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Emperors Children 2.5k Maru Skara (Loyalist)

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Below is my new EC list.  Running RoW Maru Skara for some outflank goodness.  I like to take plenty of units with generally skimping on extra gear but let me know what you think.


Will be running the Delegatus and Champion with the Assault Squad and Outflanking the Termies in their LandRaider, 2 Dreadies and the 2 Javlins to take out any baseline campers or shots in the side or rear of enemies.


Legion Centurian,  Delegatus Jump Pack Phoenix Spear Sonic Shrieker



Legion Centurian Legion Champion Consul Jumpack Phoenix Spear Artificer Armour Boarding Shield Sonic Shrieker                                            



Legion Terminator Squad Reaper Autocannon Powerfist Combi-Melta X3 1 Phoenix Spear ChainFist Dedicated LR Phobos



Contemptor-Cortus Talon Plasma Cannon Chainfist Contemptor-Cortus Talon Assault Cannon



Legion Assault Squad +5 Assault Marines Sgt PwrFist Sgt Arty Armour +4 Power Weapon



Legion Tactical Squad* Pwr Weapon Sgt Artificer Armour Legion Vexilla



Legion Tactical Squad* Sgt PwrFist Sgt Artificer Armour



Fast Attack 2 X Javlin Lascannon Multi


Legion Sicaran Venator



Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought Aiolos Missile system



Leviathan Grav-flux Phospex Discharge


Happy to take thoughts and comments 

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