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++Darkest Oaths - Questor Traitoris Thread++

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I'm thinking about adding two Helverins to my Heretic Astartes for the extra shots.

The Codex Astartes no doubt has guidance that covers that kind of situation - long, detailed advice that would essentially boil down to "shoot the choppy ones, chop the shooty ones".




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Just had a pretty awesome game against Ultramarines. 2k points.

Opponent had 2 10 man Scout Squads, 1 10 man Tac Squad, Bobby G, Primaris Captain, Primaris Ancient, 3 Predators, 10 Devs w/4 Plasma Cannons, 1 Rhino, Primaris Librarian, 2 MM Attack Bikes and 3 Bikers w/2 Meltaguns.

I took my House Malinax list, which is currently 3 Renegade Knights (Dual Thermal, Dual Avenger, Gallant, all with shoulder stubbers and Ironstorm on Gallant), 1 Lasher Maulerfiend, 1 Cutter Maulerfiend, a Forgefiend w/2 Hades and Daemon Jaws, a Hellwright, and 2 Chaos Spawn.

Mission was Cleanse and Control, Search and Destroy deployment. Gallant was my Warlord with Legendary Fighter and Traitor's Mark. Hellwright was using Iron Warriors rules and had the Exoskeleton.

My opponent conceded on Turn 5 with only 2 Tac Marines and a battered Rhino left. I had the Gallant on 1 wound left, the Hellwright, 1 Spawn, an undamaged Forgefiend, and the Avenger knight on 12 wounds.

Table was about 50 percent terrain with decent LOS blockage.

I had jammed the fire lanes with the 3 Fiends supported by the Dual Thermal knight while Gallant cut left to go around a flank and Avenger stayed on home objective.

While the Fiends soaked enemy fire, the Thermal guy was blowing up Preds and Avenger was murdering Scouts and anything else on my right flank before shelling the Attack Bikes to death.

Bobby G and most of my opponent's middle were killing both Maulerfiends and taking half the wounds off the Gallant before it turned the corner into his backline. That got messy as I charged there when Bobby went forward to put an end to Thermal guy.

His last Predator, the bikers, and the devs all died there. To be fair, the devs had lost their teeth when my opponent gambled on rerolling 2's and killed 3 of his Plasma Cannons. I had fun killing the Pred with the Gauntlet and hurling it into the Devs for 2 MW.

Avenger and Hellwright moved up to hold the middle with covering fire from the Forgefiend and it was just barely enough to drop Bobby after the Thermal knight died.

Then Bobby got up, took half of Avenger's wounds, and then went down for the final time when the Fiend opened up. Hellwright took on the captain and the Librarian at the same time, killed the Libby and then fell back so the Avenger knight could kill the Captain with Heavy Flamers and cut the last Tac Squad down to 2 models with the cannons.

All in all it went well. Trail of Destruction and Daemonforge made my shooting pretty deadly and the Fiends took a lot of pressure off of the big guys. Man of the Match was the Thermal Knight for toasting 2 Preds, and wounding both the 3rd one and the Rhino. He almost killed the Captain on overwatch and did a fair number of wounds to him in CC.

Good times.

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