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2000, One of my first real armies for eldar

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chapter master 454

chapter master 454


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So as a note, this list is a modified version of one I have been fielding in relation to some recent testing of wraithlords (in that they aren't achieving much) and thus is slightly different to what I tested however the bulk of the list is the same.


Battalion (Ulthwe):



Eldrad 150 (warlord)


Farseer with WitchBlade 100


Warlock Conclave (3) with Witchblades 90




Wraithguard (5) with D-Scythes 225




Dire Avengers (10), Exarch Dual Catapults 124


Dire Avengers (10), Exarch Dual Catapults 124


Guardian Defenders (20) with 2 ShuriCannons 190



Heavy Support:

3 War Walkers with Brightlances 270




Hemlock Wraithfighter 210


Hemlock Wraithfighter 210




Wave Serpent with vectored engines and triple ShuriCannons 147


Wave Serpent with vectored engines and triple ShuriCannons 147




So the list isn't exactly anything explosively incredible and likely just run of the mill but felt like putting it up to see what suggestions people can give.

As it stands, the modifications the list has undergone is the removal of 3 Wraithlords with Brightlances and being replaced by a warlock conclave, 3 war walkers and eldrad covering for one of the farseers. Wraithlords were a bit of fun to see if they could add anything and sadly...no...they were largely ineffective war walkers whose theory fell through.


So the list obviously burns them 3 CP for the webway strike because what eldar list doesn't these days and my bomb bays are filled with a guardian squad and dire avenger squad. These two are dumped in certain places, if objectives can be taken on express then the avengers go there but if not they play back-up for the guardians and doing their job of clearing chaff which so far, they have done so with ease in their deployment, often wiping upwards of 15 models from chaff choices thanks to black guardian stratagem. So far, yet to find an infantry squad line really hold up against this and not just buckle however these guys are very quick to disappear on the crack back to be honest, they are called the Guardian Bomb for a reason!

The other squad load up in a wave with farseer in tow (not eldrad) and pick a location of importance which has ether light resistance or minimal forces heading for it and secure that area ether to ensure points or to just help chip down extra portions of the enemy.

This means often I have ether control of or beginning to have control of objectives all along the board as my troops are ether in your face or already on site by turn 1.


Talking of how Eldrad is walking, he will be accompanying the 3 war walkers as their spotter (guide) and in general remain safe to help Ulthwe warlord trait try and recover some CP from the massive investment into the webway strike + black guardian. Often will have him likely carry will of asuryan just to be an annoying counter to psychic powers with his third slot for doom for anything that gets too close.

As an side, the other Farseer will likely also have doom and Guide. Always good to have spare spotters.

In regards to the conclave, they are brought to allow access to the battle rune powers which all have incredible utility. As my Hemlocks will already being jinxing or smiting targets, this frees these guys to bring other useful tricks such as the buff side of Jinx (protect) and conceal. Putting down the stratagem to double their range also lets them reach out to allow their protection cover more than just the small bubble they appear to cover. Sadly these boys will likely keel over quickly if not hidden well due to lacking character rule but willing to test them.


Following that we have the auto-hit parade to show. The Hemlocks need no introduction as the most outright busted flyer I have ever seen, thanks to wings of Khaine and a 16" scythe (hey-oh) these flyers go where needed and just remove problems. The wraithguard do a similar thing but fairly as they need to get the bus (wave serpent) but otherwise will do a similar thing turn 2 and delete the main problem that is left in the opponents defense/offence. 


Nothing fancy or clever just outright murder. In the future I hope to play with more of the eldar's units and see how good everything is because having come from marines where every unit is a let down, even the wraithlords who failed to impress me still get a solid like from me when you slap shuricannons on them.

I Chapter Master 454, Chapter Master of the Angels of Justice, Warboss of WAAAGH Gubskul, Commander of a Catachan Regiment, Phaeron of a Tomb World, Shas'O to a Cadre and Princeps of a lance of House Taranis hereby pledge that I will not take up any further models til all other prior have been fully built and painted to tabletop standards. There is no time limit for this task, there is no deadline. My oath is to solemnly complete the armies I have now, to see it that they can have their glory. Paint will be stripped from the old in need, thick may it be like ceramite I will see it removed so that plastic and metal alike may see light of new paint. Models yet to be, boxed and in darkness will be assembled with due care and attention. For this task I am permitted to still buy the supplies needed to do my task but not one model more.

http://www.bolterand...one-model-more/ the thread to my oath. My own reminder.

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