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How do you see 40K in the (near) future?

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I would imagine that campaign books will be a thing once all the codexes are covered or close to it. I think that was a popular feature in 7th that and themed detachments might make a comeback with it.





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This year will be:

- Imperial Knights

- AoS v2 dominating the summer

- Orks

- Space Wolves

- Ynnari

- Chapter Approved 2018


That leaves:

- Genestealer Cults

- Imperial Agents/Inquisition

- Sisters of Battle (guaranteed more than a year away)


AoS hints at Slaanesh coming back, so that could mean a double release for:

- Keeper of Secrets/Fiends/Emperors Children tied to event/campaign book release


Then GW could still do:

- Renegade Knights

- Khorne release with updated Khorne Berzerkers (Angron?) tied to event/campaign book release, maybe bring back Khorne Daemonkin (wishlisting, I know)

- GW releases Kill Team and updates aging unit boxes to support Kill Team

- Update the Craftworld Eldar line: most of their units are still resin

- Bring over Khadron Overlords into 40K... I mean bring back Squats

- Plastic Thunderhawk biggrin.png

- new imperial guard infantry line (I mean, they could cover only one year with releasing all of th regiments of renown)

- new upgrade sprues for Space Marines and Primaris

- expand already existing races/factions *cough* chaos *cough*

- new faction

- update kroot

- expand Tau auxiliaries

- all the above mentioned stuff combined with campaign/event books like Gathering Storm

- further rules tweaking with Chapter Approved

- After 3 years, when everything is updated, they learnt enough from tournaments and from Beta rules WH40K 9th Edition

- Then the hobby reaches nirvana, Duncan becomes the next Buddha, every player becomes enlightened and one with the universe

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*Laughs in Heretic Astartes*




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9th edition late 2019, possibly early 2020, same release schedule as AoS

Slave to Darkness

Slave to Darkness


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Except not everybody is going to move on to Primaris Marines, so they would be wise to keep classic Marines in fluff and shops...

Hmmm maybe they will. Should there be a guarantee of a model receiving support forever? Remember the Squats were dropped.
Also, after a few years have passed isn't it likely that fans of Space Marines will own a bunch of the new, better looking model kits that are the Primaris? I didn't spend a lot of money or time adding 3000+ points of Primarie to my existing Ultras, was ultimately quite straight forward.
I don't think so. There are people who just don't like Primaris and will never buy them.
Yup, I wouldnt even wipe my tooshie on a Primaris Marine. Ill stick to the better looking old marines. :tu:

Back on topic though, for the future of 40k I see bad rules, tons of Chapter Approved books and tons of tons of FAQs/Erratas. Just like 1st ed with the Rules, Chapter Approved, Complation, Compendium, Battle Manual, Vehicle Manual and numerous WD articles (and two more books if you play Chaos and two for Orks). Then after a few years they announce 8th rules are too bloated then 9th drops.

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Space Marines will continue to be overshadowed by more and more Primaris releases.

More Primarchs, loyal and traitor.

Updated Khorne and Slaanesh choas factions inlcuding Emps Children and World Eaters.

New orks or at least a new Ghaz.

And I also hope believe we could see more interesting factions released through Rogue Trader. (Really want to see new/updated kroot)

Chaplain Killmer

Chaplain Killmer


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As I can see there are loads of scenario based or aspect based minigames being developed and sold as product so it seems 40k is getting highly customizable in how you can play with your minis. So basically we will  not play "40k" but maybe different flavours of the game. I am now a bit thrilled to see how the next real minitiature wave will look like. I am happy with the primaris and deathwatch starter set and the quality of the models - even if i dont field the primaris in my games. I know myself - it took me a few years to accept the blocky metal dreadnought and i still dont like the current landspeeder but I am a fan of the poses and the quality of the casting.


So yeah with the next releases of miniatures we will get some high quallity stuff I guess (and to be honest - yeah some will hate me - I want to see a Primaris with some sort of heavy weapon)

Chaplain Killmer
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