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Not sure any of us from the start (of which there are only 2 left) ever thought we would be here after 20 years. Let alone as big as we have become.
The B&C started out as a place for Marine players -- and only Marine players -- to talk about their armies. In 1999 most Marine only players were hard pressed to find good help on the web. Space Marines were the most hated of armies in those days because they just rolled. Times have changed and so has the B&C.

EZBoard to Invision Power Board
6 forums to 60+ (I lost count somewhere along the way)
6 founding members to 76,000 registered accounts and about 2,000 users (registered/guests) on at any given time of day.
Space Marines to Space Marines +Chaos to +Sisters to +Humanity to now everything 40k has to offer (probably the change I never expected to happen).

None of this would have happened without you the user base continuing to utilize the site. As an example, if folks hadn't been using the site much or not clamouring for its return back in the Great Crash of 2004, none of this would be here today. The site would have been left dead. But your dedication and desire for the Bolter and Chainsword is what drove us to rebuild and start fresh.

The B&C turned 19 on April 19, 2018 and we definitely want to be here for the big TWO OH on April 19, 2019.


So as is the way now, we look to you the fans to help fund the board for another year. However with the 20th Anniversary approaching we have some changes to the plan and some big ambitions.

So a quick list of "things to do":

1. We still have the extra funds from last year slated for doing the server repairs. We just need to get some time with Argos to get things moving on that front.

2. We are not going to use the donation tracker on the upper right of the board (for those not using Mobile version anyway) to track the donations. Folks on mobile can't see it, folks using the main board don't always follow it and it is a bit of pain in the butt to update on the daily. We are going to track it this year with that swanky banner you see at the top of this post. Courtesy of Madscuzzy. That way everyone can just quickly look at the first post and have a good idea of where we stand. This will be on Facebook and our Twitter feed too.

Each silhouette will represent $500 in pot. Each time we break that threshold a new avatar will appear in the banner. Further to that the full avatar image will be posted in thread so you can take it for your B&C avatar if you like (feel free to color it as you wish).

As a teaser, is a freebie for you:

"But Kurgan" you say, "that is 12 images, that would be $6,000 raised if we hit them all?!?" and you are right it is!! There is a reason for that.

The first 6 represent the $3,000 we have to raise by August 31st for our yearly hosting costs. The rest are "stretch" goals to take us into the 20th year. Given the damage done to the server there are several possibilities that we need to prepare for. The best is that we get the damaged fixed, update the software and move on like normal. The worst case scenario would be we have to build a new box/move hosting solutions and/or start with a clean slate on the forum (ala 2004). So we just want to be prepared so that the B&C is still here come that 20th birthday.
3. Update to the latest version of IPB. Now if the worst case scenario happens we may get a new URL for "old B&C" and leave it here as read only and start fresh on a new server/hosting solution and with the new software.


But we don't plan to die just yet.


We want the 20th Anniversary to be big and special for everyone so we have a few things we are working (some of which you have seen hinted at in the last few months).

T-shirts and 20 Year patches are definitely happening!!
Maybe hats and scarfs (still looking into that)
One thing I would like to do and I'm just having the worst time finding info on it, is to do a B&C self-healing cutting mat. Not sure this is going to be doable so if anyone has some info/ideas on this, please PM me.
2019 will mark 10 years since we ran the GOLDEN BOLTER. It was (up to that point) our largest and most successful contest ever. Back then we ran sponsored contests with big prizes and GOLDEN BOLTER was no different. May it is time for GOLDEN BOLTER II. If we hit $1000 in 10 days on the donations I'll turn the old GB forum back on so folks can see what I am talking about. msn-wink.gif
We have Facebook and Twitter for a brief time Instagram. Probably going to bring back the instagram account. Also discussing other options like a Twitch or YouTube gaming platform but that is in very very early stages of discussion.

The B&C exist for you and because of you. Our goal way back in 1999 was to give back to the community. In the 19 years since this community has grown and fostered into one of the best on the internet for 40k. You guys generate the content here that people love to read. Let's keep this going.


Easy, keep using the site and donate.

Right now if every active user that was on the site on a daily basis tossed $2 US into the bin, we'd smash our goal out in 1 day and will have hit 2 stretch goals. $3,000 and $6,000 seem like big numbers but we can do it with small bits of help from a big group of people.
You can use the donation box in the upper right of the board to donate, if you are on the mobile skin you can't see this:

You can also donate directly via paypal to bolterinquisition@gmail.com

If these options don't work for you and you would like to donate via another method (money order, Western Union or something) please just PM Kurgan the Lurker and we can figure something out. smile.png

As always, thank you to everyone for the continued support of the site

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