beard, dark brown in color, with his head shaven cleanly. He has one silver service stud in the right side of his forehead denoting his first half-century of service. His skin is well tanned from fighting under dozens of suns. His eyes are a pale blue under bushy eyebrows. He is of average build for an Astartes. His right arm is covered in scar tissue from fingertip to shoulder from a plasma burn.


History prior to ascension: Brother Argus was born on the Civilized world of Cyrene, the youngest son of a poor farming family. He endeavored to leave the life of unrelenting toil in the dirt behind and journey across the stars for the glory of the Emperor. During the Blood Trials he learned that although he could win many battles with his ferocity it was only through using his mind that he could ensure total victory.


Personality: After being promoted to a commanding role he has become quieter and more introspective, at times appearing uneasy with the responsibility. However, since his assignment to the Deathwatch he has regained some of his quick wit (which some find insufferable) with his new brothers. He quickly places trust in those who show intelligence, or at least competence in their roles. Like many other Blood Ravens he particularly venerates those in the role of librarians. He tends to dislike those who act in haste. He also has a natural curiosity which those outside of his chapter may find distasteful.


History: With almost a full century of service in the Blood Ravens, Brother Argus has served in many positions. Although he has proven himself capable as devastator or assault marine, or even as a scout, it was the role of tactical marine in which he truly thrived. His strategic mind, adaptability in engagements, as well as his ability with bolter or chainsword earned him his promotion to Sergeant where he has served with distinction for the past decade.


After the Selucia campaign, Argus was almost assured of promotion to either higher command or the ranks of his chapter’s veterans. However, it was then that Argus volunteered for the Deathwatch, stating he had much to learn about the foes he may encounter in the future. For Argus service in the Deathwatch is an opportunity to obtain knowledge about xenos, the tactics of other Space Marine Chapters, and possibly more.


Notable Actions:


Battle Barge Dauntless – Commanded the defense of the Battle Barge’s enginarium against an Ork Boarding party


The Selucia Insurrection – Planned and led the infiltration of Hive Secundus via the industrial waste tunnels into the underhive. From there launched attacks on the Hive’s electrical infrastructure causing the defense system to fail. This enabled a drop pod assault to lay waste to the command echelon which quickly brought the insurrection to an end.


Preferred weapon: Plasma Gun


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That Beyond the Light

That Beyond the Light


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black consuls

Name - Ekieo Solza
Chapter of origin- The Black Consuls
Role upon induction - tactical squad leader, New 3rd Company, 1st squad
Deathwatch specialisation - Tactical specialisist


Ekieo is 173 years old and doesn't look a day over 30! An average build and stature for a marine, short cropped mousey blonde hair and a fair skin tone to match. Nothing outwardly that would make him unique or stand out...but don't let that fool you. Although he does have A scar that runs across his left eye, a training accident due to a lapse in concentration...the first and last time that would ever happen. His armour is well maintained but with the usual marks of war upon it, worn with pride and love and used accordingly. A purity seal flutters upon his back pack.

Personality and history

Assigned to be part of the Achilus Crusade task force 780.M41. In a small part of the 3rd and 4th company tasked with staying hidden and assisting other chapters when needed.
Requested to serve the Deathwatch along with a handful of other proven comrades in 898.M41 He has been stationed at Watch Fortress Erioch for the past 20 years before being reassigned to this post.
Ekieo is as his chapter demands and lives by, disaplined to the core. He follows and lives by the codex as set by his brothers of his parent chapter the Ultramarines to the utmost respect and degree. The only difference is the brutality he brings when delivering it upon his enimies and its a brutality that is like a punishment for the brothers lost in the chapters near annihilation at the Siege of Goddeth Hive in 455.M41.
As with all Black Consuls, Ekieo is well trained in fast attack response deployed from drop pods. He is often the first out of his drop pod and fast to make assessment of the play of the field in order to take full advantage of it. His power of observation is greater than most, seeing things that most would possibly miss. This not only earnt him respect but also fast progression through the ranks. Although humbled by his superiors actions, Ekieo only wished to serve his chapter and Emperor in his fullest capacity so never felt like he was going above and beyond. Deep down though Ekieo is a soul full of revenge as are most of the Black Consuls, even if they don't show it. Ekieo knows that he can use his expert training and dispapline in order to deliver this upon the heritics that caused his chapters almost ending, biding his time, honing his skills further and consuming his devotion until the day he should cross their paths.
Although Ekieo is perficient in all manners of weapons and combat styles, he prefers close quarters and the use of a chainsword.
Ekieo is known to his battle brothers to be a calm soul with a slow deep voice that can sooth even the most frantic of guardsmen in the midst of the enimies rain of bolter fire. He does give orders that he himself would not follow and is always there to lead his squad from the front as expected, never faltering.

