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Eldar flyer advice (Corsairs)

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So i was vaguely considering adding a flyer contingent to my mixed Eldar force (Inasmuch as i base all my eldar the same :D ) I was probably going to go Corsair with them as flyers seem very corsair even if their ground forces dont work solo anymore exactly.

Question is, with no straight Corsair flyers im stuck with a choice between Craftworld or Dark eldar for the Detachment, no traits, just the planes themselves, what would people suggest/advise? 




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Both of the Craftworld Eldar flyers are very good. A Crimson Hunter Exarch with Brightlance loadout will give you some excellent long-ranged anti-tank punch. It can hang back in your deployment zone which makes it a real nuisance for your opponent to deal with while still peppering targets. Starcannons are OK if you expect to face lots of Elite infantry but in that case you might be better of going straigth for....

The Hemlock is a shorter-ranged beast but it really hits hard. My favourite psychic power for it is Jinx with Smite as backup. It's auto-hitting Heavy D-Scythes also make it one of the best units available for hunting down other aircraft. Auto-hitting is also great as any damage it takes does not degrade its offensive capabilities.

The Dark Eldar flyers do not quite float my boat in the same way but others may have better experiences with them.
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