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NEW player 2k DG list Morty/Typhus - tourny list

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Hello guys,


I have been playing with the idea of getting into DG ever since Morty's model was out. Finally I got Morty and some parts of the list; thus I would like to check how competitive this list can be


I must admit its not mine list, however I rly liked this idea;




Typhus - Miasma of Pestilence, Putrescent Vitality

Deamon Prince - (Wings, Talons) - Blades of Putrefaction



Bio Purifier 

Noxius Blight Bringer (plasma pistol)



20xPM's (2xBluncher, 10 Bubo Axes)

18xPox Walkers

10xPox Walkers


Battalion (alpha legion)


Deamon Prince (Wings, Talons) - WarpTime

Sorc - Warp Time, Prescience



10x Cultist

10x Cultist

10x Cultist



Morty - Miasma of Pestilence, Putrescent Vitality, Curse of the Lepper


1997p 9 CP's 


Lot of psy powers, lot of bodies , the idea is to jump morty and DP and get WT to move Morty again...than block of bodies move forward ....


It seems to be nice infantry spam, that is fluffy and seems quite strong please let me know how good this can be out of the paper. Based on suggestions I would  alter my shopping cart


The idea I am thinking of is to get deamons allies from the starter box, with Cor'Bax from FW (have both)


Thank you


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It mostly look like a competitive morty list, with the spin of 20 plague marine.

It looks like once morty goes down, you have a hard time to deal with enemy heavy's. So you have to win by objective.
But then again, thats what infantry list does best.

So, What is the plan here? Morty distraction, if he dosent win the game, whats the plan? Hold them in place with plague marine and control the objectives with cultists and poxwalker, I assume.

I have not seen any competitive list mixing these element, but it looks like as competitive as most morty list can be, tier 2 or 3 but not currently a top table contender. Succes will depend heavily on mission, terrain and practice.

I would suggest replacing 4 axes with flails as they are better than 2 axes for the same points.




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Too many weak and slow infantry units.
Plague burst crawlers and drones with spitters move quick and destroy infantry based armies, and they dont die easily.
Protect Mortarian using nurglins, charge opponents key heavy weapon units turn 1 with them. Daemon princes, mortarian, and drones with fleshmowers will rip heavy units apart.
Most shooting will be auto hit, really useful against flyers and other units with hit modifiers.

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