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1500 points Grey knights + Adeptus Sororitas

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Soviet Duck

Soviet Duck


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  • Faction: Craftworld Eldar

Grey knights battalion (+5 CP) 1100pts


HQ 535pts

- Grand Master in Nemezis Dreadknight (dreadknight teleporter, nemezis greatsword, dreadfist, heavy incenerator, gatling psilancer, Sancuary) 295pts

- Lord Kaldor Draigo (Purge soul, Vortex of doom, Cuirass of Sacrifice) 240pts


Troops 315pts

- 5-man Strike squad (falchions, Gate of infinity) 105pts

- 5-man Strike squad (falchions, Gate of infinity) 105pts

- 5-man Strike squad (falchions, Gate of infinity) 105pts


Fast Attack 250pts

- 5-man Interceptor squad (falchions, Hammerhand) 125pts

- 5-man Interceptor squad (falchions, Hammerhand) 125pts


Adeptus sororitas patrol (+0 CP) 400pts


HQ 250pts

- Living saint Celestine (2 Geminae Superia, Warlord-Legendary fighter) 250pts


Troops 52pts

- 5-woman Battle sister squad (Plasma pistol) 52pts


Fast Attack 98pts

- 5-woman Seraphim squad (4x inferno pistol, Plasma pistol) 98pts


Total points: 1500

Total CP: 5

Total models: 38


I deepstrike GM, Draigo, and two strike squads, 


Draigo, Dreadknight and Celestine are my main fighting force (celestine with "the passion" act of faith can do 12 S7 AP-3 D2 attacks!),

one battle sister squad can be left behind, securing objectives near the deployment zone, Seraphim are anti-vehicle since they move ultra fast (hand of the empreror) or shoot two times (Divine guidence) Strike squads add damage to the Alpha strike and interceptors quickly move to secure objectives.


I wanted to create a list that didn't rewolve around 3 dreadknights, and I also noticed how fenomenal sisters are as allies, I'm new so I would apprecieate any thoughts you guys can give to help me improve.





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Hey Soviet Duck,


GMNDK - I would choose the psycannon for this as it benefits from his increased BS.

Draigo - Cannot be given a Relic as he is a special character. You have the right idea giving VoD and Cuirass to the same character but youd need a normal Character for that.


Maybe mix up the powers a bit so that you have an additional Sanctuary?


Im not up with SIsters so cant assist there unfortunately

Snipper Rifles: 36", Heavy D3 Rending, as they hurl barber's scissors across the battlefield with deadly precision!




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I agree with gaz regarding psycannon and powers. I would also consider swapping the detachments so add 2 more squads of sisters and a canoness (with relic). I would maybe drop the strikes and garb more interceptors maybe a 10man squad if you find the points to make the most of psybolt strat with dragio for rerolls 40 s5 -1 shots yes please. I would also fiddle equipment a little eg take of plasma pistol on battle sisters to try and have a heavy bolter instead.

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