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Call to all Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes: ETL is Coming

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I like your enthusiasm. biggrin.png


"Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk." 

Yea, I'm tempted to "go big or go home", but I also want an army that looks nice when I'm done - rather than looking rushed. Hopefully, I can get more than one squad finished. biggrin.png 



New guys question here. When this launches, is this a SM only event? If not, can a participant do entries from more than one army?


As mentioned somewhere within these pages (or even in links to previous ETL's - here's one: ETL V), you can participate by supporting any ONE faction/codex for this event. In this forum's case, anything from Codex:SM is legitimate. Captain Semper will be giving us further details... soon... soon... msn-wink.gif

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Captain Semper

Captain Semper


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All forums from SMs, Imperial Forces, Chaos, Xenos and Age of Darkness play this game. Each participant must only choose one forum however and stick to it until the end of the event...
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Brother Captain Ed

Brother Captain Ed


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Have to totally rework my planned vow.

Thanks FAQ.

This galaxy ... is ours.


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Posted by Jolemai in the Blood Angels forum:


Semper has put a teaser out and there are a few changes to the format:





MAY 1st - AUGUST 1st



A few things about the new rules:


1. Points limit raised to 4,000 pts (to accommodate Warlord Titans)

2. Five Factions:

  1. Adeptus Astartes
  2. Imperial Forces (IFOR)
  3. Realm of Chaos
  4. Xenos
  5. Age of Darkness (AoD)

3. There are three levels of collective performance:

  • Primus Inter Pares: the Forum with the highest score WITHIN its Faction
  • Dominus Exercitus: the Forum with the highest score AMONG ALL Factions (similar but not 100% like the Primus Inter Pares of old)
  • ETL VI Magister: the Faction with the highest score among all Factions

4. The Astartes Faction will consist of SMs, BAs, DAs and SWs

5. The IFOR Faction will include the GKs and the Deathwatch

6. IFOR Forums will have access (but not unlimited) to units form other IFOR Forums

7. Chaos is three Forums - not interchangeable

8. Aeldari is a single Forum (just to clarify)

9. AoD is split in two teams the Loyalists and the Traitors. Both have access to all HH units except those explicitly labeled "Traitor" for the Loyalists and those labeled "Loyalist" for the Traitors 


Remember, these are just some highlights - there is a ton of details still but feel free to ask any questions. smile.png



So now you ally with the rest of the Forums in your Faction in order for your Faction to come on top, but, at the same time, you also play against the Forums of your Faction in order for your Forum to become the best one within your Faction. And of course you play against all the other Forums in order to be the strongest individual Forum in the ETLwoot.gif


In short, we will be fighting on three fronts.

  • We are after a victory for our new ETL Faction: Adeptus Astartes
  • We are after the strongest sub-faction showing within our new ETL Faction
  • We are after the strongest sub-faction showing across the board

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Inquisitor Dracos

Inquisitor Dracos


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Thumbs up for the heads up Stark :)
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