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Battle Brother: Lycus Artemios

Chapter of Origin: Star Phantoms

Role Upon Induction: Brother-Sergeant, Tactical Squad Artemios

Deathwatch Specialisation: Tactical Marine



Lycus, in terms of stature, is fairly average for an Astartes standing at just over 2 metres tall. His hair is charcoal grey,  trimmed short to his head for practicality. Contrary to this utilitarian approach to his hair, Lycus maintains a carefully groomed beard of the same charcoal colour. The right side of his face is scarred, showing for all to see the gruelling years of service he has provided the Emperor and the Imperium. 


His armour is similar in its utilitarian approach, caring little for appearances. This suit of Mk 7 power armour has been damaged and repaired in a way that exemplifies the thought of “function over form”. The armour plating has been replaced and reinforced so many times that it fairly closely resembles the patchwork Mark 5 ‘Heresy Pattern’ armour. 


 7b54254f2e7fb78e25278f543f2b64dc.jpg 24c4c78a0ae4aaa2ba318cdaba206972.jpg


Personality Profile:

Lycus Artemios has been described as stoic and somewhat standoffish. He never means to offend, but he has little to no patience for niceties. He is a warrior first, and anything else second. His assessments are brutal but fair, and any criticisms he levels against his fellow warriors he provides so that they may improve and offer a better service for the Imperitor Mortifex. He is not quick to offer idle conversation, any time that can be afforded for Small Talk  he believes can be better put to prayer or training. 

Service Record:

836.M41 - Born, [Birth World Redacted], Ultima Segmentum.

848.M41 - Initiated into the Star Phantoms as a neophyte, after surviving the combat trials.

857.M41 - Transferred from 10th Scout Company, begins service with 6th Tactical Company.

860.M41 - Transferred from 6th Tactical Company. Begins service with 8th Assault Company.
864.M41 - Transferred from 8th Assault Company, begins service with 9th Devastator Company.

867.M41 - Transferred from 9th Devastator Company, begins service with 4th Battle Company, Tactical Squad Dion. 

868.M41 - 4th Company deployed to Argax system to suppress rebellion. Rebellion cleansed and then mass populace purges carried out. 

874.M41 - Greenskin incursions prompted multiple systems to send out distress signals. Star Phantoms 3rd, 4th and 7th companies deployed in a multiple theatre engagement to repel the xenos (with extreme prejudice). Lycus Artemios decorated with Marksman honours.

885.M41 - Star Phantoms 4th Company deployed in patrol actions to repel xenos pirates. 4th Company vessel boarded by Aeldari raiders. Tactical Squad Dion deployed to the engineering Deck to defend key systems. When the Xeno’s were repelled, only Atermios was left standing, ringed by corpses. 

890.M41 - Star Phantoms 4th Company deployed in an extended deployment to hunt down a renegade Astartes warband. The pursuit lasted the better part of 5 standard years, as the 4th Company was forced to perform purgation and punitive purges on the populations of worlds that came into contact with the renegades. The Warband was finally cornered and slaughtered in a well orchestrated drop pod assault as they raided a Munitorum Armoury.  

895.M41 - Lycus Artemios promoted to the rank of Brother-Sergeant, given command of 4th Company 3rd Squad ‘Tactical Squad Artemios’.

912.M41 - Star Phantoms deployed in full Chapter force to the Badab War. [Record sealed by order of Chapter Command and the Holy Ordo’s of the Emperor’s Inquisition].

918.M41 - Secunded to the Deathwatch, Watch Station Azurea, Taurelian Expanse.

