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Build and Paint series

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You absolutely can convert them into venerable dreads, I'll have a poke about and see if I have any pics of mine....


EDIT: These are both AoBR Dreads,




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Oh my god this set is so bad.


(It arrived, by the way, I'll give it that)


If it wasn't distributed by Revell I'd hasten to say it's counterfeit. But it's clearly been cast not in GW plastic but in the stuff Revell use for their kits. Really cheap plastic, feels and works nothing like GW.


There are so many gaps when the models are put together. If I wasn't converting them I'd be pretty pee'd.


As for the age of the kits, the accessory sprue is © 1997 while the terminators are © 1995. The box itself? © 2016.


The box is unnecessarily large.


It says made in the UK but I can't find any mention of Nottingham. I suspect though that this is not made by GW but by Revell.


Unless GW do prints in lower quality plastic...


Edit: I will add that clearly you get what you pay for and I deserve that.

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@ DBadger:


Please, please post some pics - your review would greatly benefit many Frater here if you could add a few vid-pict captures. :P

My Dark Angels 5th Company Painting Log (NB: images are now all fixed!)




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Unfortunately I was a bit heavy handed and have already leapt in and hacked it all up.


But this is what I've managed to create using my bits box (mainly the remains of a Deathwing Command Squad box which has many spare bits).


Helpfully you can tell with the blue to grey which bits are from which, although some will be from other kits.


Here is what I did to my dreadnought:




To do this I hacked the sarcophagus off the front. I used a spare torso front from the Deathwing and a shoulder pad from Deathwatch sprue to create the new sarcophagus, and a spare head.


I placed this on plasticard and fixed to the space where the hole was.


Banner is from Deathwing, tabard is a power armour backpack banner (stole that idea from Grotsmasha).






Bit of dynamic posing by virtue of some bits from the Deathwing. I replaced the front with yet another spare torso piece (you get five in the Deathwing). This allowed me to change his head.


Squaddie 1:




Unfortunately I didn't have enough power swords.


The shield here is from the deathwing. I shaved off the wings to leave just this robed figure. (I missed with my pin vice unfortunately while drilling the barrels)


Squaddie 2:




I don't know if the equipment I've given is legal. I likely won't play them anyway.


Squaddie 3:




Legs were spare from DA veterans. To fit the weapon I had to attach spacers between the arms and the torso which has left it looking at odds with the rest.


I am also missing a shoulder pad and didn't realise - will have to try and find it.


Squaddie 4:




The heavy weps from the Deathwing box look reasonably satisfying in my opinion and make them look less statically posed.


Full army:




It's going to take a lot of greenstuff to sort the gaps however.


Comparing to other things, I believe the plastic they are cast in is actually the plastic GW use for their black bases.


You probably can't tell from the photos, but there is a lack of detail and definition that makes them appear like they have been painted in very thick paint.






Here's some better photos now that it's daylight. Hopefully you can see better the plastic quality.


I ended up doing a hatchet job to get a spare shoulder pad. Also found a better weapon for my sergeant, and a sprue of purity seals.


Not sure what's going on above his head, I'll sort that out.









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I thought I'd share what I came up with, seeing as I slated the set earlier.


You can see in the post above which bits I've added from other sets.





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