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Sons of Horus 65th Company

Horus Heresy Sons of Horus

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Hah, I getcha Krakendoomcool, I definitely do. Kizzdougs' is that kind of prof FW look that just kills, man. But I figured that I kinda suck at painting the colour green, and that minty hue is what's stuck in my head as 'Sons of Horus ™' thanks too... maybe False Gods? I think Loken said 'metallic seafoam green' armour.


Gotta admit, I love doing primarchs as nothing scares me in painting as much as one of the 18 sons. The face is always fun because then I get to break out the airbrush and detail it up with oil paints (which blend better than acrylics do in this abysmal cold desert of a hellscape in which I live). Aye, you ain't wrong on the blue. It's a cold blue I used as a shadow colour when working on pale marble as a sort of direct contrast to the warmer tones I used on the other side of the model. (Originally I was gonna make it all look backlit by fire but I forgot about it when painting Horus himself.) Then just airbrush, wash, and weather up to the warmer neutral tones in the stone.


Nailed it, Hushrong! the two handed hilt is part of the Palatine guard along with the other sergeant. I ended up snagging power glaives for my palatines so, y'know, free awesome swords to go around, eh? Some days I feel like I'm one of the very few who don't like dual barrel tank turrets, but I'm definitely looking into getting that Glaive when I can. Capstone project means that I'll just have to order in the rest of the armour and keep the Glaive as a fun summer project. (I was originally gonna nab one for my EC 'armoured company' but now I'm definitely thinking of slotting it in with the Sons).

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