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Fun with thousand sons - 2000pts

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Time of madness

Time of madness


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Working on my 2000pt thousand sons list. Need some help.


Ahriman on disc
- warptime, glamour and weaver of fate

Tzeentch prince with wings (warlord)
- talons x2
- high magistar and dark matter
- gaze of fate and prescience

2 x 10 Tzaangors with blades

30 tzaangors with blades
- brayhorn

2 tzaangor shaman
- manipulation

Outrider detachment

Tzeentch prince with wings
- 2x talons
- diabolical strength and flickering flames

3 units of 9 enlightened with bows

- death hex, doombolt and gateway

Comes in at 1970pts. Idea is to use the stratagem to deep strike the 30 tzaangors into combat. Also can warptime Magnus into assault range as well when needed.

Lots of bubbles with Ahriman and the 2 princes kicking around to help the enlightened out.

Thanks for any assistance.




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It's going to pack a punch. Magnus will be shot to bits though, if you don't get turn 1. I'd probably not bring him for competitive play. I would instead get some AT firepower (bows are good, but don't do that much damage per shot). Predator with las springs to mind. Defiler with twin las is an option too. Hellbrute(s) with las and missile launcher(s). Maybe I'd even upgrade a unit of tzaangors to rubrics, I know tzaangors are good, but for camping an objective, rubrics are a lot harder to get rid of. And those bolters do nasty things.

A.K.A. Brother Cyphriel



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