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2k Tournament List

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Up until this point I've always played pure Death Guard lists, which had been fun, but I've been lacking something. So I've rethought the whole pure army thing and have added a Choas Sorcerer (with Warp Time) and Nurglings (while still Nurgle, don't have the Death Guard trait).
I've just downloaded the mission pack for the tournament and most points are awarded from holding objectives, so I've tried to tailor my list around that.

Battalion Detachment
DP w/wings, sword, talon, spewer, & suppurating plate
Malignant Plaguecaster
7 PM's 4 axes, 2 flails, plague sword & plasma p.
7 PM's 2 launchers, plague sword & plasma gun
20 Poxwalkers
Foul Blightspawn
Biologus Putrifier
Chaos Rhino

Battalion Detachment
Chaos Lord w/balesword & plasma pistol
Chaos Sorcerer w/MoN, jump pack, force axe & plasma p.
5 Nurglings
5 Nurglings
5 Nurglings

Super-Heavy Aux. Detachment

72 Reserve Points & 13 CP.

I would like to use the Nurglings to be in their face turn 1 and/or grab early objectives. Have Morty warp timed into their line turn 1. Then use everything else to hold objectives, using the reserve points to either make more Poxwalkers or summon a herald to heal Morty.

If I drop Morty and 2 from each Nurgling unit I can add 1 DP and 3 drones (2 spitters & 1 mower). Which I like only because Morty is such a big target, but if I can get him into combat turn 1 they will need to deal with him leaving most everything else alone for a turn or two.

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