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The Legions Reborn Open Call

Legions Reborn Heresy Fan Fiction Homebrew

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Hey there


We are the Legions Reborn project, an alternate universe of the Horus Heresy. We have many of our new Legions, but we are still looking for more. To be specific, two loyalists, and a legion dedicated to Nurgle himself.


Do you have an idea for a legion loyal to the Emperor of Mankind? One who will stand shoulder to shoulder with the true defenders of mankind, bravely defying the Warmaster Farron as he sells his soul to Chaos. Then get in touch and send us an application?


Or are you more nefarious? Does your Legion venerate a much more ancient power, dedicating itself to the Plague Father with the intent of bring Nurgle’s blessings to the followers of the false Emperor? If you wish to side with the Warmaster Farron, get in touch and pledge your allegiance.


Currently the 2nd, 18th and 20th Legion spots are open.


We hope for this to be a long-term project, so will require some commitment both on the Facebook page putting out lore, and on the Discord discussing ideas. If you have an idea for a theme for your Legion, but aren’t sure if it will work properly, or if it is already in use, message us and we’ll help you out.


If you’re interested in applying, message us at thelegionsreborn@hotmail.com, or on our Facebook: https://www.facebook...eLegionsReborn/


What we’ll need from any applicant is the following:

Legion Name:

Legion Number:

Legion Theme (If important):

Legion Loyalty:

Legion Fighting Style:

Brief Summary of the Legion:

Brief Summary of the Primarch:



Even if you don’t want to apply, go and check out our Facebook page or ask us questions about the current Legions.




The Star Guardians




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