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Gallant Appreciation and Shenanigans

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Nah, I don't think it's ever wrong to run anything as Taranis really. There's no situation where that Tradition isn't beneficial. That said, you could certainly make a case for many of the others on a Gallant - several increase it's killing power quite impressively.

Lord Ragnarok

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I’m inexperienced so not sure if it plays out well on the table top, but hawkshroud is very attractive to me for all knights.

"This is not the first time you've been left to fate. I can see it in your manner. It takes something from you doesn't it? Being deserted hollows you out and leaves a void inside. People might say that it hurts, that the psyche aches from the wound. It's not true though. Abandonment does not leave pain. You wished it did because that would be better than the truth. It leaves nothing. Not hope, not pain, not forgiveness."




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Hawkshroud would be good for any Knights, same as Taranis. Armigers won't degrade until they hit 3 wounds left. Castellans won't until they hit 7 wounds! That's 21 ablative wounds! It's crazy.
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