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Brother Severix Pyke



Chapter of Origin: Death Knights

Role upon Induction: Devestator

Deathwatch Specialism: Devestator

Character Sheet: https://drive.google...iew?ts=601a5f45



Storm-blue eyes peer out from a stern countenance. His beard and short cropped hair a dark brown frame a face that evokes a weary determination. His ancient suit of Mk.III armor is well cared for, yet shows the scuffs and dings of hard use. He carries a unique pattern of chainsword that has the teeth open on both sides of the wide blade. It is decorated with scrollwork in high gothic black letter that reads “Trucido”. 



Grim of demeanor as is common amongst his chapter. He is known for his resoluteness in the face of adversity.
His long years of service to the Deathwatch have given his a “world-weary” temperament.




Age 11 : Walked the path of bones to show his worth as an aspirant to the chapter


Age 19: Assignment to the 10th company serving under Veteran Sgt. Harrick. Assigned the squad's heavy bolter after displaying an affinity for heavy weapons.


Age 26: Promoted to the 7th Company serving in squad Volken.


Age 29: Deployed with the 7th Company in the Typhon Persecutions against the Typhon seditionists. 


Age 31: Took part in the extermination of a Hrud nest on Kardan VI. Earned recognition for his actions in covering his brothers during a tactical retreat to draw the enemy into a killbox.


Age 32: Promoted to the 5th company serving on squad Fierabras.


Age 35: Took part in the hunt for the Heretek of Solon. His company tracked the villain to the Phantom Redoubt.  Despite suffering severe losses against the insane daemon engines of the Heretek, they succeeded in routing the enemy forces. The Heretek was cornered and beheaded by Veteran Sgt. Fierabras.


Age 41: Awarded the Imperial Laurel For his actions during the destruction of the Ork Flagship Breakka of Wurldz. The boarding action resulted in the destruction of the ship and the death of Warboss KrakkaDoom. The resulting infighting among the remaining Ork forces stalled the advance of the Waagh! saving the agriworlds of the Arridian Belt.


Age 53: Took the Oath of the Deathly Peers. Was quested with helping Inquisitor Galendin with hunting down the the Witch Lord of Zoras. The fiendish Alien Sorcerer was finally cornered in his floating citadel, Despite gaining the upper hand, the hunt was foiled when the Witch Lord activated and ancient chronoportal, escaping into the time stream. Because chapter law forbids him to return until his quest is complete he continues to serve the Deathwatch until such time as his nemesis is brought to heal.



Weapons and Equipment:

Frag Cannon “Breaker”

Chainsword "Butcher"

Combat Knife


Mk. III Armor

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Brother Pallan Arcost


Pallan Arcost

Chapter of Origin: Star Leopards
Role upon Induction: Apothecary - Fourth House
Deathwatch Specialism: Apothecary
Character Sheet: TBA


Pallan came to the Deathwatch following his Chapter's assault on the newly declared renegade Chapter of the White Talons.  The Star Leopards Fourth House were part of a combined multi Chapter assault on the fortress monastary.  Taking high casualties during the fighting the Star Leopards set up a field triage hospital of which Pallan was placed in charge, treating the marines wounded in the assault on the enemy fortress and safe guarding the geneseed of those whom were beyond his life saving aid.  The Star Leopards being a relatively humane Chapter it wasn't long before non-astartes casualties started being moved in.  Despite objections from his Captain Pallan made the decision to treat these wounded, as well as bringing in mortal attendants to help deal with the growing number of wounded.


As the siege waxed and waned the field hospital came under assault from White Talon forces.  Pallan lead the defence with the thirty one marines, mostly the walking wounded, fighting alongside the mortal defenders.  It seemed they would hold when they were betrayed from within by a group of seemingly loyal mortals whom were actually native infiltrators loyal to the White Talons.  The infiltrators detonated a series of charges that brought much of the building down and enabled the White Talons to enter the building.  His defenders scattered and broken Pallan led a defiant seemingly last stand as those left fought in pockets throughout the carnage. When help finally arrived and drove the renegades back the full scale of the losses suffered were revealed when, alongside most of the wounded marines being slain and their bodies taken, the whole stock of geneseed Pallan had been attempting to safeguard had been stolen.


At the sieges conclusion Pallan returned to the Chapter's homeworld where he was called before the Chapter command.  He accepted that he had failed his Chapter and his honour and life were forfeit.  At his own request he left his Chapter on a Redemption Crusade, a pilgrimage that disgraced brothers of the Star Leopards go on, to find redemption or death, or both.  He was sent to serve with the Deathwatch, a separation from his brothers and homeworld, and has sworn to never let a brother die again.  A somewhat vain oath, considering the nature of his service.


