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Hermanista's Knights Mechanicus

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So for anyone interested, I'm on Warhammer TV now for round 2

I missed you again on tv lol, but I was in a tournament myself this weekend so that’s my excuse. 3rd time lucky I’ll catch you




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So the day after heat 2 with some thoughts about the weekend in regards to knights.

I finished up 18th of 104, so qualified for the final which is a nice start and was the only player there that ran pure knights! There were plenty there however, I also got a game on Warhammer TV in round 2 vs Tau, finally winning against the Tau after multiple attempts.

From what I saw of nosying at other tables I was the only one running a lancer and the new Moirax, there did seem to be less knights than normal however.

On the rules front, let's start with the bad - I run my lancer as Warlord, it's my favourite model, it's the only way to give it a warlord trait - extra attack which I feel it needs. I also run mine with the 2+ armour, but you could get that by making it lance leader in a second detachment.

As for its play, it was garbage for me now - I dont miss the regen, I forgot it most of the time anyway, but that extra 1d6 movement loss made me play much more conservative and thus in 5 games, he barely got into combat - three of the games he never even made it in.

It's a pity but hes going to get retired for now, which is a disappointment as it's my favourite model and best paint job.

Onto the positives though, Lightning Lock Moirax with house Vulker are broken, with the reroll I was consistently putting 14/15 shots a turn into a squad and having faces lots of t3/t4 troops just melting them with the 12 ap.

Tau fire warriors and guard died by the dozen - I killed 119 of 120 vs guard in round 4 as they just melted a squad each a turn whilst the lancer did for other in combat and endless fury accounts for another. - I ran 3 at the event, and bought a 4th before I left - I'm a big fan of symmetry and I think a crusader with 2x2 lightning locks might be something I try for a while.

Not sure where I go from here list wise especially for the final.

I'd be tempted with something along the lines of 2x crusader and 2 moirax, and some form of guard or admech support.

One vulker detachment and one cadmus potentially to help vs reinforcements with the strat would be an interesting surprise for someone.
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A shame for the lancer - same as the Atropos, it went from unique and fitting a role to just mediocre knight with awesome model.

The other FW knights (Styrix etc.) don't look very promising too, but that happens when all the unique stuff gets removed.


Glad to hear the Moirax worked out. Vulker seems a natural fit for them - they will be tasked with removing the chaff units first, and have the movement to make them the closest units to use the buff. Also having unit size up to 3 nicely circumvents the Rule of 3. I've got 2 lightning and 1 volkite, together with the other 4 GW armigers that might create a nice mobile force.


What's your take on using more armigers and less big knights?





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Congratulations Herm , I will see you at the 6'3 chap with the white ad mech and a bugmans is on me , I qualified with pure ad mech in heat 1 

Two of my buddies were there for heat 2 as well ,  Boris bad moon orks he finished 19th  and Wilym  who was playing Tau ... who finished 3-2 ... i think he would have said if he was on Warhammer Tv  so probably not him you played.

Enjoy the qualificaition ... ( now lets have a looksee if i can budget some Lightning locks into this months hobby spend)

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