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Will Slaanesh get an update like other gods?

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Slave to Darkness

Slave to Darkness


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Just a thought, maybe Thousand Sons was a test release to see how people react to 'legions' being a thing again. Out of all the alligned legions they would need the least unique/diverse units, cant really do much with space wizards and walking ashtrays, so less money spent on developing the range.

Even though I am very much pro Slaangor, I hope we get something else for our cultist spam style unit.

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It makes me genuinely sad that people have gone to such far lengths to misrepresent my comments here, as to invent quotes suggesting I argued something very much contrary to what I did actually state. (I never suggested they were trying to "force AoS into 40k" and directly rebutted this interpretation at least once.)


And I am disappointed that people have fixated so much on my poorly chosen example in the quasi-Slaaneshi elves as to generally neglect my point, that GW designs their rules in ways to maximize the demographic to which a given kit can sell, and does so especially with kits which would otherwise have very narrow markets (e.g. Tzaangors) -- even calling this a "conspiracy theory"!


But most of all, I'm disappointed in myself for lashing out irrationally against Tzaangors in a lame attempt to vent my frustration with others continually missing the point and/or contorting the intent of my comments---in actuality I don't hate the goats as my previous comment suggests---and not realizing that they are thematically tied to the T-Sons by the theme of mutation. (Even though the Spireguard's absence remains a sore spot.)


As my intended last, and hopefully much more constructive contribution to this thread, I would also like to correct my analysis of what might be reasonable based on more current info (since while I still hold that T-Sons got the short end of the stick in terms of unit variety, that is in fact old information and may be quite outdated; simply being another dedicated chaos legion does not make its statistics valid for extrapolation). In the below I count disjoint kits, not kits based on the same sprues, and only roughly estimate their scale and role:

  • Idoneth Deepkin got: 4 characters, 2 large single models, 2 "troops", 1 "elites", and 2 massive Lord of War scale kits
  • Daughters of Khaine got: 2 "elite" kits, 1 troop kit, and 2 Lord of War scale kits
  • Maggotkin of Nurgle got: 4 characters, 1 troop kit, 2 large single models, 2 elites, and 1 Lord of War scale kit

Overall, there's a lot of variation between the release sizes and shapes of different armies, but the releases follow an approximate 5-7 major kits per release occasionally with a bunch of characters thrown in on top. This would form my (revised) expectations for the sizes of a non-AoS-linked Emperor's Children release. However, with the pairing of e.g. Slaangors from an AoS crossover, 9 or so kits would not be infeasible.


Apologies, brother. To be fair, your words were "GW is trying to push AoS immigrants into 40k armies in a desperate attempt to awaken AoS from its coma", based on including Tzaangors in both AoS and 40k.


AoS is a bit weird when it comes to releases though, as the armies still feel much more along the lines of skirmish forces, with a small selection of units that rely on interacting special rules boosting each other rather than 40k with its "everything gets a unit" mentality. Daughters of Khaine are still only a small portion of the old Dark Elf army, which was what equalled the size of a 40k army range. The AoS factions so far have almost been more along the lines of the releases of the Skitarii (1 troop, 1 elite, 1 FA, 1 HS box), etc.


From this, we can assume we'll probably see the same sort of thing for Slaanesh in AoS, expanding on their Mortal troops in the way the Maggotkin release did (which didn't directly contribute towards the 40k Death Guard, unless you count the GUO and Beasts released at around the same time). I'm still hoping for Slaangors myself, as I don't want the Slaanesh "cultist units" to be standard Cultists and "Cultists-on-drugs". Thousand Sons get Cultists and Tzaangors, Death Guard get Cultists and Pox-walkers, Emperors Children can get some funky new unit.


Oooh, unless we instead get some sort of weird surgically-altered unit, like the Splicers from Bioshock. Have them as basic humans, but with genetic and surgical modifications dramatically changing them, limbs removed, relocated, or grafted, that sort of thing. Almost like mini-Spawn.


Hopefully the Thousand Sons do get a few daemon-engines of their own in the future though. They did get a bit shafted in terms of their release. They were more an add-on to the Chaos Marine line, rather than an army in their own right.

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