A Timeline of Service


859.M41 - Pallan passes the final trials of the aspirant and joins the Houseless of the Chapter

862.M41 - As a Neophyte Pallan proves himself against the Orks of the Kaedvast and is watched by the Master of Fourth House

869.M41 - Pallan joins the Fourth House, joining the Devastator squads

875.M41 - Pallan takes the mantle of Sergeant on his Devastator Squad and is ear marked for possible further elevation.

881.M41 - During the Imicus Crusade a chance encounter with the Chief Apothecary sees Pallan inducted into the Apothecarion on trial.

885.M41 - Pallan becomes and Apothecary and is reassigned to the Fourth House, but is seen as the probably successor of the Chief Apothecary.

889.M41 - Under Pallan's leadership the defenders of Hive Agora hold out against a dark eldar raid for three weeks.
892.M41 - The Star Leopards Fourth and Second Company stand along against a vast xeno assault.  During the defense Pallan is badly mawled and wounded by one of the beasts.  He still continues to fight, refusing to treat himself while his brothers fought around him.  It is only after the assault does he allow himself to be treated after nearly dying from the wounds.

897.M41 - Almost the entire Star Leopards Chapter deploys in the face of a giant orkish Waaaagh, along with multiple other Chapters.

915.M41 - Following nearly a decade of fighting the orks the Waaaagh is defeated and the Star Leopards go their seperate way.

916.M41 - Following the chaos of the Badab War the White Talon Chapter of the Astartes declares independence and the Star Leopards are one of many Chapters sent to bring the Chapter to heel.  Pallan leads the defence of a field hospital during the seige but is betrayed and looses not just great number of his brother's lives but also the gene-seed he had recovered of not just his Chapter but the Iron Heralds, Warborne and Angels of Evisceration whom fought alongside them.

917.M41 - Following censure from his Chapter Pallan embarks of his Redemption Crusade, a self imposed exile. He is sent to serve with the Deathwatch

918.M41 - Pallan arrives at Watch Station Azurea onboard an Imperial Freighter.




 Far from the noble and selfless defender of humanity that his Chapter is regarded Pallan is instead a seemingly withdrawn and resentful soul.  To those whom manage to get to know the marine however can occasionally gain a glimpse to the warm and honourable marine beneath the steely indifference he has built around himself.  Pallan is a man haunted by his failures and is desperate to atone for what he considers a black mark on his name and because of this has a very conflicted nature.  He is distrusting of those around him but even more distrustful of himself.  He strives in everything to prove himself and will gladly undertake any sort of mission that places himself at risk over his brothers. Pallan has also began to question if it was his humanity that caused his failure and has begun to hold himself to a lesser moral standard then he once did.  He would willingly sacrifice anything for his brothers or even mortals, however, but at the same time does not want to befriend them lest he leave himself open to pain and failure again.



Apothecary Pallan Arcost - As seconded to the Deathwatch.

With short cropped unkempt blonde hair and a rough beard Pallan shows the obvious signs of someone whom has little to no care of his own appearance.  Several long scars run across his otherwise youthful face, evidence of a life time of war.  Piercing steely blue eyes that have a dead state and a square jawline show possible hints of the chapter's claimed lineage of Dorn.  On his forehead he has what appears to be the remains of an old tattoo, now ragged with seemingly self inflicted scarring.  The tattoo appears to have been some sort of winged motive, perhaps an aquilla or prime helix.  Whatever it once was is now impossible to make out for sure.


His armour is well made, far better kept then the marine whom wears it.  An archaic suit of Mk IV, it is in part covered by a weathered and in parts blood stained tabard and its wrapped around the chest by a length of thick black chain of hanging from its pauldrons, a solid chain of thirty two heavy links.  Each link is engraved with fine script in the language of the Chapter's homeworld.  The armour itself seems to have once been quite ornate but most of the ornamentation has since been removes, either carefully or in other cases brutally hacked off.  Pallan carries a leather corded necklace wrapped around his weapon arm from the end of which hangs three large cats claws.

Wargear and Equipment
Purchase History

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