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Ulthwe Brigade 2000

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Iron Father Ferrum

Iron Father Ferrum


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So this is something I whipped up using models I have on hand, intended more for fun and CP shenanigans rather than attempting to be a tourney list. What does everyone think?

Eldrad with Guide, Doom, and Will of Asuryan
Autarch with jump generator, Shard of Anaris, mandiblasters, fusion gun
Maugan Ra
Warlock with singing spear, conceal
Warlock with singing spear, protect

20x Guardians with 2x shuriken cannons
10x Guardians with bright lance
10x Guardians with bright lance
10x Guardians with bright lance
5x Rangers
5x Rangers

5x Fire Dragons including exarch with heavy flamer
5x Sreiking Scorpions including exarch with Biring Blade

8x Warp Spiders including exarch with single spinner
Viper with double shuriken cannon
Viper with double shuriken cannon

7x Dark Reapers including exarch with missile launcher
War Walker with double shuriken cannon
War Walker with double bright lance

The idea is that I webway strike the big Guardian blob and the Fire Dragons, while the Spiders, Scorps, Rangers, and the cannon War Walker utilize their own specific reserve/infiltrate abilities to alpha hard on the first turn. I'll be relying heavily on stratagems to increase both durability and lethality, which leads into the point that the autarch is my warlord and will combine Path of Command with the Ulthwe trait to try to recoup/generate CPs to ensure I have enough to keep procing things like Celestial Shield, Discipline of the Black Guardians, and Fire & Fade.

It's a lot of drops, for sure, but it's also a lot of CPs (12+) so the plan is to keep my army intact using the defensive stratagems if I can't get first turn.

Now I know there's a complete lack of grav tanks, specifically Wave Serpents, but I wanted to make sure I had the points to run the full brigade and made a conscious decision to just run a foot list. So that particular issue aside, what commentary does anyone have?
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Dr. Clock

Dr. Clock


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Don't worry about drops - we wanna go second. Just make sure you get First Blood!


As much as I dig him, I'd probably favor dropping Maugan for more Dragons and Scorpions so that you can throw Dragons, Scorpions and Spiders with the Autarch right in their face on turn one with a Webway drop as you say. You've got the skirmishers and infantry line sewn up, plus the Linebreakers (Vypers) and a decent base of fire in the Walkers and Reapers. Really I think you just need to get as much as possible out of the few Aspects you HAVE taken, and that means taking decent-sized units IMO. 




The Good Doctor.

These are the droids we are looking for.

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