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Big FAQ release today.

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When I got to the store yesterday I had been able to wrangle up around half a dozen other players. We played a bunch of games last night and a few today so far.

The results have not been...pretty...in regards to a few things.

1- The limit of 3 datasheets makes sense when you're discussing OP units. But when you're discussing, say, Company Commanders, Cannonnes', etc. it doesn't make much sense and really limits what some factions can do. I won both my games as Sisters last night, but then again, I never took more than three of any specific unit outside of Cannoness' and BSS. It really hurt all-infantry Guard, however, who relied on HWS, IS, and CC. This list wasn' even all that competitive, but now it is also not legal. Is it the worst thing? Nah. People will adapt. Just wish there was more nuance.

2- The DS nerf cripples certain army builds and is a mammoth boost to gunlines. Terrain is terrain; more is better. But now to have a chance at my store we've had to have a near Cities of Death style set of terrain to almost entirely block LoS when we have, say, Tau gunline versus Grey Knights. And why is that? Because a powerful shooting army that went first (Tau in two of them, Guard in one) is not only 3-0 so far, but actually wiped out their enemy in two of the games at the top of 2, leaving much of the enemy unable to get involved. And in that one game that didn't end top of 2 they had such board presence that the DS came in very poorly and never stood a chance. In trying to stop Turn 1 Alpha Strike charges and short-range effective shooting they crippled armies that needed those strategies to compete. Armies that have other effective strategies might be chagrined, but some armies are crippled, especially when they face highly effective shooting.

3- The woobly model syndrome change is awful for melee as well. I saw a unit of Fire Warriors surrounded by two units of Bloodletters because of some rather insane circumstances that didn't result in all the Daemons being blown off the field by Tau before the Bloodletters dropped. And since the Daemon player didn't know about the rule change, he didn't know why the Tau player was content to allow the Bloodletters to swarm this unit. The result was that by the time the Daemon player realized the Fire Warriors, who had the top of a ruin all to themselves and entirely blocked off access, were impervious to him, the Daemons had been whittled down. More funny than anything, but looking at official GW terrain, I can see it as nothing more than a huge boost to shooting. Again.

My GK player is a very jovial sort who has taken the various nerfs and changes to his faction, which has over 12k points for, well. The DS rule and wobbly model change have combined to make him angry for the first time I have ever seen. I come in today to see him starting to sell large chunks of his army, and he looks downtrodden. 

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QUOTE (BrotherAtrox @ Oct 5 2008, 07:45 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Pieces of paper for impassable terrain? My main problem with all of this is it really takes away from the game. A giant sheet of white paper on the table sort of breaks the theme of tiny fake armies running around tiny fake locales.

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Well, the topic has been open for over 24 hours.
Relevant discussion should now move to the faction-based forum for the pertinent FAQ item. Alternately, if there is a question about a FAQ item, it can be addressed in the Official Rules forum.


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