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White Scars Renegades Project

White Scars Renegades Chaos Space Marines

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Yeah, it just got a version two a few months back.


However, the new loyalist Marine codex reveals basically kind of made everything cool about the new codex terrible. laugh.png


A Chaos Biker Gang is still a good stratagy though. Starved on command points unless you play them Red Corsairs from the Vigilus Ablaze book. They're really good in that.



Ohhh I've not heard of Vigilus Ablaze. I'll have to look into that. I can always use them "counts-as".


I do like the layout of the units though. I think people underestimate them. They are going to be great at clearing chaff so the big daemons can jump in and wreck the big stuff. Only think I'm still a little disappointed about is that I have no option for a Chaos Lord on Bike in the CSM codex. I have to use the index version which is rather plain. I suppose it isn't bad though as he is more of a bubble than anything else. The real hammer of the list is the Daemon Princes from Chaos Daemons codex.


Edit: Ahhh! The Red Cosairs from Vigilus Ablaze will work really really well! Unless there are any other restrictions that will give me 1 additional command point since I will not be running regular CSM squads. At least for now anyway. Thanks again for the suggestion!


Edit 2: Just read a review about Vigilus Ablaze. This is going to be perfect! Also, I will be looking into CSM squads eventually for a different play-style army. But I will be building the biker force first. Also, that index biker lord with the Red Cosairs relic gun is sweet! Super pumped about this! Thanks again for sharing it!

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