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First Custodes list

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Brother Antio

Brother Antio


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Hi guys.
Just getting back into things. Have made a couple of lists with various armies to have a bit of a play around with.
Trying to make 750pt lists so I can build up from there.
Here’s what I’ve come up with for Custodes,

Any thoughts welcome.

+Vanguard detachment+

Shield cap in TA, axe, misericordia- 148
Vexilus Praetor in TA, misericordia, magnifica. 134
3 Allarus Custodians w/ axe and balistus-252
Contemptor dread w/ kheres assault cannon-197


Had thought about putting the lot in DS, then read the new beta DS rules which screws with that slightly, so might just slog the lot and maybe use the strategem to split the terminators into individual model units.

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Draws 1 Losses 3

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It’s really hard to make a functional list at that point level. That being said as much as I love my Allarus, you might be asking a lot of them considering the points they are using in your small list.

That aside I will say Custodes really rely heavily on the Strategems to stay effective. I’d really try to find a way to get more than 4 in your games. If you can’t, don’t sweat it. Just realize with greater Strategem flexibility, the army gets a lot better.

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