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Reporting back for duty.

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Hello everyone,


before I start spamming the forums with quality content (maybe) I thought I'd introduce myself first.


I got into the hobby with WHFB 5th Edition and into 40k with the legendary campaign for Armageddon. Some time later I had my first fully painted guard army for the 13th crusade.


I stuck with my Armageddon Steel Legion up until 6th Edition, when I added those beautiful DA to my ranks (and some heretics). And shortly after that the hobby took a backseat in my life.

To my horror I saw WHFB disappear and feared 40k might fare a similar fate. Now fast forward two weeks ago when I picked up both the rulebook and the codex Imperial Gu... Astra Militarum. Having skipped about two editions I am currently in the process of reading up. Both rulewise and on the fluff and have to say I like most of what I am seeing.


After having taken inventory I think it is time for a revamp of my trusted loyalist force. It even will feature the one or other space marine.

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Welcome aboard :)

Painting Oaths Completed:
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Chaplain Dosjetka


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Welcome to the B&C and back to the hobby, OtherKharon! :tu:



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Welcome to the B&C :)


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