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2000 point Iron Hands Space Marine army list-C&C please

space marine army list review C&C 2000 points request iron hands Iron Hands

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I'm looking for advice on an army I'm attempting to build. I'm haven't played 40k since high school, and even then I played very small games, and played very infrequently. This is basically my first real list. I intend for this army to just be used for play at my local game store and among friends, but would still like it to be effective. 

My intent with the army is to create a mostly defensive army, designed to engage at long range, securing objectives when enemies are weakened or drawn into the open trying to deal with my bigger units, with my Reiver and Assault squads running interference and blocking lines of advance. 
This build is meant to minimize mistakes on my end, and to prevent me from over-extending myself. I apologize in advance if I break some forum no-no's here. Please be gentle. 

Battalion Detachment +3cp (imperium-Space Marines) [103pl, 2000 points] 

No force org slot 

Chapter Selection- Iron Hands 

HQ - 13pl, 231 points 

Captain in Terminator armor- Storm Shield, The Shield eternal, Thunder Hammer- 7PL, 136 points 

Primaris Captain- Master Crafted auto bolt rifle, power sword- 6PL, 95 points 

Troops- 29PL, 588 points 

Intercessor Squad- 10PL 202 points 
9x Intercessor - Stalker bolt rifles, 2x auxillary grenade launchers 
1x Intercessor sergeant- Stalker bolt rifle 

Intercessor Squad- 10PL 202 points 
9x Intercessor - Stalker bolt rifles, 2x auxillary grenade launchers 
1x Intercessor sergeant- Stalker bolt rifle 

Tactical Squad- 9PL, 184 points  
7x Space Marine 
1x Space Marine w/ Heavy weapon: lascannon 
1x Space Marine w/ Special weapon: Plasma Gun 
1x Space Marine Sergeant w/ Combi-Flamer, Melta bombs, bolt pistol 

Elites- 20PL, 406 points 

Redemptor Dreadnought- [10PL, 206 Points]- Icarus rocket pod, heavy onslaught gatling cannon, onslaught gatling cannon, 2x fragstorm grenade launchers, redemptor fist 

Reiver Squad- 10PL, 200 points 
9x Reiver w/ Bolt Carbines and Grapnel Launchers 
1x Reiver Sergeant w/ Bolt Carbine, Heavy Bolt Pistol and grapnel launchers 

Fast Attack- 11PL, 160 points 

Assault Squad- 11PL, 160 points 
9x assault marines w/ jump pack, bolt pistol, chainsword 
1x Space Marine Sergeant w/ jump pack, bolt pistol, chainsword 

Heavy Support 25PL, 487 points 

Hellblaster squad- 16 PL, 297 points 
8x Hellblaster w/  Plasma Incinerator 
1x Hellblaster Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol, Heavy Plasma incinerator 

Predator Tank- [9PL 190 points]  storm bolter, Twin Lascannon, two lascannons

Dedicated Transport- 5PL, 128 points 

Razorback- [ 5PL, 128 points] Hunter-Killer missle, storm bolter, twin lascannon 





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I would suggest splitting all of your 10 man units into two 5 man units. Gives you an extra sergeant in each and makes them more resistant to pretty much any kind of damage. Would also give you a unit small enough to fit in your razorback if you wished to use it as a transport.

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