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New Feedback Mail to GW

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What I would like to see happen (not complaints, just things I think would help):


Terminators:  Toughness 5.  -1 to damage taken with a minimum of 1.  (This should be for regular Space marines as well)


Aegis of the emperor:  Same as the Custodes.


All bolt weapons become Psybolt weapons.  Psybolt stratagem becomes Enhanced Psybolt with same effect.

Psychic Onslaught for all psychic weapons (Psycannon, Psilencer).  Psychic Onslaught stratagem has same effect.


Either increased attacks on troops, or Nemesis weapon damage spills over.


Smite similar to Thousand Sons.  Increase Cleansing Flame range, but make it do less damage the further out it goes.  Or maybe it could go back to a nova effect (that would be AWESOME).


Allow the use of the Librarius Discipline.  Or as was stated above, allow multi-casts of Sanctic with increasing difficulty.


Point drops for our more expensive units (although points are not as much of an issue if other things get fixed).


Rework Psilencer and Psycannon so that they each have their uses.  Right now, IMHO, Psilencer is just better.


Find some way to make a distinction between units and each unit viable so that each has its use.


Allow innate deepstrike on Purifiers.


Allow at least a few more FW units (may be fixed with Talons of the Emperor). 


(I am really hoping that Talons of the Emperor is being held back to account for incoming changes for us). 

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Not to sound needy, but I think aegis of the Emperor should be a 5+ save on psychic MW.

The Custodians might be big E's favourites, but Grey Knights have the training and ability in that area.

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