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London GT 2K Grey Knights

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Rune Priest Ridcully

Rune Priest Ridcully


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So I'm trying to decide between wherever to use my Grey Knights or my Thousand sons for the London GT, here is the list I am thinking of running. (all my infantry models are metal so with calssic halberds and swords mainly)
Grand Master with nemesis force Halberd, psycannon and curiass of sacrifice, sanctuary, warlord 
Brotherhood champion with stormbolter, Nemesis force sword and Hammerhand

Strike Squad: (10) 10 storm bolters, Nemesis force hammer on justicar, 6 Nemesis halberds, 4 nemesis swords and astral aim
Strike Squad: (5)  Incinerator, 4 storm bolters, 2 nemesis swords, 2 nemesis halberds (one on justicar) Gate of infinity
Rhino with storm bolter
Strike Squad: (5) Incinerator, 4 storm bolters 1 pair of Nemesis falcions (justicar) one sword, 2 halberds, gate of infinity

Interceptor Squad: (5) Incinerator, 4 storm bolters, 2 Nemesis Force swords, 2 with halberds vortex of doom

Land raider with two twin lascannon and twin heavy bolter

Chaplain with Crozius Arcanum and storm bolter Sanctuary 
Venerable dreadnought with twin lascannon and missile launcher astral aim
Venerable Dreadnought with twin lascannon and missile launcher astral aim
Paladin squad:(3) 3 storm bolters, 2 halberds (one on Paragon) one force sword hammerhand
I'm partly tempted by a combat dreadnought instead of the Paladins, either with multi melta or heavy plasma cannon, and gate of infinity it up into the enemies face turn one alongside the Interceptors, whilst a third venerable would be better points would mean I'd be stuck with a regular dread which I am not sure is worth it.
10 strong strike squad, paladins and either the grand master or the Chaplain would deepstrike, aiming to be a turn two hammer (or turn one defense if the enemy gets in that close).
The other strikes and characters would start int he rhino and landraider.

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