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Inquisitors - any good?

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Black Orange

Black Orange


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I am in the Greyfax-Eisenhorn camp.

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Constantine Trajanus Ultor

Constantine Trajanus Ultor


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I ordered the Hector Rex model this weekend. He wins in the most important category.....very cool model, IMO. 


Also, mainly want him in my Army to help protect the Custodes from psychic attacks, and he is good at this. 


The plan for me is to have Rex lead a Vanguard Detachment made up of 2 x SoS squads, and 1 x Culexus. Should do a great job of getting after psyker armies. 

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Meatgrinder the post you quoted, I was talking about Acolytes. Inquisitors are worth it for being the cheapest LD Buff + Pysker Platform + Cheap Counter Assault Unit. The named Inquistors that are the best, Eisenhorn, and Greyfax then Coteaz, and Kamarov, with Rex and Lok being Eisen and Greyfax or Coteaz and Kamarov respectively.

Take what makes a generic Inquistor Good, then +1. At the price of two generics, you get normally double casting, awesome equipment, and one special rule (Greyfax +1 Deny, Cherubeal for Eisen, Coteaz Interrupt, Kamarov Nuke, so on and so forth).

The named ones > generic ones, because while generic ones aren’t bad, they don’t give enough to be worthwhile to lose one of your three detachments. The named ones in contrasts basically take what makes Inquistors reasonable to make them excellent.

What is nice is the named ones represent what Inquistors should be, the focus of the faction unique and cool. While normal ones are basically Commissar + Primaris, with slightly better equipment options. Acolytes are too expensive for glorified meatshields, Jokero and Deamonhosts need character or Deamonhosts atleast should be summonable like Cherubeal.

Now I am going off topic; Generics are good for saving 30ish points if you can afford the lost detachment. Named are better/worthwhile, because they make what makes generics good. Then expands or highlighting that ability in various unique ways
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