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When projects don't go as planned

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Dr. Clock

Dr. Clock


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Now that I've returned to the hobby after 17 or so years my older self now knows that the best way for me is in small batches. That said... even now as I work on my homebrew chapter I have a spreadsheet of future unrelated conversion projects and breakdowns of the costs entailed whispering evil temptations in my ears.



For the Hobby is vast and infinite... ly addicting. You're 17 years behind on painting! Get cracking! You can go outside when you've completed a full company of marines in 5-man increments! AND their transports and 1st and 10th Co. support! Don't forget the serfs!




The Good Doctor.

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These are the droids we are looking for.

Claws and Effect

Claws and Effect


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As I predicted, I got sidetracked on my Raven Guard project.

I'm now working on a Deathwatch force that will include Eisenhorn so I have a smaller army to play against my wife and son at home.

I'm also helping my 7 year old paint his Nids. Mom let him use some of hers in a game against me and he wanted some of his own....And of course they're yellow.

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