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Vanguard Vets

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I'm thinking of doing some vets conversions that have the "keep what you kill" concept (trophies, custom made armor of what they killed, just more of a hunter complex if I can find the right pieces minus the green stuff skillz)

Now I'm curious about making them vanguards just to have a different flow, thought about making them reivers but the lack of mobility has me leaning towards vanguard.

Now my question is are VV good as a shooting unit. What loadout would you do?

Or are they meant to get into close combat?

Thought about mixing both styles but not too sure.

Pair them up with a captain or librarian.

Just wanna see what are you guys opinions on them.

Also why arent their any vanguard veteran blackshields?




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I personally think they are a better melee unit because of their mobility. I disembark from a blackstar turn 2, move 14" over any screening unit and go straight for the warlord or long range power weapons. Typically I use TH/pistols and SS/pistols for at least getting shots in before I charge. I have yet to fail a charge.


My other squad is more troop focused: swords, lightning claws and chainswords, with a sprinkling of SS and pistols/plasma pistols.


Also a new mechanic that pair well with this is the jump pack chaplain - a 5 man plus a chaplain will fit in a blackstar, and now I can reroll failed wounds if I can get him in range. With the chaplain, I can use other weapons and not having to worry about doubling Str to smash on 2's. Alternatively, my hammers would have a better chance at smashing Str 8 or higher vehicles.


I hear people like the VV shooty versions (dual plasma pistols usually) and it is slightly cheaper with the codex, but now that you can deep strike kill team or dreadnaught for a CP I don't personally see a need in my army.

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As far as the Blackshield question, that's just related to GW's lack of a specific model for them.  It's the same reason there's no Blackshield Terminators or Bikers (which would be awesome); GW probably just didn't think of it!  It could be more of a fluff reason perhaps, but suffice to say it's just not an option unfortunately.


Now, equipment-wise I feel that VV are meant as a blended unit. By this I mean that they should be able to dish out damage on the drop, but should be prepared to charge/get charged accordingly since they'll have to get close anyway.  One of the builds I've seen tossed around the forums is "Vanguard Veterans Akimbo", ie. duel-wielding pistols.  This has the benefit that you can keep firing them in combat and can get a mix of Strength and AP to deal with a variety of targets, though the downside is a lack of dedicated melee weapons.  Alternatively, classic builds using the bog-standard BP/CS are solid enough since you've got a good stack of attacks and SIA means your pistols are still reasonably useful, but again you lack the specific punch of plasma or, say, a power fist (etc.).


Really, with the concept you have I'd be happy to see what you come up with regardless of the build; I'd say let your imagination run wild and don't worry overmuch about min-maxing!  Also, be sure to post here when you start conversion/assembly :)

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Seems like these models will never end!

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