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Pure Craftworlds 1500 points

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Soviet Duck

Soviet Duck


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  • Location:Poland
  • Faction: Craftworld Eldar

Battalion Deteachment (Alaitoc) +5 CP (366pts)



- Autarch on a skrunner (Warlord) Banshee mask, Laser lance, Death Spinner, Shuriken pistol, Relic- Shimmerplume of Achillrial, Warlord trail- Fate's Messenger (186pts)


- Warlock on a skyrunner Shuriken pistol, Witchblade (Queicken/Restrain) (70pts)




- 5x Rangers (60pts)


- 5x Rangers (60pts)


- 4x Dire Avengers 1x Dire Avenger Exarch (60pts)


Battalion Detachment (Alaitoc) +5 CP (1133pts)



- Farseer on a skyrunner Shuriken pistol, Witchblade (Doom, Executioner) (135pts)


- Warlock on a skyrunner Shuriken Pistol, Witchblade (Protect/Jinx) (70pts)




- 10x Guardian Defenders, Scatter laser (95pts)


- 10x Guardian Defenders, Scatter laser (95pts)


- 10x Guardian Defenders, Blight lance (105pts)




- 4x Fire dragons 1x Fire dragon exarch Firepike (123pts)


Dedicated Transport


- Wave Serpant Twin scatter cannon, Twin Shuriken cataput, Crystal targeting matrix, Spirit Stone, Star engines, Vectored engines (164pts)


- Wave Serpant Twin scatter cannon, Twin Shuriken cataput, Crystal targeting matrix, Spirit Stone, Star engines, Vectored engines (164pts)


- Wave Serpant Twin bright lance, Twin Shuriken catapult, Spirit stone, Star engines, Vectored Engines (182pts)



Total- 1499pts 13CP 


I want to start collecting Craftworlds, I finished my grey knights army and my friend started a drukkarii army, so I went with craftworlds. This Is a list that I will try to slowly buy, build and paint, I would like to know if it's viable as it stands, I'm not super experienced with craftworlds but I have played a lot of games agains harlequin. I will explain the tactic with this list after studing the codex.


1ts detachment

Alaitoc Autarch with relic and lighting fast reflexes strategem is nearly impossible to kill, with the bike he will be a great re-roll support, as well as returning CP's on a 5+


Warlock will be used to get quicker to the enemy, mostly with fire dragons or a wave serpant


Rangers are stupid good at holding objectives, but I think 3 squads of them is a little overkill so I also have 5 dire avengers


2nd detachment

Farseer has some great spells and an especcialy good combo is Doom+Warlock's jinx, she also has executioner to do maybe support the main force a little bit


Guardians are the main dakka of this list they are all packed up in wave serpants


Fire dragons are put in deepstrike via Webway assault strategem, I included them 'cuz list is a little bit short of anti-tank


Wave Serpants are supporting dakka+transport, nothing more to say


I would greatly apprecieate any feedback, also can I paint my army Ulthve or Biel-Tan but still use it as Alaitoc?



Spiritual Liege

Spiritual Liege


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  • Faction: Custodes, IV, Vile Xenos

How does your Autarch cost that much? He should be a lot cheaper.


I think you should only go with one battalion. Sure you have command points, but your killing power is really low. Those Guardians aren't gonna do a lot. I recommend dropping either one of the battalions and get some hard hitting units instead. Dark Reapers, Shining Spears, Wraithguard, Fire Prisms or some Hemlocks are all powerful units and would go a long way making the list stronger.


You probably don't need all that gear on Wave Serpents. If you go Alaitoc, I recommend 3x shuriken cannons and vectored engines for 144 points. Spirit stones are optional, the rest are not worth it. If you still decide to go with starcannons or bright lances, crystal targeting matrix and maybe spirit stones are enough. 


If your Dire Avengers are not in a transport, I see no reason not to take Rangers instead. They synergise with Alaitoc much better.


If you paint your forces distinctly as Ulthwe or Biel-Tan, you should use their rules. If you invent your own Craftworld with a black or green colour scheme, then you can use Alaitoc's rules.

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