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2000pt Drukhari List

List Deldar Drukhari darkeldar

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This is my first time having building a list as I'm new to 40k and I'm using the list as a template to buy units. I know for sure that I want my army to use Incubi, Reavers, and Scourges, so I've built my list around that. A lot of the info online is a little older so if anything on the list sticks out as flawed, please tell me immediately.



==Battalion Detachment (Obsidian Rose)==


HQ - 196pt

Archon - Huskblade, Shadowfield, Splinter Pistol - 76pt

Drazhar - 120pt


Troops - 342pt

3x Kabalite Warriors - 2x Shredder, Dark Lance, Sybarite - splinter rifle - 114pt


Elites - 240pt

3x Incubi


==Outrider Detachment (Red Grief)==


HQ - 50pt

Succubus - Archite Glaive, Splinter pistol


Fast Attack - 460pt

3x Reavers - 3x Gravity Talons

2x Scourges - 4x Haywire blaster, Solarite - shardacarbine


==Spearhead Detachment (Black Heart)==



Archon - Splinter Pistol, Power Sword, Labrynthine Cunning


Heavy Support - 375pt

3x Ravagers - 3x disintegrator cannons


Dedicated Transport -255pt

3x Raiders - Dark Lance


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