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Custodes/sisters - ToS 100 power

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Planning out potential Throne of Skulls lists, this may well end up being mine. It's 100 points of power rather than regular points.

Tournament is about the fun side not supremely competative, so sportsmanship gets you higher up the rankings rather than just win/loss ratio.

Custodes Battalion
Shield Captain in Termy Armour, Axe
Captain on bike
3x3 Custodes with spears
3x Terminators with Axes
Vexillus in Terminator Armour, Defensor
3x Jetbikes

3x5 Prosecutor Sisters

Misericordia and Salvo Launchers are free power wise, so sprinke to taste.

No idea on the Relic/Warlord Trait yet.

I think the Defensor with 3x5 Sisters is probably the way to go, just to try and give the a chance to stay standing as their bullet catacher role helps.




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I really like the Inquisitor/SoS/Assassin Vanguard detachment you have in your list. I’ve been wanting to experiment with the same with my Custodes. I’m considering Greyfax or Lord Hector Rex for much needed deny the witch, 2 units Prosecutors (bolt sisters) and maybe 1 of Vigilators (sword sisters), then a Culexus and an Eversor/Callidus. Since Custodes are already melee and deepstrike beasts, I’m leaning towards tge Callidus joining my Culexus or maybe even a 2nd Culexus.

How has your SoS/Inquisitor Vanguard Detachment done in any battles so far?

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