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Alaitoc - Ynnari 2000 pts upcoming tournament

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I have an upcoming tournament, so I'm preparing a list as a plan B in case my AM mechanized list fails to perform.


Main rule of TO is that detachments can't repeat, no FW models, WYSIWYG and beta rules for characters and smite.


So I got this list:


Battalion detachment - Alaitoc (1013 pts)


Farseer - Guide, Doom

Spiritseer - Conceal/Reveal

Warlock - Quicken/Restrain


Guardians x 15, Shuriken cannon platform





Haemlock Wraithfighter


Wave Serpent - Shurikken Cannons and Twin SC, Spirit Stones, Vectored Engines

Wave Serpent - Shurikken Cannons and Twin SC, Spirit Stones, Vectored Engines


Ynnari Spearhead 


Cat Lady - Anc. Grace Word of Phoenix

Autarch on Skyrunner - Laser Lance, Banshee Mask


Kabalite Warriors x 5

Kabalite Warriors x 5


Death Jester


Shinning Spears - 5 + Exarch with Star Lance


Dark Reapers - 4 + Exarch Tempest Launcher 

Dark Reapers - 4 + Exarch Tempest Launcher

Dark Reapers - 4 + Exarch Tempest Launcher


So plan is typical buffer with Guardians, Rangers and Kabalites, rest does damage, and Spears go for enemy soft units.

Couple of remarks is: I only have 6 Spears, Death Jester was a filler for rest of 60 points, 3x5 reapers is because I expect rhis change in next FAQ regarding them.


There is a second version of the list where there are 3 Wave Serpents for mortal wound spam, Haemlock is out and Swooping Hawks are in.


Thanks for comments and suggetions. 



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